Chaorum (EUNE)
: Low priority
you were afk more then once in a short time period in order to be put into prio queue.. I would fix your client and clean your computer if your league client keeps crashing
Biabri (EUW)
: Troll ADC? I was dominating lane for fucking ages. 1v2. I don't see why you've put a taboo on Master Yi ADC. If you weren't a dumbass you'd have been able to understand that I took nearly every fucking tower on that game, up until the last nexus tower, which I couldn't break because the fed enemy Syndra and half the enemy team camped it. Did you even look at my CS? I literally fucking 1v5ed that game while my teammates were all watching boku no pico or some shit, I'd like to see YOU do the same. Pffft. Who do you even think you are? Gold? Yeah, nice teammates there. You're the kind of person that ends up on the right teams, the kind of person that kills my feeding autistic top laners or my fresh level 30 shen midlaner. You want to know why my teammates don't all have 0 kills and 0 assists? It's because they fucking KSed everything they could from eachother and travelled around in groups until they happened across someone who was alone. THEY DID FUCK ALL with the towers. The only reason Teemo went near a tower was to kill the enemy beneath it, after I'd pretty much killed the tower anyway. I'm not stupid at all. I'd even say that _YOU'RE_ the troll... I hope that you get stuck in the same shitfest that I'm stuck in, Mr Gold player. The only reason I even have the silver badge is because I couldn't play last season due to my graphics card breaking. The matchmaking was pretty shitty then but it was semi-manageable. : You soraka games, your nasus game, your twisted fate game, your shen games, sorry but you dont deserve to go higher in elo, improve first...
Riryz (EUW)
: accounts dont get deleted but somewhere you should be able to find when accounts lose the rights to their name if someone wants to use it. it shouldnt be to hard to find on the internet.
hmm, i might contact player support to ask that question actually....
Rioter Comments
they have this system in place man, its just the start of the season where it gets messy, since gold players after their placements get put into silver, they pretty much stomp silver players and so on for other leagues... Wait a good month and the game will balance out pretty nicely whre you will have players in their respected league...
axe throw (EUW)
: Ok, i get what your saying must be more tame in higher elos any tips to get better (not just game mindset)
"(not just game mindset)" sorry but thats super important.. strategy is key to winning even if your losing at the start... im not saying you should be faker where you calculate the exact second of enemy summoners spells being back up or predicting enemy movements 5 steps ahead, but basic sh!t like taking first tower when your laner roams (pinging SS and danger to your team mates lane), getting dragon or bot tower when you see 3/4 enemies top lane etc... And of course work on your mechanics, you wont get far with superior mechanics if you have no brain when it comes to closing out the game as a 10/0 caitlin, you can EASILY get to high gold/plat with the most basic and logic game knowledge and decent mechanics... I want you to see my match history, a troll support shyvana with smite, a feeding ahri and a darius that WAS getting his arse kicked top lane early game..: You see what I did? i was winning bot, and instead of being 99% of players in bronze/silver/gold b!tching how all my lanes are feeding and having a troll support, after I took bot tower, I went straight to top, help darius get a kill on Yasuo and directly took top tower, i then went back bot to catch the wave and kill cait and zilean, after that I solod drake with shyvana when my jungler zac had no idea wtf he was doing in the jungle, I then went mid, manage to hurt fiddle enough that he was forced to back, i took mid tower with shyvana and ahri, all of that in a matter of 16 minutes (BOT, TOP,DRAGON,MID) 4 Objectives with an ADC when everyong complains about ADCs "being useless and getting OS by everyone" that was all me... one player that carried silver noobs so god damn easily, not only did I make myself fed, but I roamed top with ulti and made darius snowball from 0/3 to like 16/7, i chose darius instead of ahri, because ahri was just trash mechanical wise, and a fiddle that could fear and silence me was not an ideal lane to try and recover... A noob silver player in my position WOULD NOT DO THOSE THINGS and instead would of just stayed bot kept getting fed BUT NOT DO ANYTHING with that KDA advantage and would still be flaming that Ahri, Darius for feeding... meanwhile leaving top and mid tower AND dragon exposed to the enemy team, i took matter to my own hands , and so should you... regardless to say, darius took all the credit for 'carrying' when in reality behind the scenes it was ALL ME :), but then again if players think that having the best KDA means carrying so be it, makes it easier for me to climb out of hell and immature brains and players if they cant see the bigger picture;)
axe throw (EUW)
: Why I Hate That I Love league
theres a reason why gold players crush bronze, and manage to climb out of bronze 5 in under a week, theres no secret but to practice and get better... Honestly if your annoyed and cant seem to climb, its because you deserve to be there... Honestly i remember playing on a friends account and literally going 1v3 and winning in bronze 4, players have legit no mechanical skill, they chase low health team mates while you could be beating on a tower for a good minute split pushing...
Biabri (EUW)
: Is this new ELO dump temporary?
just remember that the enemy team will have trash players the exact same as you will to in your game.. tbh Im crushing noobs in silver (got placed into s4) pretty much skipped a division to s2 since its so god damn easy to get fed and carry EVEN if you get one or two trash players in your team.. your match history... your 5/19 as a MASTER YI ADC? and your complaining about having a bad team??? Use logic and common sense.. you would of been far better of with a ranged adc that can kite a blitz, riven and pantheon, like a sivir or cait to avoid cc look at my match history on one of my smurf accounts: , even the games where I won, i had a terrible team mates, for example that sivir game I had an Ahri that went 0/5 laning phase against a fiddle mid... Everyone was flaming her, what did I do? i kept my head straight, played my best, farmed like a beast and pretty much carried and rotated straight to top to get my darius snowballing really f-cking hard, notice how I had a trash {{champion:103}} and a 'troll' {{champion:102}} support with smite? I didnt care, because at the end of the day being a gold 2 main, I know that I can carry trash silvers on my back with a good 80% win rate in silver elo, despite being handicapped by two players in my team doing nothing... To your main question and how to resolve it; Last season was worse trust me, it wont be 'fixed' because it doesnt need to be fixed, Be aware that stomps can and will happen to you, deal with it and go into the next game with a fresh mind... also, most of my games im either the second or third player to be warded the most, sometimes i even ward more when i have a support that doesnt build sightstone and goes full AP/AD... DISCLAIMER: Im not saying that EVERY LOST GAME is your fault, since im a realist, but im going to tell you that you have a big influence if you actually improve and play to win, instead of raging and blaming others and finding excuses as to why you lost, look at yourself first... theres a f-cking in built replay system for that, to make it easier to see...
Possible (EUW)
: because those servers have a big enough population to keep the normal draft queue and the normal blind queue healthy
i always thought both modes had a good health population... I always play draft since I pretty much play rank all the time... But hmm
Gojiraw (EUW)
: At the current state of the ADCs, I would say {{item:3026}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3075}} . Once you build these, you have a chance at not getting one-shotted by everyone else in the game.
lmfao nice one, but remember deft managed to get top 3 in the KR ladder last season as an ADC, and that was by far the worst Season to be playing adc, so there is hope :O
Doomley (EUW)
: You were never supposed to build death's dance on her. And this build is better {{item:3508}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3072}} You can also replace the essence reaver with ie but don't buy both. IE for damage and ER for utility. She needs 2 attack speed items. This way she has better kiting and can apply the slow more often for utility. She will also have more crit chance which means more strong slows.
thank you, also what champs benefit from deaths dance? because i remember some pros using DD on ashe a few months ago saying it was better then blood thirster espicially when you activate Ashes 'Q'
: Most regions have had a region exclusive event... it's not riot treating regions differently they are just getting different opportunities at different times. We will also likely get an EU exclusive event at some point.
yeah, its been almost two years since the new SR, you realy think we are going to get something for that?
Possible (EUW)
: EUW, NA and BR will keep it.
Rioter Comments
Allosen (EUW)
: They were for a Event only on NA Servers i believe
yep, I read wayy back that these icons where only for a region only.. Shame how NA get priority "we treat every player equally" RITO KAPPA
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Is laning knowledge and skill dying out because of so much change focus on the jungle?
not at all, i play constantly in gold/plat elo and jungle pressure in about 95% of my games are none existent , they run around like headless chickens ganking once or twice laning phase, I find that junglers these days are so much more retarded then previous seasons, Each time I play jungle I carry because i literally counter gank so easily by predicting and watching the enemys junglers path, you have fruits to sustain, and fucking vision plant which i rarely see being used in the early game by any junglers, yet its so broken, I rarely play jungle, but when I do i pop off, this is my second time trundle and the reason why I won is because I predicted shyvanas jungle path> Countered jungle, and Counter Ganked when ever she wanted to go top (hence why Kled was fed to ) notice that I also buy the ward Jungle item? deep vision in either top or bot side makes it a piece of cake to track jungler and Roaming players, in which you can play around it... To summarize, No I dont think any role in the game is suffering because of jungling, To be fair its the exact oppossite, I find it extremely hard these days to be matched with or against a jungler that knows wtf he is doing... I main adc, meaning I have 3 other players that I have to think and care about in the bot lane (their summs,/health/mana/items/ abilities just used etc...) , but since ive been maining adc for like 2 years I pretty much win lane 80% of the time, winning the game really depends on my junglers/Mid and top team mates performance... ADC is definately the hardest role to master, and when you have retards that dont know the definition of peel and you get 3 shotted by a vi tank, it makes it that much harder and frustrating to adc... As an ADC, i rarely get ganked since Im always warded, and when I play ashe i use my hawkshot in the enemy jungle and see if i can spot camps that have been farmed or the jungler outright... which results in Timing when i should play aggro in lane or back off..
Possible (EUW)
: Woad
also the woad ashe looks nothing like the splash art, i mean she looks pale with dark blue hair which is a hard turn off, might as well get the sherwood for a proper forest style...
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Out of the three Woad. That wood elf feel naturally suites an archer However I'd much rather use the 750 Marauder skin. But then again, I am a massive Skyrim fanboy and the Marauder skin reminds me of Daedric armour so naturally I will always say it is one of the best sets in the game for the price. Saying that, I tend to use Project myself. I have issues with the fact that you can't toggle the hood like Rengar. But it is still a sweet skin
also the woad ashe looks nothing like the splash art, i mean she looks pale with dark blue hair which is a hard turn off, might as well get the sherwood for a proper forest style...
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Out of the three Woad. That wood elf feel naturally suites an archer However I'd much rather use the 750 Marauder skin. But then again, I am a massive Skyrim fanboy and the Marauder skin reminds me of Daedric armour so naturally I will always say it is one of the best sets in the game for the price. Saying that, I tend to use Project myself. I have issues with the fact that you can't toggle the hood like Rengar. But it is still a sweet skin
the project is nice, but lacks animation, and yes im sad that the hood cant be toggled manually
: I'd go for Queen Ashe if you dont have it already. Or Freljord
i hate those two, since nothing changes regarding colour, the W, Q, E, R are all the same colour as the original, with the woad, and sherwood, you have a nice green tint on your arrows
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: Gold 3 after placements. AMA
meanwhile gold 4 last season, won 7 lost 3> Placed in bronze 2 flex
: It seems like you are uneducated about this and did not learn anything about the human brain and how it developes, too. A human brain developes (under normal circumstances) until the age of 16, add in some years to make sure that people who are underdeveloped get the time to get it done. Because of the developing of the brain, up to 16 years, we got rules against legal drugs, which would deal a massive blow to the developement of the brain. edit: i think you learned at school that you normally hit puberty, and what it is, what it does to the body/etc. right? puberty is nothing someone invented out of nowhere, it is an important part and once it is finished, you are being considered an Adult and normally being 18 years old is enough time for puberty to end.
Puberty doesnt end until 20+ years man, Your body still grows, genitals and maturity Sure I dont disagree with your statement, but hear me out Everybodys mindeset and bodys are different, some people are 'late bloomers' they dont reqch the first stage of puberty until their mid teen years...
: Could someone gift me Blood Moon Yasuo :P
depends, what can you offer in return? Unless some one wants recognition, I doubt youll get a proposal for that....
Rioter Comments
: Please explain to me what I did wrong?
"please report him for flaming" your provoking a player, that is againt the rules to say "report player X please" you know theres a bloody function in the game called 'mute' Use it when someone starts shit talking, mute them and continue focusing and playing... ALso you getting banned means that its not your first time breaking the rules on a constant basis... And obviously its amazing how many players these days want constand attention from what ever it takes, they are the same noobs that complain about being stuck in bronze silver and gold... Ive noticed a trend that players that ignore everyone and dont spend half their fucking match game time talking trash win a lot more games...
: instalocking is so much fun
provacation should be an offense seriously. Players like you just make the team rage even more...
: Zed's getting reworked, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. If not directly, Assassin items are getting reworked anyways. His kit is one of the few non-toxic assassins in the game right now, so it's more likely cancerous asswads like Kat and YasuOP will get reworked.
zed is nonn-toxic assassin? sorry what brb, Ulti on adc and Q him once then ulti back to safety and watch the adc pop like an apple pierced by a bullet... zed is one of the hardest assassins to counter as an adc... Adcs have got no protection ever since the QSS removal from zeds death mark.... even the relic shield from supports are fukng puny
Encrux (EUW)
: your last 4 games.. out of hundreds. It's not always your fault that you're losing games. But there's always something you could have done better. After all, climbing is directly related to your individual performance. Wasting your time and energy on ranting about your teammates is time that could have been used to reflect on your own gameplay (critically) and improving. It just get's into your head for no reason :P
ive been having bad luck, like those games about 75% of the time ever since i failed by gold 2 promos... I just cant carry a trash 0/7 and 2/10 mid and top laners, its just impossible...
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Nitrocean (EUW)
: What's solo queue?
Legend says where it was once a place where it wasnt filled with the bullshit dynamic Queue, But idk if I should believe, after all its a legend...
Larry (EUNE)
: Will you pay yourself or have financial help from your family? Do you go there to work or for college? Financially you wont have a problem if you are alone in a small apartment. At first it's going to be crappy but every day will be better than the previous. I am a very social person and i was really excited to go away from my noisy family but when that happened my character turned 360. I didnt want to make ANY friends because i liked the ones i had at home. I also had no idea how to cook and that's when i paniced. My family had cooked my favorite meal before they leave and i was eating that for 3 days... After that, desperation came, i was constantly on the phone with my mother telling me the basics of cooking... Gradually i made some friends whom i didnt even like at the begining, yet they are very dear to me now.After 3 years of being away, there is no chance in hell im going back to my previous home :P nope nope nope! I want you to remember one thing if you go to that new place. Ask yourself constantly "Why not?" in thoughts like should you go to that party alone? Should you hang out with those guys who have totally different hobbies than you? Should you go to that place where the music is crap? Should you ask that girl out? The answer to all these previous questions should be yes, because there is no valid reason for you NOT to go. Actually, 1 week after you go there, watch "Yes man" with Jim carrey, even if you have seen that movie before. It WILL help you. Keep me updated for i can help as much as you wish for anything, may that be cooking, housework, or friend problems and tbh i want to help in anyway i can
Im grateful that my parents are paying for rent, since I will be going to a exterior/interior design college, I sadly do not want to have a part time job to.... And wow thats where the asian scene comes from, im definately going to watch that movie tonight xD
: okay, fair enough that they didn't give anything AMAZING but at least they gave everyone something FOR FREE. if you don't like it theres no need for you to use it, but there's not point complaining that you got FREE STUFF
see, thats why everyone gets used by the rich.. because your so grateful for the smallest unnecessary things, now hear me out... I do get the difference between being grateful and greedy... WE THE PLAYERS MADE RIOT RICH! their billionaires, it is easily the most popular and most played game in the world BECAUSE OF US!!!... And in return for their crappy ten year anniversary they give us a skin and an icon.... Great i guess... To start with, Kayle is under popular, I havent seen her being played in almost two months (and i play like 5 games a day) so giving her a free skin is kinda pointless to players that give no F's about her.. also its kinda dis-respctful to all the players that actually went to the pax event for the riot kayle skin and now its being made public to everyone... Why not make pax sivir and UFO corki avaible to then? and an icon, wow every player with the same icon is soooo special (sarcasm) What they could of done: -Give every player to have the choice of picking one skin of their liking... (ultimates and hextech skin [annie and vayne are exlcuded] That seems more fair and more freedom and much more awarding.. -Make a timeline of some sort: back when it started to current stage, a bit of backstory, lore etc... -Design a map that had the old rift to give nostalgia and give back to the people that played for so long, make it an event like they did for the Xmas and halloween maps etc... Instead you have followers like you that bend over to riot and would accept a piece of crap and say "at least its grateful"... You can clearly tell that they probably forgot about their anniversary and pushed these awful rewards at the last minute with no thought into it... but its ok, as long as the masses of sheep are willing to accept anything as "grateful" they dont care...
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: > [{quoted}](name=Scrublord69,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=GY4rFtl7,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-13T12:37:35.290+0000) > > At the age of 20 im moving out to an apartment on Sunday, a 7 hour drive from home... > Im really nervous and annoyed about re-starting my fucking life for the 6th bloody time.. > > Anyways i was just wondering what you guys felt when you first moved out? > How was your mental state after a month? > Did you cook mostly where you lived? > DId you live with other people, how did you manage montly rate? I just moved out a mere 2 weeks ago and Im around the same age as you so I have some super fresh first hand experience for you :). i moved in with 2 good friends of mine so the situation might be different though. > Anyways i was just wondering what you guys felt when you first moved out? I dunnow at this point it doesnt feel that special. Kinda feels like the times when you used to be home alone for a few days. Life just continues like it always did :) > How was your mental state after a month? Cant speak for after one month but at this point just normal. Moving was pretty stressful though, since we also had to fix up major parts of the appartment (we had no kitchen and walls needed to be painted and were in a bad state, one had 4 layers of old tapestry over each other). Make sure you get as many people to help you as possible and do as much in advance of the moving day(s) as you can as that helps with the stress greatly. > Did you cook mostly where you lived? 90% of the time I cook myself. It is cheaper and healthier that way (and imo tastier) and once you get into it cooking can be a lot of fun. I used to cook for myself 50% of the time before I moved out too, though so I wasnt unprepared. A tip is to learn to do dishes that you can easily freeze and defrost. (Examples are Chili and Curry dishes). So you can cook several portions at once (its not a lot more effort, you just have to cut more stuff), freeze them and then you have a few days where you dont actually need to cook, but still have good meal available. > DId you live with other people, how did you manage montly rate? As I said I moved in with 2 friends. i manage the monthly rate by working part-time next to my studies at unversity.
really nice tips with the frozen -defrost one, will definately use that to my advantage... wow sounds horrible how you had to renovate a bit..
: > [{quoted}](name=Scrublord69,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=GY4rFtl7,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-09-13T13:51:04.869+0000) > washing/ drying clothes, Doing the dishes, Cooking, Cleaning, Sorting stuff out, > will take like 2 hours a day... If you do it smart it is gonna be a lot less. Following tips help a lot (although some sound more unsanitary than they actually are) 1. Cook for several days at once and freeze 2. Try not to make things dirty unless necessary - you dont need to do dishes everay day, but you need to make sure you do soak them when you let them stand overnight. 3. Keep an on-going shopping list on the fridge to avoid unnecessarty trips to the store (I had to do that a lot, since id always forget to write down things) 4. Avoid unnecessary laundry, Jeans can be worn several days without smelling and such. (Please dont wear underwear for more than one day!) 5. What I find particularly helpful: Dont do any chores on weekends. it forces you to find small spaces of time during the week to it, which is most likely time youd have spent browsing Netflix or sth like that. This way the weekend is truly free and chores feel less oppressing.
I like the first tip a lot, ive actually not though about that, however some foods tastes disgusting when un-frozen such as chicken for some reason, however, other meats are fine :D Im a very clean guy by nature (not a clean freak mind you) so yeah, I might dedicate a good 30 minutes during week days to organise and sort shit out, and complete chill at the weekends... I also have to get in the habit of doing shopping lists, we all know that feel of coming back home and forgetting a product, ingredien at the store :/
Doomley (EUW)
: indeed. If my team just died and gave a quadra to someone, i just run away and prevent the penta (unless i can kill the survivors). I'm not giving undeserved pentas or feed intentionally. I also dont like if enemy gives me a penta because it takes the achievement away.
yep exactly, i remember my first penta, A good year after playing the game, was anxious as hell, my heart was beating so fast since I was the adc and everyone in the teamfight was low, its definately the best feeling getting pentas when both teams are fighting their best instead of the idiotic 'huh give him penta please, dont run xD" Its like having sex with (undeserved penta) and without (derserved penta) a condom to put it in perspective :P Its just feels a ton more better getting pentas that are actually worth, but hey over time pentas dont really mean much since your here to win the game at the end of the day (rank wise)
: Opinion on the theme:penta steal/or when you say in all chat penta plz and u called noob
I think you have to deserve pentas, enemys that stand still just to give the last kill for the penta piss me off so hard in rank.. A penta should be deserved, and not served on a Golden plate just because you got a quadra kill and the last player gives up. Mind you unless your a challenger smurf in bronze, your team helped you in setting it up and damaging the enemy... so feel grateful and get rid of the D-bag ego and attitude that follows suite... this is just my oponion...
: **Anyways i was just wondering what you guys felt when you first moved out?** Mostly happy, but bit sad. I lived with my mother (and her husband) and my little sister, who were my best friends. The house was small for three strong-willed women, so it was quite a relief. I was also very bored living in that small village for the past 10 years (I was 21 when I moved out). **How was your mental state after a month?** Depression hit me, though it had nothing to do with me being away from my former home. It got better, found a boyfriend and employed again. Depression's back though, and eating and sleeping schedules are fucked up. **Did you cook mostly where you lived?** I was already used to making my own food, so it was no big deal. I try to make proper food at least once or twice a week, but I often end up eating frozen pizza or chocolate. **Did you live with other people, how did you manage montly rate?** I'll manage well enough. I get welfare for rent, and the pay from job is good enough to get food on the table and some extra for video games and other expenses.
Damn get that depression diagnosed, Ive had depression started since i was 13, but didnt seek treatment until my late 18's, its a lot better after the treatment Im actually not depressed anymore, I just have social anxiety left which is currently being treated with xanax, (i pop a pill whenever I go out and I feel 10X better and a lot more chill and social on xanax) Thanks for the in sight , and yeah I will be living a 7 hour drive from my parents, so thats going to be hard espicially if I need help of some kind... Im leaving on Sunday with my dad to get all my shit sorted out, then im on my own :/ I did live on my own before when I did two week stages, but honestly I dont know how I will react after months of being independant, Its actually fucking scary that you have so much shit to do that you take for granted, washing/ drying clothes, Doing the dishes, Cooking, Cleaning, Sorting stuff out, will take like 2 hours a day... Plus I get exhausted so easily hmmm also im worried that I will get trash internet xD
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: The rework policy should be abandoned
5 years from now every current champion will have completely different abilites, I can gaurantee you that lol xD
: When champion is unheathy, you rework him, so when we can see Darius rework ?
how to counter darius: Armour pen, and magic pen.... Obviously you guys where so bad at killing him I wouldnt be suprised if all of you went mellee range into his axe swing...
: Thank you Riot!!!
i already have riot kayle, so not interested :/ tbh its kinda lame for a ten year anniversary, they could of done so much more, like an event of bringing back the old map for a week on normal games etc.. instead we get crappy icons that everyone will forget about in a months time and about 95% of the player base dont even like play kayle...
: Amazon vs my bank vs me.
ive had problems with amazon to, their support is god shit, they declined my card because my adress was "wrong" despite typing it rightly so, They blocked my amazon account after I made a second attemp, I couldnt log back in, to see me packages etc... after I contacted amazon support they needed me to send a fucking statement via fax machine (who the fuck uses that shit now a days better yet a huge company) i use other websites like from the product companys themselves... Amazon is just crap
Rioter Comments
raps1355 (EUW)
: Used to show it but they said it made games looks unbalanced. Kinda odd really that something as silly as that they took action on. Makes you wonder was there any truth to it.
its true though, loads of players presum its lost just because there playing against higher tier player with a higher mastery, i remember I played against a master player agesss ago as a silver player, we miracously won since the rest of his team was bad But I can guarantee you 100% that if the rest of my team saw the master border before the game even started they would of complained and said "ff at 20" at minute 1.... its not a healthy environment... and unfortunately a lot of players have weak mindsets, its like saying "omg im against mike tyson, its lost already" when in reality you could have a chance of winning... (just a over-exeggareted example, but hopefully you get the point)
Infernape (EUW)
: Flash on D, Ignite on F because F is for {{summoner:14}}
even though you clearly stated that its "ignite" not "flame"
Leptyx (EUW)
: So you can't adc, you can't support, ... i suppose you can't play any other role, botlane will be bad without you, so you have to do all the job on your own. Is that realistic now ? Seems like a damn deadlock. Still you haven't tried support.
i never said i never tried support, actually as a matter of fact i main support for the whole year last year, the thing i hate about the role is that, you cant carry as much and you basically have to rely on your team for a majority of the time to actually win you the game id rahter have any other role where i can at least have an impact if the rest of my team is feeding, but being a alistar when all your lanes lost? your basically useless... you try to make a play and your team wont folow since their below in damage etc..., also not to mention, sure you might of made your ADCarry fed, but what if he doesnt know how to transtion that lead for mid game? you lost already...
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