: You are level 55 and discussing this on the boards. You have definitely more than 1 banned account. Your inability to learn will only get you more banned accounts. Grow up
your complete lack of logic amazes me
: Arguing is negative attitude. You we're negative in a game. You got banned. Prooving that arguing/flaming in a game is bannable. You don't need to target the summoner code. You need to accept your punishment and move on.
the problem is not that i'm banned the problem is mostly that the summoners code is inconsistent and not really understandable besides alot of things are subjective.
: Any apparent inconsistencies or gaps can be filled with a very simple rule that shouldn't even require being written down: Don't be a jerk. Follow this one rule and you will never ever be punished in any way in League.
than you would be instantly banned, you know i can just read your other post, don't be a keyboard warrior
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