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: Supports are underrated
ez upvotes amirite
: Thanks for the advice :) . Now I have a proper champion for every role, but I have no clue how to jungle efficiently so I'd rather pass on that for now. People told me that it's the hardest role to learn so I should leave it for when I get some more experience in the game.
Jungle for me isn't as hard as laning, for me wave manipulation is really difficult compared to knowing which camps to take and how to play jungle.
: At level 10 I got each champion for each role so I don't have to play something like zed support or yasuo jungle. You should pick 1 champion for each role early and then get the rest of the champions you like to play. If you're going off-meta, pick a champion that atleast has some qualities to be a support like a stun or even a shield.
To add to this, I really like playing pantheon support or lee sin support. It may seem like a troll pick, but lee's ability to slow, give mini shield and generally deal damage means I can help secure kills that for some supports would be difficult to do. Also, both of these champions do not rely as much on itemization just like the supports, making them a semi decent pick for the role right off the bat.
: I'm not saying that Ez is an ideal support, but keep in mind that I'm only level 10 on this account and only have a handful of champions unlocked. I wanted to go ADC but the guy announced in the lobby that he wants to play as ADC so i said ok ill go support (because thats the role that usually no one wants from my experience), you know, instead of fighting with people over a spot in a lane like many do. I dont like the fact that at a low level that I am right now, not picking some meta support champion will get people tilted. I don't know how long ago have you played normals at lower levels, but people pick literally anything and jump into any lane. In the game in question, opposing bot lane was Darius and Caitlyn.
At level 10 I got each champion for each role so I don't have to play something like zed support or yasuo jungle. You should pick 1 champion for each role early and then get the rest of the champions you like to play. If you're going off-meta, pick a champion that atleast has some qualities to be a support like a stun or even a shield.
: Raging because of kill steals
idk why ur playing ezreal support, I would also be tilted because u dont have anything supportive in your kit except what you can take in summs and runes.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Death ov Gloadra,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=AhmKZ4Bb,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-09-28T08:48:43.209+0000) > > The first paragraph is the one that matters, the rest is an explanation ... to show everyone what good manners and good words could do to someone, in this case, it is me. >I suffer from depression > I have suicidal tendencies These are things you should never mention in an online environment, as nobody will actually care. You're just trying to use it as a catalyst to self pity and make your explanation be somewhat of seeking for compassion. If you appreciate players and the game, then skip your personal backstory, because it will ultimately make you look like that's your main thing you want to display, the rest is complementary.
He's explaining why he's thanking everyone yet you are looking for a way to ruin this wholesome post. I don't see how he's looking for compassion in this post if he's the one THANKING YOU for making his experience nice.
Quınn (EUW)
: malphite ap, kaisa, pyke, aatrox i feel you bro {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Just seeing those champions it starts to tilt me.
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N3o7h30ne (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8nopAv11,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-24T16:03:10.902+0000) > > Low CS for a 45 min game. > > Shoot for 100 CS per 10 minutes. 100 cs per 10 mins seems to be impossible with xayah in the early game :(
200 cs at 25 minutes is the norm for low-mid elo. To add to it: CS is like the top most important thing to get S class.
: I wouldn't really consider him weak, considering he can easily one shot basically any mid matchup at level 3. But yeah, generally you are right.
No he can't one-shot level 3 unless you play really badly, if you manage the wave well you will win. Push him in level 1 and then make him waste his mana because he can't clear that well early. Play around minions to stop his E engage and you should be good.
Spêare (EUW)
: I am Cmdsheppard , and I am a toxic player.
I'm toxic, however I'll admit to my mistakes no matter how minuscule of an effect it had on a game. Issue arises when you get these players that are just braindead trashtalkers from the start of the game, who just suck at the game to such levels that they just autolose no matter what lead they get or what champ they play and have the audacity to blame everyone else but them for the loss. Also people who make the same mistake everytime, dieing to enemy jungler in your jungle. Fine, that means the enemy jungler killed you and probably took that side of your jungle, but going to the same part of the jungle and dieing there again. Oh man, you're just asking to get flamed. Of course flaming became more popular as game gets more competetive, everyone wants to be in high brackets and get out of meme ranks to not get pissed on because it's now more than ever relevant to get a good rank.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Doubt it was related to your promos, sounds like they were trying new stuff
This happens, he's not the only one.
: winrate says nothhing about how good u r with a champ jsut about how good your team was.
Idk why this got downvoted. If you want to see how good you are with a champ look at average cs and death rate. If you die alot, it's just that you're playing too aggro and if you're not csing enough just practice your lasthits. If you're struggling to farm post lane then watch what challenger ADCs do to not lose out on cs/min mid-late game.
: What do i have to do to get in the freaking gold
Duo with a support or drop ADC as a role altogether. Watch VODs and coaching on YT for specific champion you want to play. Learn your role inside out, study each matchup like an exam. Watch back your play, analyze what went wrong and what you could do better. If your team is bad and you can't carry then just go next, no need to get tilted over bad players. Take a 5 minute break inbetween games, doesn't matter if you feel like you don't need one, just do it. Those things will help you climb in a long term. If you are desperate to climb pick a lategame carry champ like Jax, Mordekaiser or any other powerhouse champs like Dr. Mundo. Low elo is won through brute force so you need to win your lane and win other lanes for your team or just be able to 1v9 when you have to.
Bonesaw (EUW)
: 52,5% is normal
Aha, so it's normal to not have counter champs, ok.
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: its so tilting when people blame me after doing dumb sh1t, i main sona and my stats are always A+ or higher, its never my fault
If you're not climbing, it is unfortunately your fault. By saying it's never your fault, you're putting yourself at a coinflip if you win or not.
: i cant controll my jungler. But kassadin scales too good and his base damage is so high he will eventually come back into the game after he is behind
Close out the games early then.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: But it should
Except normals is what it is, normals. It's not ranked, if you want to play vs. people against your skill level go play ranked that's what it's for.
: Why am I getting qeued against Diamonds in normals as a Silver player?
Normals is all random, I get players from iron to masters. It doesn't matter who you play against even the diamond players play like ape there.
dewitek24 (EUNE)
: [9.18] TFT all players stuck at lvl 1
Same but it's in my ranked summoners rift games, the level 1s managed to get their hands on gold accounts somehow.
: We all know that moment...
Litellary doesn't matter what game I play, it will almost instantenously switch to the game. League? _let us just give you 15 minutes of blackscreen so you can decide if you want to play the game or not_
: Am i the only one who feels that pantheon is too strong
In my opinion he needs a slight nerf to his late game, he feels slightly overtuned and if I pick the wrong champ against him he will be a nightmare. Is he **TOO** strong? _Hell naw man_, don't forget you have Sylas and Akali which even though Sylas is my pocket pick I have to admit I would rather face a panth than a good Sylas player in midlane.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Difference between blue and red side?
I prefer red side for late game, purely because of baron control and being able to spot enemy jungler trying to go for a steal. Early game is all about getting the drakes for me, so for that I prefer blue side for easier steals. All really depends on champions I play, but I prefer blue side overall because of botside leash and easy drakes.
: Tllt Types ain't showing your type of tilt?
I got "barbarian". What an uncivilized way of telling me I should eat my food with cutlery.
J91 (EUW)
: i did it and then they said " you are lord DGAF" or something like that
Silent Note (EUNE)
: $500? I've spent a ton of money on the game, but even I haven't spent that much. And I'm kind of experiencing the opposite. I have games where the premade enemy team keeps 3-4 man diving me just to insult me with stuff like "worthless e-girl" or "Sona main btw". And from my team side, I NEVER get defended. They seem to be even more toxic with me.
: just a question do i get rewards after 10 game chat restriction
: +2.6%, one of the worst results actually
Wait what?! Are you telling me Azir is not newbie friendly?
: Essentially list of champions for newbies.
: > [{quoted}](name=SectionedOne,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bjk8uLn4,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-22T12:19:02.750+0000) > > They need to make an option to make minimap bigger. You can make the minimap bigger... 1. go to .../Riot Games/League of Legends/Config/ 2. open "game.cfg" in notepad 3. change the line MinimapScale=1.0000 to for example 1.7500 or 2.0000 4. Open "PersistedSettings.json" 5. Change the following line: { "name": "MinimapScale", "value": "1.0000" }, to for example: { "name": "MinimapScale", "value": "1.7500" },
Can they just not make it in the settings? That would've save people time having to go through files to get the right scale...
Akkilan (EUW)
: U realize that there has been over 75,000 fires that wasn't there on purpose, i know that people cut trees and produce fire on their own. But it's hot there the weather is not like it has been in the past 30 years. Animalls are being extinct bcs they lose their habitatsa and have to move on, just to end up hunted and chased over as a pray... WE need those rainforests no matter what u say mate, read a little bit abou it.
You failed to read my statement, please go back and read it as a whole.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I do not get it. Where in this site it shows anything to support your statement of stolen lane? Should I click somewhere to see position or?
It's literary organizes it just like everywhere to show you where each person was in the role, supports are at the bottom and toplaners are at the top. On top of that rumble was a toplaner and it compares my stats to his. Why would trist be toplane? Shes a popular pick for midlane or botlane right now. Trist midlane popularity; I wish I could bring up the replay because it's 100% true but league doesn't allow you to get the replays that far back.
: Master/GrandMaster/Challenger/lp's
There is no limit to how many Masters are, but to get from Grandmasters to Challenger you need to get more LP than a Challenger player to take their place. I think the same is true for Masters to Grandmasters, you need to get more LP than a certain Grandmaster player to get in.
: This is a natural occurrence. Before the appearance of man, forests also burned, this is necessary so that later this would not happen, and the trees will grow faster than you think. For a planet, trees look like hair, the planet decided to get a haircut to get rid of annoying fleas in the form of a man, a man begins to panic that his house will end. Man does not respect the planet; the planet does not respect man. In fact, we should not do anything, the only thing a person can do is pray to the gods. It is necessary that people pray, that the gods hear and help. I'm HULK
You do not know the political situation in Brazil, they are letting farmers burn the forests (yeah it's illegal but no one is stopping them) to farm more live stock. I'm pretty sure there are some unintentional fires but more often than not these things are caused by idiots lighting things up and going out of hand. Putting harsher restrictions and creating restricted and controlled national parks across the amazonian region would help reduce the wildfires, but this requires extensive infrastructure and by looking at what state the Brazil is and their politics towards the forest they probably don't give two poops about it because it would hurt their "sovereignty".
JustClone (EUNE)
: Aha, now it is not minute 1, it is not mid-game.... It turns out it is the 3rd minute of the game. Your story gets better and better...
It's around 1-3 minutes of the game that it happened, do you really think I remember each game of league I played? You're just a cynical person that thinks you're exposing anyone for "changing the story". I meant something completely different but out of frustration I've written the other. Here's the game that I played, it even thinks I was the toplaner; Now, why is that not true? Because my top picks are malphite and dr mundo, my mid picks are talon and sylas. I would never take talon top because he's super weak and going vs anyone on toplane I'm sure to lose. Look at my games you'll see the pattern of champs I play on each lane. If you're gonna try and argue yourself out of these then there's truly no help for you.
: What is happenning to the game ?
Guess what all these "hey I wanna first time qiyana/panth" players are pissing me off so much that I went from having 60% wr all the way to 52% wr. There is a plague of players just straight out setting you up to lose from the start. Idk, is it because I'm getting closer to plat? Or is it something that will soon go away? Honestly it really just puts me off trying to win the games when I am getting teams that cant even put a concrete composition.
: We need an option where we can put the minimap on top left
They need to make an option to make minimap bigger.
JustClone (EUNE)
: First of all, I am not sure if you have arranged your brain correctly. The tittle says: "stealing lanes mid game" The body says: "Edit: I'm talking minute 1" So now I am confused... Are you talking min 1 or mid game? Or are you that clueless to call "minute 1" the "mid game".... Or did you edited your post, after everyone told you that "mid game" is not really stealing and you should not be hugging your lane and doing nothing at that time. I am out.
I would show you the replay if I could, but this is more of him just saying "f this jungler, fed top" and then goes to mid and says "this is my lane now idc". This all happened around the first 3 minutes of the game, English isn't my native language so I do make mistakes and as I said I meant in game not in lobby.
: considering OP said "mid game", I'm assuming he's complaining about people grouping mid once lanning phase is over personally
Zanador (EUNE)
: Yeah, it would be better if he communicated or something, but if someone can't stay on a lane safely then it's often better to just leave it. Roaming would be preferable, but just consider how much better this still is compared to him feeding top too.
I did definitely consider that, that's why we haven't lost that game but it got me really tilted because the lane was in my favor and I was snowballing with 2 kills on the enemy. He comes, I leave, he dies twice and then spam pings me for not taking a tower before 15 minutes even though our jungler was so afraid of him inting he basically sat in lane with him.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Depends on some details. The role selection is enforced by punishments, so if someone got the role of bot and decides to ignore it and just play mid instead, then he can be banned. However if you are 10 minutes in the game for example and someone decides to leave their lane for whatever reason and go mid and stay there, then that is a perfectly acceptable strategy. It would be best if he did this in coordination and with communication, but just going to another lane on it's own after a while is perfectly fine.
This is more or less the second but with the toplaner leaving lane because our jungler got invaded and died to their toplaner. Doesn't want to leave my lane and temporarily feeds midlaner before jungler stomps.
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Uraraka (EUNE)
: If you have first dodge of the day available and if you see {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:81}} in your team, dodge.
Last few games ago I got carried by yasuo... Am I the enemy team?
: Took a break from Ranked for a couple of days.....
Play early champs, roam and get **STONKS** Legit silver and gold is all about early pressure, enemy team will most likely not recover before midgame if you play your lane and help out other lanes.
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Hananim (EUW)
: He got banned for "negatively impacting his teammates games" aka playing offmeta. Same as double jungle support singed. Same as youmuu for playing splitpush trynda top. Point is you arent allowed to play whatever you want, that became clear during the singed case where riot stated you need PERMISSION FROM YOUR TEAM TO PLAY OFFMETA STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!
With that analogy people can be banned for playing lux bot because she's technically a midlaner. People can get banned for playing yasuo bot even tho he's a good adc. It's nonsense, if you win games and do good with the pick, you should never get banned for it.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: and who did they ban for off meta? you can play anything anywhere as long as you are not pulling your team back and play to win...
: Anyone flaming in blind or draft is an outright degenerate, don't take those people seriously because they are just trying to prey on noobs in those modes to feel some sort of accomplishment when they're probably no better than one.
**BUT** If you're playing in ranked, you probably shouldn't be playing at all on that mode until you completely master a single role and a champion that you know you will not suck at. And I'm not talking about "I can go 20/0 with a champion in normals and I got mastery 7 with it" kind of mastery, I'm talking about knowing each combo, matchup and even build pathing for each situation. It's a reasonable frustration to have a noob with no game knowledge ruining your ranked game, I personally just learned to not care about other peoples plays and focus on how I can carry the game. Having a team not die in the first 5 minutes in lane is just an extra bonus I can sometimes get. To add on top of that, if you go to ranked with 0 experience you're likely to become a hardstuck iron and bronze, both ranks are really annoying to get out of because they don't follow standard game formula and main objectives become a secondary to getting the best KDA in those games.
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