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: "Cold blood". Lol. First off all, one does not simply lose their whole persona over a game. And definitely does not come whining in forums afterwards. You got what you deserve and spare yourself the time trying to bullshit others.
"One does not simply lose their whole persona over a game" Lol. I played more than 170+ games and i flamed only once simply because i don't even write in the chat. Its not about a persona, its about getting banned for one game among 170+ games where i didn't talk and even got honored in some. That's what is called losing his temper, his cold blood. So yea, i didn't tell them to harm themselve, or called them with real words causing harm or anything really toxic i was just responding to them stupidly. I just lost my temper for once
: Here we all need to respect the standards. In Campus (the place where students live) when I call someone "retrded" is like saying "you are not careful enough" and we all use it in this way. Here I can't use it because it has another meaning and not all share the same culture.
Yea i understand that, but i didn't meant to treat him like a disabled people, it was more like "you're stupid". Just didn't think at that moment, i was tilted stupidly and got perma banned for this.
: I think that calling someone "autist" is like saying homophobic and racist things. Maybe they have the same level of severity.
Yea but autist in my language is more like saying "stupid"
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, I don't know for what reason you got your 14 days ban, but that's just how this system works. After 14 days ban any negativity will get you a permaban.
I got banned for the same kind of soft flaming in only one game too, without ban chat or anything.
: A great tip right here League community really does not like any complaints about how the banning system works when it comes to chat.. Just down vote flying over and over .. its sorta insane no one is gonna listen to you ..
I'm not really complaining, i mean, i understand why there's this system and such. However i wasn't really toxic or abusive in contrary of a lot of players who at the very least, get ban chat. I just got instant banned from one game of loosing my temper
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