Shamose (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting needs a mass disenchant feature.
Just dissenchant the champions in the capsule when you level up, I never get why people stack the capsule xD I cant, I need to open them even tho I also own all the champs on my main acc
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: First of all thanks for the in depth answer c: I may play to agressive bc i cant really estimate my dmg and what i can do (working on it). I tend neglect farm if get kills early and that is my problem bc i get lvl behind pretty fast. What would be a good farm goal for lets say 20 min ? thanks for the advise ^^
> [{quoted}](name=Not enough Nero,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=c6vT8Fzv,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-10-12T20:38:31.394+0000) > > First of all thanks for the in depth answer c: > I may play to agressive bc i cant really estimate my dmg and what i can do (working on it). I tend > neglect farm if get kills early and that is my problem bc i get lvl behind pretty fast. What would be a good farm goal for lets say 20 min ? > thanks for the advise ^^ Np ;) I would say around 70 CS in 10 minutes for a Gold player is fine. So lets say around 140-150 by 20 minutes. But you can always increase this number with good wave management and split push on side lane in mid game
: Rate me pls
You die too much, which means that maybe you are playing a little too aggressive and without vision. You never buy control wards, you should at least have 2 or 3 control ward per game in Gold. Also you seem to have pretty nice kills and get fed every game but you should try to focus more on farm, maybe take the farm on the side lane before joining your team to TF. I am not a Katarina expert, but I dont think the build you are doing is the best one. Try to watch other high elo katarina players and see how they build. Also you seem to always do the same stuff, but sometimes you need to adapt to the situation for example in some games you could go morello to reduce healings or build a banshee veil in case of heavy ap comp. There is a game against Malzahar that you lost, where is your QSS? You rly need qss against malz especially with Kata, if you go in he just press R and you die instant. I think you can climb just need to farm better and die less. There is a game with Zoe you have 1,9 cs per minute, that is super low my friend. It means you didnt farm at all this game. Maybe play less agressive as well. Also consider not playing Yasuo again, my rule is whenever i have less than 50% win rate on a champion in more than 20 games i stop playing that champ in ranked. Because there is a big chance I dont know what I am doing with him. Good points are : You seem to know your main champ Katarina, your offrole or second role is good (many jungle games you play, you have nice W/r, KDA and kill participation) Peace out and good luck
: Who said anything about "afk" rengar rage quit cause's he's sucks, like my shitty bot lane who lost turret by the 8th min and was 0-9 combined. doing a total of 2k damage... With a boosted ahri who was 0-2 and losing in winnable match up.
> [{quoted}](name=space caose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8rwkGHIl,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-30T23:10:51.648+0000) > > Who said anything about "afk" rengar rage quit cause's he's sucks, like my shitty bot lane who lost turret by the 8th min and was 0-9 combined. doing a total of 2k damage... With a boosted ahri who was 0-2 and losing in winnable match up. Your CS is awful, You bought no pinkward, and your KDA is not good either on those games, so even tho your botlane lost, you couldnt carry because you also played like shit. Therefore you deserve to lose. You got unlucky on 3 games, and so what, it happens to everyone. Do we come here and cry about it ? No so get over it, go do something else and untilt yourself
: United Kingdom
> [{quoted}](name=MasterFaustino,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EjHdfVAb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-03T12:08:55.898+0000) > > United Kingdom > xD YIKES
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: While I agree with almost all parts of your posts, I do not fully agree with this one: > [{quoted}](name=Sen3azrine,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vAcRwAV9,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-07T14:27:15.552+0000) I saw a video where a guy was complaining about Galio, WW, and Urgot reworks, when they were champions that nobody played before, this is just being dishonest. More specifically, the Galio rework. I loved to play old Galio, even though he was older. With his rework, I still love to play him, but not because he's like his 'old identity'. His kit was changed so much (he got a dash and a semi-global ult for instance), resulting in a completely different playstyle than before. In one way, Riot 'removed' old Galio and replaced him with a new champion with the same name. Even though old Galio's playrate was low, the think that I dislike is that they so fundamentally changed him to become basically a new champion, rather than updating him while still keeping his identity (more about that later). I suppose the same could be said about Sion (oh boy was he different in the old days), but I did not really play his pre-rework state. However, the interesting part here is that I do feel like his rework was good and cool, even though his kit (and playstyle) completely changed! I'm almost entirely sure that this is simply because I never played/enjoyed playing the old Sion. The same holds for Taric's rework (who I do like playing now). Perhaps 'the guy complaining' loved all of these pre-rework-champions you listed (like me and Galio), and perhaps you never did like them (like me and Sion/Taric). What I also find interesting is Rammus. Initially, I started playing him because I was literally scrolling through the champion roster, noticed him, checked out his abilities, and realized that I had literally never seen him before! He looks fun to play, why not play him? I said to myself. A few patches (or seasons even) later his pickrate skyrocketed due to him being played in LCS/MSI/Worlds/whatever other event (when his taunt still had a super high duration at lvl 1). After his (well-deserved) nerf many people stopped playing him again, though some sticked to him. Then he got a mini-update (attack speed during taunt, slow on ult, and more) and I started seeing him again, way more often than before this update. So to come to my point: How come Riot decided to give Rammus such a mini-update and Galio a major rework? (As far as I know, Rammus is not (yet) on the rework roster. Correct me if I'm wrong though). Rammus's pickrate increased after this update, and his identity was preserved. EDIT: Same holds for Ashe's mini update (her Q and passive) I'm open for a discussion, I do find this an interesting topic ^^
I do agree with you on the fact that some people enjoyed playing the old Galio, Ryze, Sion, Yorick or any other reworked champion before their update. However, these champions were almost never played. I remember when I started playing league 2 years ago, I learned in like 4 months every ability of every champion except Galio and Urgot, because I almost never had the chance to play with or against them. I myself played a lot of the old Urgot just before he got reworked, and I really enjoyed the champion, making him one of my special picks that would always surprises my ally and enemies. We got to a point where picking Urgot was almost the same as saying im gonna troll, no one knew where Urgot was supposed to go nor, what he was supposed to build or his playstyle. When he got reworked I felt a bit sad, but then I realized that this rework was needed, because even tho I liked playing him, I was one of the very few... I agree that Galio rework was not the best rework Riot did, I mean the new Galio is awesome and feel great to play, but it wasnt the best rework because they replaced the old Galio with a completely new one that has nothing in common with the old as you already said. But look at how many reworks Riot did, if we just talk about the recent ones : WW, Urgot, Irelia, Evelynn, etc we can say that almost all of them are successful. You took the example of Rammus, I think that for Rammus it was just a mini rework and they just had to change some numbers, but with Galio they felt like they needed to rework him completely because his kit was outdated.
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: RIOT, once again, fix your matchmaking in Normals
Why dont you take it as a way to improve even more. Honnestly I feel like in 60 % of my normal games I learn more than when I play in ranked. The reason for that is when I play in ranked I get matched with people of my rating, when I play normal I sometimes play against Platinum, or even Diamond players, and I always take that in consideration, to try to play even better and to lower the amount of mistakes that I make. Keep in mind 2 things: Your opponent might be diamond but maybe he is playing normal to try a new champion or role, so his level on that specific role for instance is maybe lower than diamond. And its a normal game so he probably wont care as much as he would for a ranked I do however understand your frustration, sometimes this happens many games in a row, you maybe just want to chill in a normal and end up playing at a highest level than ranked. But I dont mind if it happens occasionally. For me one thing even more annoying than that is when you launch a normal in solo, and get matched against 5 premades. That is really unfair, because they are all in communication and can just destroy you and end the game pretty easily
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4dc0nly (EUW)
: I don't understand what you mean after the coma... The rank you will be placed depends on your winning placements. And the higher MMR of those won games, the more MMR you will neat. So, duoing with a high MMR player rigs a bit the outcome, for instance. If you are able to win, that's it. So, if you were Silver 4 and duo with a Gold 4 and win 7 out 10, you might end in Silver 1. If you win 8+ you might end in Gold 5. If you win 5, you will end most likely in Silver 3. If you win less, well, you will end in Silver 5 anyway probably. If you solo your placements OR you play with a lower MMR player the same applies. The enemy team will have lower MMR so you will neat less MMR per win.
I think there is no way for me to end up higher than my last season rank from placements. To keep it simple I finished silver 5, its just impossible that I will get silver 5 from placements or higher, because even when you finish your placements they tell you "keep in mind that most players will start lower than their previous rank". What's lower than silver 5: Bronze, now B1/2 or lower, this is what im trying to figure out. I dont think the amount of games you win in your placements matters that much if you had a rank the previous season, it does affect just a little bit your placements, but the difference between a player that won 7 games in placements and the one who one only 4, is that the player with 7 wins will have a better mmr and will gain much more LP than the other. For example high elo players will end up platinum 1/2 no matter what. Ive seen some Masters players winning perhaps 2 games in their placements and still geting plat 1. But they will earn less LP after placements. On contrary one of my friend won 8 games and got Gold 4 when he was Gold 1 last season. Placements really matters if you are playing on a new account because you have no mmr history, so only your placements games matter, not your past ranked history. I might be wrong but this is how I understood the system. If a volunteer can answer to that question: -Is it possible to get higher ranked from placements than our previous rank. Example I was Silver 5, by miracle I manage to win 9 games, will I get silver 3 or Bronze 1 since its in theory not possible to end up higher than your previous rank Hope everything is clear.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I think there may be some misunderstandings so I'm gonna jump ahead. What matters for your placements is not what rank you ended the season, but what your rank was right before the reset. Ranked doesn't stop just because the season is over, it keeps going as it was, people just find less value in it because a few months later it will get reset.
Yes I know that, but I actually meant for the people that finished silver 5 the season and didnt play during preseason, so their MMR didnt get touched. I finished Silver 5 0 LP and didnt play in preseason, im just wondering what rank I will get im assuming Bronze 2/1 I Just hope I wont get placed lower. In flex for instance I finished in Silver 5 as well but I played in this queue during preseason and got to silver 3, and yesterday I just finished my placements and got Silver 4 (horrible placements btw I won 3 games and lost the rest), I hope I will get only one division lower in solo Q as well, but I dont think so since i didnt play in preseason
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: Thing about true damage... not useful against squishies... so yeah he will be better vs tanks, but less crit damage means he is going to be worse vs everyone else... so balanced
What did I just read ? Im gonna pretend I never saw this comment
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: I don't think they'd let you get gold on a new account simply because if you're new to the game you don't deserve the victorious skin from the off chance you could be bronze but get a little fortunate over 10 games and win 10 in a row but go on to lose the next 30. I could be wrong on that, but in my opinion new accounts should earn gold+ IF you duo with someone who's higher elo however I can assume theres a chance you can get gold if you win like 9 or 10
I have seen many streamers doing unranked to diamond on fresh accounts, and many of them went 9 wins or even 10 and got platinum. I also asked a friend that leveled up a smurf no so long ago, his main is plat 3 he got gold 2 from promos. I am good with silver 1/ Gold 5, because I am not a new player, Im gold 3 on my main
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Hydnoras (EUW)
: Currently LB is around 9 or 10 on your scale. She is very bad atm as well. Don't bother picking her up yet. She does have damage to kill but that doesn't matter. She is a roamer but she can't roam because her wave clear is too bad. Also she is literally the only mid laner in the game right now that goes oom (out of mana). So since she can't wave clear, she can't roam and she gets punished super hard because all of her opponents have better wave clear then she does. So she can't even trade with her opponents because then she loses a lot of cs if she doesn't answer the enemy's push.
I played against a few leblanc and found the match up difficul, her dammage is insane, but it is true that most of them didnt do well in the late game, kinda like a pantheon, stomp the early but useless in late. Also I was just wondering, because not my type of champion at all, but I was still hoping that she would be a bit easier than the old one. Anyway ty for the answer
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: > -every elo is "trash" in the eyes of every player, have you seen challenger players talking about D5? I know, I hitted D5 and in all elo's there are trash people, Even in Challenger, But Silver is the worst of all > -you want people to only be able to play champs with lvl 4, back in my old days of season 3 i wanted to buy all champs so i could always have the possibility of trading with people so if i get a one trick zilean and i never played zilean, how does your method work, i can't pick for him? Sure u can buy those champs, But you dont have to be lvl 4 to switch champs. > > -You can have 120k points on a champ and still lose to a 5k point person simply cuz: you had a bad game; you were tilted; you got camped; the other guy is simply a better player; etc... Points don't translate to skill. > I dont, But if i get laned against someone who doesnt main a champ, I most of the time win. Sure i have bad day's too, But in this case i have too much points to even think about that. It sounds egoish but if we lose a lane its most because i have a bad adc or what i am saying, A jungler that never jungles. > -People who constantly switch lanes(which happens often in lower elos) don't have a main role, they just play what they feel like playing and maybe that's a good thing or a bad thing but you shouldn't really punish them as long as they are trying to win. Honestly, Its so bad you dont have a main role. I never punish them, I have a very simple mind state: If u dont wanna win and just running around then i just dont try to even cary hard. When i try to give some advice (Like i did with Xin Zou telling him to take Shaco's red to get lvl 5) They see it as flaming. Becuase Low elo people (Plat people too) cant just accept advice smh. > -Lastly you mentioned "playing a lane they can't play", but let's say you play jungle in bronze and you win alot of games as a jungler, you climb and now you are in gold but you can't really win as much as a jungler, does that mean you can't play jungle? it means you have the capabilities of ranking as a jungler till that elo and now you have to improve and that is how it will always be as long as you want to improve in ranked, play till you cant climb anymore and improve your weak points till you manage to climb again. I dont rly care if i see u play a lane alot. But the fact is dont play a laneif u never play that lane. If u know you cant go further then that, Why do i alway's see that people are playing a lane they never play, And having a higher playrate on other lanes. Like, If u want to play a lane that bad, just go Normal Queue. Thats my whole point, Dont play a lane you simply cant play, Even in an elo thats is lower then you. I can play all lanes but i can only play supp on diamond level. So as example i dont play jungler beyond gold 5 because i know that i will lose. So why cant other people cant think like that?
> [{quoted}](name=EGG Joc,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HLYIMWty,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-12T15:15:34.420+0000) > > I know, I hitted D5 and in all elo's there are trash people, Even in Challenger, But Silver is the worst of all hum, you hit D5, and now you are here complaining about Silver ? It should be easy to climb for you if you were Diamond at one point..
: Items rework
Farming Simulator: I want this new item, when you buy it, you dont have to farm anymore, it farms for you {{item:3157}} I want armor and magic resist, and also an extra shield after using zhonya's active {{item:3060}} I want it to one shot turrets (300 seconds cd active) Win the battle: I want this new item, to make me win all my games
: Is Zoe balenced or is she still on the weaker side ?
She is balanced IMO. Its just that people got used to her insane E Q one shot when she got released. And as mentioned SHUKR4N if she is picked in the LCS, it means she in a good spot.
: I just trolled - An open apology
My suggestion is: Find your game on OP.GG match history, and add all the team mates that you played with, this game. Then when they accept the invite, send them this link to this post. I think it will help you get much better and also they are the ones that you trolled, not us. You dont need to apologize to us but to them. With that being said, the most important thing at the end is that you admitted and you are conscious that your behavior was not okay. This is good because it will prevent you, hopefully to repeat such things in the future. It is fine to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. Also, I know that some people play some weird and off meta champions but you have to understand something. Some people like me take ranked very seriously, and sadly the LoL community / most of players can not be trust. Therefore when you hover something like Rakan mid in a Ranked people will ban it because it is a competitive game and people want to win and get their LP and also because there are so many trolls out there that you can not trust a player willing to play rakan mid. He could be a guy that wanted support, didnt get it, so he trolls. Some thing that you can do is maybe send a link of your so people can actually see that your rakan mid works, otherwise you can not blame them for banning the champion. I had many times on my games some weird picks and I can tell you that 98% of the time, they just dont work. And you lose your game because someone decided to play Soraka adc and he just feed. The funny thing is that they are the ones that want to surrend in the first place.
: Ziggs is great, midgame you can get a tower easily if there's no enemy team to hard-contest you and late game you can nearly 1v1 towers. I love it! I'd stick to a normal AP build tough, spam e and q to reset passive/proc lich and save w for the last few %. Towers have a low MR so he's really ideal. You have to be usefull otherwise too tough. (Love taking 1st tower when the enemy mid roams xD one push) Also, take unsealed spellbook over comet/aery ;) Maybe dark harvest would help too in a pure pusher style.
I also play Ap Ziggs but imagine having attack speed, you can take turrets even faster. Actually I just tried it in practice tool. I took Demolish in my runes, Lich Bane + Nashor Tooth, + PD + Elixir I took a tower in 10 seconds. xD Also do you know if press the attack proc on turrets, im pretty sure it doesn't but maybe it does ?
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DoLoFoNoS 3 (EUNE)
: We want Demonic Janna new skin
I vote for : Delete Janna skin, where Janna would be a trash can throwing garbages tornados
: My account has been banned?
TSM DarkPaw (EUNE)
: My Final Days
I think we all had this moments when we said, stop enough of this game. But we always come back, it can be 2 days after, or 1/2 years, but almost all of the players that decided to stop came back after some time. New champions are being released, new VGU, gameplay updates etc, and when you will try to watch a youtube video of league one day to see how it has become you will be like "damn this is not the same game anymore" and this will make you download the game and play it. Ive had many friends that considered themselves as OG's because they started during the beta or season 1 and that stopped in season 6, and when they saw all these new runes and stuff going on with the new season, they felt like shit, because they werent part of something huge anymore, like this video game is. And when they saw that some players that started to play in season 7 were pottentially better than them, who have been there since the beggining they couldn't handle it, and they regretted stoping league of legends. So they started playing again. Very few people can really stop this game forever, I think you should take a break of few months and come back because it is a shame to loose a player that experienced all of that and reached master tier. If I reached master tier I would fcking tryhard every single day to reach challenger and become a professional league player. WAKE UP DUDE. THIS GAME IS THE GAME OF THE CENTURY Fortnite, Pubg, Battlerite and other shit are just trends, they will be dead in 1 2 years, League has at least 10 more years
: Problems I personally see in champions.
I agree on certain points that you made. For instance Garen shouldnt be able to build full tank and still being able to 1v1 an ADC or any mage without mobility, his kit got everything, Q and R being the most annoying parts: he just run on you like a %%%%%% silence you so you can't do anything and just press R. Boom your dead. I also agree for Master Yi. I think you forgot to mention some champions that are worst than those that you stated. Brand for instance, this shit can just melt your entire team with his passive + R and you can't do anything about it, it spread like the black plague all over your carries and put them to 20% health when they were full hp or one shot them if they were half hp. His E and Ult are also point and clicks which means even if he misses his W it doesn't really matter. Other funny character is Pantheon, his Q which deals insane amount of dammage and almost guarantee him to get a first blood every game, because he just harrass his opponent every time he want to farm, is a point and click as well. His jump stun is also very annoying as he can just destroy your ADC. Fizz, oh man Fizz... you can be 10 times better than you opponent, destroy him pre 6, as soon as he get his ultimate, if you dont burn all your summs you are dead. Rengar: press R, jump on ADC, one shot him However I disagree with you on certain champions like Annie. Every game should have some champions designed for begginers, and Annie is the perfect champion for that when you are new to the game you dont want to focus on mechanics but rather on learning the macro game. Annie is not overpowered and has never been, yes her kit is made of point and click, but her range is ridiculous compared to other mages, you can just outrange her and bully her in lane with Velkoz, Xerath, Ahri, Azir, ... every time she try to cs. Also her plays are very predictable: the only moment where you should be scared is when her stun is up, without it she is almost useless, also if you keep your distance she will be forced to flash on you to stun you. In lane she can't keep her stun too long because she farm with Q, and its difficult to last hit with AA as Annie. During team fights just dont be stupid enough to face a check a bush and it should be fine, if she flash in the middle of your team you can just kill her very quickly. For Kayle, first of all she is not picked very often, and she is not the only hybrid champion in the game, Corki also deals Ad and Ap dammage. It is good to have some diversity in the game.
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Jevvy (EUW)
: Flex 4v5
Because here is what happens when 4 premades play with 1 random dude: (from my personal experience in normal games) -The 4 premades will be more likely to flame the random guy -It can happen that since they are 4 someone just take the 5th guy's role and force him to play somewhere else. -A lot of people take ranked flex not seriously and will troll pick, ... whereas others will play seriously on it. Maybe the 4 premades are playing the flex game like a normal game, so it is unfair for the 5th guy -Result is a bad experience for the poor random dude that asked nothing Just find another team mate to play with :)
: Reconsider Autofill (atleast for ranked)
Usually people get autofilled support (like 90% of the time, and in low elo it is actually 100% of the time) Since almost no one wants to play that role Riot had to find a solution. Autofill is the best option we have so far to avoid very long Q time. Playing support isn't hard, you pick a simple champion like Janna or Lulu and you try your best. I know it is frustratring sometimes but there are no other option I think. However, I think autofill should be disabled completely during placements game, that doesn't make sens. If you can't be autofilled during your promos then it should be the same for placements game. I got autofilled twice in my placements and it screwed my win rate.
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