Nightless (EUW)
: Yes,check this thread :)
Thx just looked through it. Guess I will have to wait till Wednesday for the patch to play the game smoothly.
: Maybe your disck is slow and can't keep up with loading new map assets.
It's not because of map assets the fps drops only happen when I go into team fights
: imagine getting mad at a 6min ban
You have to wait for 20 mins to get into a matchmaking queue for 5 games when you get a leaver buster punishment
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: [NEW CHAMPION] Aphelios the weapon of the faithful (HE IS A LUNARI!!!)
Alright! Another targon faction champ, can't wait for him to dominate solo q for the next few months of season 10
DaisyLazy (EUW)
: Rewarding Ex-Reworked Champ's players - A must read for these especially
I agree they should do what DE do with warframe wheneverr they rework a frame, they give out 3x forma (which is a rare item in the game) to everyone that owns the frame that got reworked.
: 25/0 Why in the world did I get A+?
it's mainly because you did not have the most cs in the match since kai sa and xayah.have more than you (You could go 50/0 with yi but if you have 50 cs at 20 mins no S for you) also the game lasted very long if the game was shorter you would have gotten S or S+ you just need to have good k/d/a and consistent cs throughout the game. If not no S or higher
Hardstück (EUNE)
: Problem with akali
I have been playing a lot of Akali recently and I can agree she still needs a few nerfs and reverts, for example, they should nerf the damage on her passive since you can easily do the lvl 1 q+ aa +q and electrocutde proc combo once or twice and bring them down to like 25% health which can easily bag you first blood or you just gain massive lane pressure early.
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Vallen29 (EUW)
: Concept: Permanent ARURF
I think riot has stated in the past that they won't make urf/arurf permanent can't remember the reason why but i think has to do with that is it does become permanent the play rate for summoners rift may slowly drop and they don't want that since when most people "quit" league they just spam urf until it goes then wait for a few months for urf to comeback during seasonal breaks. Dont get me wrong like many others i LOVE urf but i think this is one of they many requests from the community that riot is not gonna listen to for certain reasons.
: Why ban your teammate's champion in ranked?
Happened to me on my last played game as well I pre picked lux and top bans them I ask why and they say "I don't feel like getting curve stomped again by a 6/0 lux at 15 mins" guessing they banned out of paranoia that lux would be taken by the enemy and they would get fed.
: lol, did you see the op post ? is a troll post, so trust me I didn't really struggle to inform myself about what I said as a troll reply in a troll post {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
This is not a troll post i posted this in hope that my duo will see it.
: He actually realized that you are so good at this game man! You actually climbed to Bronze 1, REALLY GOOD MAN! You are a smurf. He actually understood that you're a smurf and since he hates smurfs, he removed you! :(
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Zanador (EUNE)
: I got Irelia as both. S8 in a nutshell. :D (plus 71.4% win rate as and 55.6% against her. S8)
86% lose rate vs lissansdra cuz im in sliver/bronze so games last long enough in order for the liss to scale even if i curvestomp her early and 100% win rate vs ivern (cuz ivern) XD
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Jicu2002 (EUNE)
: Stuck For 5-10 Minutes in loading screen.
Been having the same issue as well for the last 2 months, 2 things would happen either it loads everyone to 100% and im stuck on the screen till they remake or 6 - 5 mins pass or i load load up 20% - 30% every min and my laptop is not even bad and my internet is fiber optic (which is rly fast) i reported it to riot but they just gave me a download link for hextech repair tool which done nothing.
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