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Yeah. I fully understand about overdramatisation. As I told, I was journalist... So, clickbaiting people is just a bad habbit (trying to get rid of it). I'm expiriencing racism/sexism every single day in small things like big society groups and my friends (which are not only females, you were a bit wrong on that) as a white male. That's exactly why I'm bringing it alot here. But I agree with you, it is annoying. I'm not right at fighting sexism with the same arguments as the opposite side do. About the job. I said it that I agree with director's decision, I disagree with my time being wasted and their possition been like "We want you to stay!" till the end of this story. About the PAX, I had no issues with them giving safe space to minority. I had an issue with policy "take away from majority and give to minority" rights are not physical, there's no sense in taking away something you can give to everyone. I want people to be aware, unlucky looks like only NA boards cares, unlucky I do not have access to them. Yeah! I also agree that degenerate is a rude word. But it has scientic meaning behind it, and that exactly how I wanted to use it. If someone claims to destroy people's social experience and overall communication between em - it is degenerative. Because communication is part of the core of all humanity. Dividing people and handicaping em is degenerative way of thinking. Here's a little story. I was studying as socialogist. I'm aware of how society works. I'm aware of it's structure and it's mechanisms. I know how political propaganda can affect and divide people. We've been doing researches and all that stuff. I was working on projects with one girl. And we were the best of our class. Not because of our genders or skin tone, but because we were good at our researches and points. She and I made a small equall group of 2 people, we've made it with our minds, not our genitals or skin, or look or w/e. God, we earned our respect in college as scientists, not as "white male and mysoginistic female". So, when I was in college, I believed, that people can be smart, can be equal, earn everything they ever wanted just by being good. That was stupid of me, because I was thinking that everything SJW do is for a good reason but bad performed. Now I know it's perfectly performed for it's goal to destroy society and get as much money as possible. I think I should have bring this one to the post. But w/e I guess. And when I'm out of college, I just feel I'm missing it, I'm missing educated people, I'm missing good arguments, I'm missing being heard and now I'm pushed into very very very small isolated minority. Why educated people did respect me, and I'm really hated in major society for "overcomplicating/overreacting/etcetcetc". I am not, I'm trying to be objective at my best and trying to think critical. I'm not sure though that I deserve any better. Not everyone can be helped and saved. And as I minority inside of minority (sorry for overdramatising again) I'll just eat all the hate and rip myself out of society. And that is okay. If your finger is not getting enough blood it will eventually die. And if you dont have enough blood your body cant give it to it. Cut it off to save the rest of your body. Not the best analogy, but I hope you got the point.
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I just suck at titling :) What points you disagree with or think are disagreeable? I just would like to know. My points were to show that not every white male is priveleged and abusive by nature. I'm not pushing anyone to agree with me, I just want people to think a bit. I cant understand why people downvoting me. But I can't do anything about it, they are free to do it. It is something you must be mentally prepared for when you post your thoughts on public. I'm just a bit sad, cuz I can't reach more people and have more impact on problem. But it's okay :)
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: ... I shall take everything back! :< ------------- https://media.tenor.com/images/71ae3fe37388e0d4ce1575090bf6cbdc/tenor.gif Have dis instead then. <.<
Nooo T_T Okay okay, I'm fine with cats and with those too!
: TL;DRC Though I guess that's... probably not a very good situation of life to be in, if I understood properly? But then, I'm not entirely sure whenever or not LoL Boards are a very good place for this sort of "discussion"
True. Your point is my point. I want game and boards be free of that type of discussions. I think companies must focus on game and work as a team. Not with "woman" or "man" mentallity, but with skills and professionalism at the first place. And it's hard to focus on game, when someone calls you for your gender. It works in all directions, both with women and men, young and old, etcetcetc.
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: Ignore this OP, just to all the others: Oi! Are we really that far to downvote threads simply by titel or being long? Else really needa work on that 'leave a comment why you downvoted' bit. v.v ----------- \*hugs* http://gif-finder.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Cute-Cat-Hug.gif Now where to start... Everyone seems to hit a point with League where they enjoy it less, I assume it simply has to do with having played too much of it. For me it was enough to just take a break to enjoy it again, but others might never want to come back. I hope you can find some other hobby you really like! And as a few words to escapism: all hobbies are to some extend, just take care that you don't neglect objectively important matters for it and it's fine. Then for the sexism part... as someone who (mostly by choice) managed to ignore most of it and not form an opinion on all of that I prolly can't talk much about it. Most I can say about that 'males banned scenarious is that I believe it's simply female-focused content marketed wrongly. (I can see a female focused group benefiting from no man being around though.) It seems to matter more to you than then people around you. Which some things always will, but it does create this awful conflict. I hope it's gonna be some temporary event and pass over soon. ^^ And for not feeling well in general... there are too many reasons for such to happen, but most of them can be solved in one way or another. Having a job you hype already makes it a lot better, as there is always at least something you can focus on! \o/ And ultimately, it'll all get better at some point. ;) ------------- Now that much for my rambling, I hope you have a nice
Arigatou :) I dont like cats though, but you made me feel warmer and better :3
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: How to mute myself? admins pls read
It's actually sad But I'm not sure that it is possible to play this game w/o chat. You're gonna quit faster than if it's gonna be permad.
: My favorite parts of the new terms of service
2nd must be fixed into (No, you cannot flame or harass or w/e, yet still you can troll and feed, dont forget to type "I'm having a bad game" and our systems will let you pass)


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