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: I do not agree with you. Of course it is irritating when you lose because someone rage quit or decided to intentionally feed, but this doesn't mean that the game does not reward you for your skill. Just, in team based games skill is something different than in solo games. In most of solo games your mechanical skill is the most important thing (or strategic knowledge, if we speak about things like Starcraft or any other strategy game), but in the team based game it is your skill to lead others the most important. If you don't have the skill to make others listen to you, you will need to depend on the luck, are you lucky enough to get good teammates or not. If you know how to make most of players listen to you, and know how to give orders (obviously, there will often be this one guy who thinks that he is a Faker stuck in bronze V), the number of games where luck plays an important role will get lower and lower to the level that it is insignificant. But, I would agree that some minor changes are needed to punishment system, but it is not based on a conception of skill or losing because one had a weak players. I would like the idea where if someone from your team get punished for intentional feeding, he would lose all the LP for a team, when rest of members would lose 0. But it should only be in the cases when someone intentionally ruins the game, not in the situation that someone goes 2/20/3 because he first time picked reworked Akali and feed like crazy (no matter how much we want punch him in the face through Internet {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} ).
let's not forget that people play this game for FUN (or challenge on ranked mode) and TIME is precious for everyone (even more for the ones that have few time to play) so wanna see the disappear of all the ragequitters and afk? let them at the end of the game take all of the lp loss of the team (probably 100 lp) then let's see if someone still wants to do that. its harsh yeah its fair to the other teammates that had to lose time and get angry because of the afk yeah and if they want to do that again they're gonna quickly go down on the ladder. its a win/win situation.
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: Yasou Bans
i ban yasuo for the fear of getting a bad one on my team that goes from 0/6 to 2/12
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