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: >SoloQ : duoq should be seperated or removed from soloq. duoq was here since they started ranked, why would they change it now >duoq gives a huge advantage to botlaners, because botlane have 2 ppl playing on it, but it does not mean that only botlaners queue up duo >Stealth Champions : Irrelevant in competitive with very small exceptions, but completely unhealthy for solo/duoq. well it have nothing to do with those champs, its you who dont want to/unable to learn how to play against them (and i dont even think i saw any of them in my ranked games) >and the new Akali have been a pain to be balanced by riot while destroying solo/duoq with coinflips, cheeses and low counterplay possibilities. i said it in a previous topic about her, i had no problem dealing with her on morgana, once i even killed her in smokebomb... she have counterplay you just gotta pick champs that can counter her and not the meta that doesnt >lvl 2 cheese ganks coinflips result in snowball or fall backs fueling toxicity and bm. one word: WARDS >random oneshots never in my life got oneshotted, even on champs with no defensive stats, unless the enemy was 4 lvls higher and 20/0... dont feed the enemy then you wont be oneshotted >impossibility to farm on sidelanes when these assassins are fed (others can be tracked easier) again, one word: WARDS >near to no counter play possibilites. be more specific, which champs you cant counter? just ask im pretty sure a lot of ppl on the boards can help you >Control wards dont work against all kind of stealth mechanics, they can easily be played around and are cluncky, expensive and take away item slots (hahahaha). they take up inventory if not used, while on the map they dont fill a slot... and they reveal the stealth champs, you can use skillshots on them >Red trinket doenst directly reveal, has a big cooldown, is not intended for countering stealth but mainly vision, has such a small area that you are melee range the moment u see the enemy. it was never intended to reveal enemy since the stealth update, you have the red ward to clear enemy vision >Teamfights are completly horrible when fighting against stealth champions, speaking of Shaco oneshotting Ap-Mages/Adcs in the chaos of teamfights, same goes for Rengar, and Twitch opening with R mowing down the whole team before you can react. (Twitch pressing f once supported by a Supporter with at least a small brain is enough to shut down counterplays) if the enemy have a support why dont YOU have one? tell your assassin to kill twitch first then the rest of your team can deal with them... or they are supposed to >Minion Aggro/Behaviour : I have nearly no words for this. The way minions randomly ( I know there is a list of how minions behave containing like 6 different priorities when to do what) run around your own wave to first attack a cannon minion once, then run behind casters to hit them in their back while switching aggro randomly again. Small indie company I guess. i dont remember seeing my minions do funny shit like that, but they are nothing but gold for my team or pushing lanes when my idiot team runs around in unwarded jungle chasing kills >Itemization : defensive item options for adcs are laughable. not buying defensive items does not mean the options are laughable... plus you should have a support with you and thats more defenses than any other laner can get >Snowball : I think this problem is being adressed in the new pre season with the baron/turret/minion changes, but so many ramp champions fell out of meta which is just sad. Macro is often unneccessary, objectives irrelevant, coinflip is encouraged. macro is unneccessary? objectives irrelevant? coinflips? now i know why do you have so much trouble with stealth champs, red trinket and pink ward rofl >Riot : Scared to take risks, HUGE LIST OF BUGS on every champion, spaghetti code preventing many bugs from being able to be fixed, many GAMEBREAKING bugs on daily highlight videos which can cause whole games to be turned (can it be more frustrating?), inconsistency and much more. scared to take risks? did you see the odyssey event? or the 3 in 1 worlds event? or the new ranked season? huge buglists? really? name one game that does not have bugs... everyone is so obsessed with rdr2, did you see what bugs does it have? spaghetti code? where? name a few pls gamebreaking bugs? i didnt see any of that, and the one i know of is the win10 one, and that is prolly because of bad system setup and have nothing to do with riot itself (or just really low)
sorry akali wasn't ment to seperated from stealth champ, the "3." is a format-problem. talking to some of your points, if you say "wards" against my mentioned problem you possibly don't really know how the game works. I tried to explain it but again wards can be pathed around, you can enter stealth outside the vision circle, evelynn has perma stealth after 6, you can't ward the lane, every jungle entrance and objectives after a certain point, the game is tempo and doenst favor freezing really much, so your vision is stationary while the waves arent. Ontop of that there is Movementspeed or Teleport, where Rengar/Twitch get faster to position themselves, Shaco can jump walls. Its hard to impossible to track enemy jungler if your own team is below a certain knowledge-level (like everything below diamond 3), laneganks specially on bot where twitch/shaco pop up inside of you are really fun twitch opening up in teamfights has a major range advantage with piercing shots, idk if you have ever participated in some of these teamfights on a proper skill lvl. Whole defending team has to play near to perfect landing some kind of prediction cc while their team has to fk up. major meta changes im talking about take 1 year to be implemented, Buglist is huge and significated because its a higly competitive game, spaghetti code was widely talked about in the lol subreddit in 2015, the problem obviously hasn't changed since, but you can google it. It would probably take Riot a huge invenstment to recode their game with another engine or code. But they dont see the neccessarity yet i guess (ask their finance/infrastructure manager). the most common macro thing in peoples head is "group guys" or "lets do baron" while its far more complex. Almost all people dont pick for a comb, if they do, they dont really know how to play it. "splitpusher" and "wombo combo" do exist, still people dont know to do what at any time. So often games result in 1 guy getting fed off jungler or laner and taking over the game. Fighting for vision, or keeping teleport for a proper baron setup is too rare. After a certain fed level one team gets objectives on the fly while really focusing on kills until the game ends. Nice macro! also soloq/duoq is a gamble about which team has the more %%%%%%ed person, while both teams try to soothe their %%%%%%s with kind words
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