: How to improve at mid lane
nerf annie 4head hehe xd BigBrother hehe xd BigBrother tyler 1 its ur brother spyler
: Ask a Mid Laner
How can katarina be a good champion?It's my favourite but she isnt very strong atm
: Also, there is a tank-katarina build out there. Sunfire Mpene and whatnot. You are tanky enough and deal constant AoE damage, you don't die to burst so that you live through your resets. This build is a long way from a pentakill material but who knows. You are the one who is trying to make a perfectly balanced assassin stronger.
That build really isn't that good.After the sunfire cape nerfs its even worse.You rarely build it now
: Nope. She is balanced. Why would you play a balanced champion when you can play Zed.
Are you being sarcastic? Honestly cant notice sorry
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: What do you think about Katarina?
She is way too weak this season.She is decent in a good katarina player's hands but she really is weak.I have been maining her for 4 years and this is the worst i have seen her for a while.
행운을 (EUW)
: Riot should focus on banning Trolls/Feeders/Boosters just as much as they ban Toxic players
Been waiting for a post like this for so long.If somebody gets upset and flames a troll the flamer should not be banned..Its easy to get upset from a person who intentionally feeds your game.
: Zed ult
Zed kind of fell off but he is still a very strong champion.Feels like he has been like that the whole season.One thing i don't understand is why they made it so his ult cant be removed with qss.It just means that if he ults an adc its dead.And he is also one of these champions like fizz where as soon as he gets level 6 he can kill you in lane easily.
strut (EUNE)
: Fizz
His R needs a nerf and his E mechanic just breaks the game
Personater (EUNE)
: How is the new Guinsoo's on Shen, best builds on him?
Sunfire>Spirit visage.Don't listen to the people who say warmogs its not that good at all.Always better items to build.Literally GA is better to get lol
: Deathfire Touch is fucking Garbage?
I actually dont find it that bad.It gives you the early game poke and then if u win early u get ahead and u dont even need deathfire touch.
: Fizz nerfs.
needs a nerf on his ulti damage tbh being able to towerdive a squishy champion as soon as you are level 6 seems a bit off
: Nerf Annie
its a 450 champ
ThePikol (EUNE)
: how do you guys climb?
I pick a week where i will tryhard my ass off to get to a new tier.And mainly play one champion that is in the meta.
tolisk99 (EUNE)
: Playing against premades while I'm playing Solo
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: This is the meta that favors noobs. Play tank to win. End of story.
: Ok , what is more "Broken" to you? Items that make champs tanky or champs that do a butt-tone of damage even tho they arent building any offencive items?
The fact that any champion with good base damage which is most of them can go sunfire into iceborn and win.Its freelo also makes them tanky as hell
: Wait...we're seriously working with Tyler1's opinion now? Seriously? We're intently listening to meta commentary from a guy who: has an int list of people he will troll if he gets them in game Intentionaly trolls if his one trick Draven is banned or picked Flames like no one else HAS BEEN PERMA BANNED 7 TIMES
He is right about the meta tho and it is not only him who has said things about the meta.Just that is the recent video.Check dyruses video.
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=IcyzoR,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=U8LX6hEy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-17T13:27:15.100+0000) > > Tank meta???Ahahah..Try ap fizz, one shot everyone 5v1 even tanks.It's assassin meta not tank meta. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Play any high base dmg champion with {{item:3068}} {{item:3025}} enjoy freelo No really riot has problems balancing tanks and those who want to be tanks ever since i started playing league (3 years?))no hopes on getting that solved any time soon .#increasetankitemprice
: Tyler 1 ranting about the current meta He is right..
Its not about the champion its the fact that you can build it on every single champion and destroy everything.Challenger rivens go sunfire into iceborn and win.
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Wards Bot (EUW)
: Katarina's kit is just unhealthy. She's useless when behind and non-interactive when ahead. All champions that are able to unload all of their damage at once have always been toxic. There's no simple change that's going to balance her, she needs a complete rework to become a healthy champion.
A Plebian (EUW)
: I agree with Chitenshi, make her E a reset, and let a kill/assist take 10 seconds off of her cooldown for her ult, but don't auto-reset it all. I have lost quite a few matches actually because we had a good comp, but lacked immediate/instant blinks + cc, so whenever we'd fight, we'd basically win it, then katarina would still show up, quadra kill us, and that'd be all she'd do (not even by far most damage at the end of the match, but still the deciding factor). It feels really broken. Imo, she is a mana-less, low cooldown assassin that's highly mobile with incredible burst potential. Against anything below plat/diamond I'd say she has the chance to completely wreck faces and just make the enemy cry. I don't think she's weak at all. Not like ap assassin akali is weak in comparison to her...
That's what katarina is about being able to kill an entire enemy team within seconds.And if its a good katarina she will wait for people to use their cc and then go in and pentakill them.That has become so hard to do and she overall isnt a very viable pick anymore.She is literally countered by almost every champion.Thats why i want her to be reworked.Dont make her too strong or too weak balance her but with the current kit that she has that is almost impossible to do.
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