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: LoL matchmaking is apparently one of the best in the world, I don't know what you could possibly be talking about.
If you think that i deserved that -20 lp, i just want to tell u that i could have happened to u. I'm not blaming the matchmaking system, but no1 does anything bout the trolls. But i guess we all remember that 'support Teemo' dude who got ban actually for playing and having a full afk team who were flaming him, aint we? rito cares only dia+ games, and 0 'stuns' are given for that gold elo in which im apparently hardstuck. I mean I'm doing everything possible to win and yet i lose with 4 apes in my team. Actually that's the reason u 'higher elo guys' keep calling me 'hardstuck' Once again, rito should start punishing trolls, cuz they know no1 cares bout that elo and they can do whatever they want. And lets dont talk bout that 'adc heimer' dude who kept telling me i'm a useless fwck even though i carried bot solo.
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