GilxeN (EUW)
: I am not toxic at all. But wrote two responsive chats: "Please be quiet, because u are the only one trash here", "Close your mouth, you doing nothing". Bam 5 games chat restriction, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
"because u are the only one trash here" There you have the Reason for your Chat Restriction.
: Just got banned.
Just send Riot a Ticket so they investigate. I mean you'd have no reason to lie here so I believe you.
: Refusing to communicate report?
Why would I want to communicate with someone that is just Toxic. Instead I can just mute everyone around me and play my Game Chill and just listen to Pings and Music. :)
Drda (EUNE)
: Make it inpossible to ban a called team champion
Smart Idea. So if Riot releases a new Champion that is uber Broken and the Enemies get first Pick so we wanna ban him. But oh look one of our Teammates actually prepicked him by Accident and is now AFK for a while so we can't ban him and the Enemy happily picks that Champion. I hope you can understand what im saying here.
: Wrongfully Banned, how long to recieve a response to my Ticket
I mean from what I saw, you pretty much fought that Person back, which is already somewhat offensive. There is a Reason why you can turn off the Chat or Mute other Players. I don't understand why people never use that. When I got my Ban removed Riot told me that fighting Fire with Fire will only ruin the Experience for everyone else which I agree on. So simply stop giving that Guy Attention and just mute him. By fighting back you are only spreading unncessary Negativity and I experience that everyday. I got 2 of my Teammates arguing over a mistake that happened in a fight and trust me its hella annoying to me even though I am not part of the Discussion, because it affects my Gameplay also. So just STOP typing, Mute the Person and play your Game. Chances you'll get to see that Guy again are super low anyways so its pointless to argue. Riot knows that their Community has a terrible Reputation and they simply don't want that which is understandable. The Chat was made to communicate and make Calls and not for arguing, fighting or insulting each other. I've neither been Toxic for 8 Years now and spent alot of Money in my Account, but still Rules are Rules and Riot doesn't care about how long you've played or how long you haven't been Toxic, if you commit a Crime it will remain in your Register no matter what you do.
Awsane (EUW)
: Is Duo Q Boosting against TOS and or will get you banned? (If detected)
Doesn't it fall under the Section of "MMR Manipulation"? Because that is against the TOS.
Dreugan (EUW)
: How not to use /all chat
I just saw the title and my answer is. Press Escape > Interface > Chat > Uncheck "Show [Allied] Chat", "Show [All] Chat (Matched Games)". Problem Solved. Noone can annoy you, because you can't see the Chat and you can't flame either ;)
Hecky (EUNE)
: ID Ban
Its like giving someone that commited a Crime Money instead of locking him up. It will simply escalate more, because im sure that People like that will just troll if they don't get to flame. So in my Opinion its better to keep them banned, so they actually think about what they did. Doesn't matter if they create a new Account. All the Money, Effort and everything else is gone. Should have read the Rules and turned off chat from the beginning.
Zedant (EUW)
: me: ##WHAT##
Yeah before the Rework, Azirs Soldier Range was close to Xerath's Q Range. But they changed it and made him more Melee oriented, which in my Opinion is just bad. It was super simple before. Super weak Early Game, once he got 3 to 4 Items Autowin Late Game. Now its just a Gamble. Also you have to hope that the enemies will not focus you in Teamfights, because its way too easy to pick him off since his Range is so short. I just hope Riot will one Day revert some of the Changes at least. Maybe take away the Attack Speed Spike and give him back a little more Range. They already tried that. I don't remember in what Patch tho. They increased his Soldier Range but didn't decrease the Attack Speed and reverted it back.
NaitoEZ (EUW)
: Fall of Shurima: Azir
I totally feel you Man. I am also an Azir Main and im still trying to play him, but at the moment its just impossible for me. There were Times where I was able to pull of crazy Plays and also carry Games if I got ahead by any Chance. I think its just the Meta that is a Problem only focusing on Champions that deal insane Amounts of Damage. Also with the Items and Runes at the Moment. But I believe in Season 10 we will get to play Azir again, since alot of things Changes, especially Runes, Lethality and Items overall. I believe in the upcoming Patches we will get to see more and more Champions that Azir can deal easier with.
MrFaker (EUW)
: Eunoia eSports - LOOKING FOR PEOPLE
Name: ApîreX Age: 17 (18 in 4 months) Elo: Diamond 5 (Last Season Platinum 3) Lane: Mid Competitive/Academy: Competitive Reason to join: I want to find a team to improve together and getting a better understanding at the game Country: Austria Champs: Azir, Zed, Aurelion Sol, Kha'Zix, Gangplank Other lanes you play: Top/Jungle Team Elo pref: Diamond/Platinum

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