AstralDream (EUNE)
: What happened with annoucer and how to get old one back?
Can you change to Gangplank announcer voice? Was actually very nice
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Eveninn (EUW)
: What's your main?
Sorry to dissapoint you but I my mains are my dear cupcake {{champion:51}} and my cowplow {{champion:254}}
InTheory (EUW)
: I don't think CLG will have a hard time, I think it's only hard for them to be 1st Place in that group - 2nd place is nearly sure for them. Group B is most interesting to me, because flash wolves showed super performances last year and I don't know how they played throughout the last season. SKT and C9 are super strong for sure. For me it is pretty safe that there is no EU team going to survive the group stage - not after G2's MSI performing.
Dont forget Rox Tigers, they were very strong in lck summer.
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Someone16 (EUW)
: What some people struggle to understand is that leaverbuster is not only there for ragequitters, it is also for people like you with connectivity issues. Whether it's something you had control over or not, the fact is you left your teammates to play 4 v 5 which most likely made them lose a match. Fix your internet before going into rankeds. Leaverbuster is much less strict in normal games. A 30 second disconnect is not going to tag you as leaving. You have to be gone, for atleast 5 whole minutes until leaverbuster tags you as a leaver.
But getting a leaverbuster 5x20 minutes for something you had ABSOLUTELY NO control over should NOT be punishable.
: Absolute trash known as the Leaverbuster System
I made a thread requesting change for the Leaverbuster system, but it did not get much attention :(
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Infernape (EUW)
: Yasuo essentially gets a free auto attack when he shouldn't. And because of his build path (critical strike items), he's likely to crit on that free auto, meaning he gets to deal quite a bit of extra damage. I'm surprised Riot haven't disabled him while they try and fix it.
Then the q skill tornado knock up duration should be shorter in this case, i think.
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Dlnzu (EUNE)
: Support Amumu with ghost and exhaust, 0/12/9. No Sightstone. Platinum elo. Sona and Leona bottom lane, neither of them having Sightstone, Leona has Trinity Force and Botrk. 4/13/5. Platinum elo. Obviously they lost. They didnt "try off meta", they were trolling. You cant climb if you fck around... but if you are actually good at the game you can carry yourself from Bronze with any champion. And holy shit, true Bronze players... are really really really... BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD
I was playing normal blind pick, was forced into jungle, but i reacted too late and went akali jungle with our glasscannon botlane braum and leona. P.S We actually won that game.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I also noticed that if i put my hand in water it gets wet, weird isnt it? On a more serious note, people overall tend to not know what's exactly meta or viable. Often enough they don't bother to read the patchnotes and still go with a nerfed champion of build. Some meta-breaking can be plain stupid too, sugar coat it any way you want, but going with the meta is the most sure way to climb, because it's tested and known. Also some people can easily missunderstand what works, they get one lucky game and they suddenly consider it working. You can get reported for anything, but whatever you get banned or not depends on whatever you flamed or not. Take a break as in don't play another game right after it, overall long periods of not playing time only dulls your skills nad gets you behind others. Ranked is about trying-harding and puting your skills to the test
Well, i just alter my builds a bit, I know that ap olaf DOES NOT work because its simply gold wasted and he has 0 abilites that scale off ap, but if im having trouble hitting my q's with olaf, i buy frozen mallet even though olaf has inbuilt slow with his q skillshot.
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Nathiar (EUW)
: Hey man i see your looking for people to play with well look no further I'm from a multi gaming community known as Ethereal Gaming we have loads of players for most game types all friendly like minded gamers looking to have fun and a laugh whilst playing we use TS3 to communicate so if this sounds of any interest to you feel free to drop in a application anytime at All are welcome :) Look forward to hearing from you Nathiar
Teamspeak?application? Sorry, but 1) I am not looking to join a gaming community, but 2(-3) people to chill with 2)Using Discord and Skype is way more convienient than teamspeak
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you actually know how to abuse the system, feel free to share it openly. If there's a problem with the current system, Riot would be interested in knowing. I can forward things as well.
This may sound silly,but ive seen some people clear 1 minion wave or just few minions, then recall,wait few minutes and kill some jungle creep or some minions and back. These people are usually behind some levels from others, which system wont detect because they might have been killed over and over, but here is the funny thing: their kda is almost non-existant, which isnt that bad for the team, but they have almost no kills, no deaths and almost no assists OR they just run every few minutes to get executed or get killed by enemies. EDIT: I know this doesnt feel like AFK because an afk doesnt jack shit, but I have seen people do it and recently had a teammate who used similar tactic. Also in bronze this works very well because you dont expect people to have alot of farm thus making it easier to be that kind of an afker. On a sidenote, I witnessed an enemy teemo few weeks ago going stealth in the middle of a lane and just leeching xp from minions killing each other,but I dont know if this is even counted as afking or not.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: How so?
Well, if I tell you here in boards, more and more people will start to abuse the system, but if you really want to know,then Ill have to figure out a way to tell you that in private somehow since we are not in the same server.
: Low Priority Queue is too harsh
This leaverbuster is old and needs some serious rework because it is way easy to afk without the system noticing it.
: Tips & Tricks and general advice
In bronze to high plat, play 4 champions who are your comfort picks, 2 for each role, one alternative pick if your main is banned.
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Luru (EUW)
: Offensive Summoner Names
I was playing against a reksai whose name was "Powered By Your Mom" few weeks ago,l and the sad thing was that I had to witness "Powered By Your Mom is legendary" sentence over and over...
Vaun (EUNE)
: Jax Rework
But does it mean that he will get a real weapon this time?
: Do you think someone else than KR will ever win worlds ?
Tsm and Immortals have been doing great atleast in na lcs so they could make something happen there.
: Jhin: "I will make you...BEAUTIFUL" Me: " You say im ugly fam?" *Jhin main* lol when i saw his champion spotlight i knew he just fits my playstyle,i bought him when his price dropped to 6300 and since then i have 80k points on him!
Glad to see another person enjoying this Jhin-tastic champion.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DeMorphite,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FeOuAZsf,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-06T21:22:57.893+0000) > >3) Both me and Jhin are perfectionists since I have always wanted to kill enemies in the most perfect way. > > 6) Unlike Jhin, I am not a psychopath Well....
Well I have to say that I have been trying to improve my farm lately, but people in bronze sure like to group in mid and have a mexican standout and I have to give up farming to either be in mid myself or come half way from botlane (unless im playing jhin mid) or my teammates feel very demoralized and for some odd reason keep having these early teamfights and thats why I've obtained lately this kill enemies perfectly mentality since Im not allowed to farm for items and instead have to farm kills.
Bosnis (EUNE)
: I think Nidalee's Javelin Toss one shooting low enemy champion under turret in fog of war is more satisfying. xD
Same goes for blitz hooking a low health squishy from fog of war xD
: Don't forget the drink Jhin Tonic before playing him
Never heard of it, whats that :O
: Lol, his concept is broken. He is a marksman with 4! abilities scaling from ad, and high scalings at that, with ridiculous range (2500 on w, 3000 on ult). Add in now his passive which gives him additional ad from crits and attackspeed and you see a marksman, who should mainly get his dmg from autos, get a freakin ultra high range spellweaving marksman caster assassin. Lets not even talk about his slow on e, his 2 second root on w, the bouncing q dealing 35% more dmg on each bounce, movespeed from crits, flowerdmg from a dead body after a kill, his guaranteed crit and %-missing health dmg on his 4th auto, w and ult can pass through minions, the 80% slow on ult projectiles, %-missing health dmg on ult, and his critdmg scaling on the last ult projectile. I mean, who hasn't experienced the gasmworthy feeling of getting 100-0'ed as support from his ult from fog of war. The only things that keep him down is that he doesn't have a dash or a blink and that reloading mechanic. A champion that is the embodiment of this games powercreep over the last 6 years (compare to ashe, trist, sivir, etc at game release)
Until you realise that Jhin is like a sitting duck when he ults making a very juicy target for rengar, khazix, nocturne and few more who I'd rather not name because then I might see them more in my games making me question if I should play Jhin because it is a blessing to get a coordinated team in lower elo.
: unfortunatly he will recieve some nerfs in patch 6.17 or 6.18 along with ashe..
Guess they will nerf the damage or the 4th auto or ult but I feel that Jhin is so easily counterable
Mıgüel (EUW)
: Yasuo Tips
You can use e on jungle camps to make clean escapes only if you have vision on the camp and you are in the correct position and using flash+e+3rd q is almost guaranteed knockup.
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: Item ban? Are you serious? So ban {{item:1036}} and make Pantheon, Zed, Talon and almost every bruiser useless? Ban {{item:3157}} and have a field day on assassins? Ban {{item:3139}} and have fun with Malzahar? Ban {{item:3027}} and bye scaling mages? Ban {{item:3078}} and make Jax, Irelia, Hecarim and tons of other champs useless? Is there any food people eat that makes them suggest something like this? Like some mushrooms?
This is just an idea, maybe I did not think it through, but there can always be changes like you cannot ban items such as jungler items and boots or you can ban for example a long sword, you cant buy it, but you can buy items built from it maybe.
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Can anyone recommend me some spicy ideas for my low platinum smurf?
If you manage to powerfarm and stay ingame for about 35 minutes plus, full tank veigar is no joke. Although you should build ap item or two (including rabadon deathcap), you can still oneshot squishies and all those rengars and khazixes and other assasins will be crying hard
: Support Yasuo
> [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=YktTa3Hw,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-19T13:42:41.114+0000) > > Now i really enjoy playing champs as supports who dont belong there. > Stop judging me. > > And after choosing yasup i was surprised how easy it is to get an A with him. > I mean seriously how bad must other Support Yasuos be on average to make me get an A- with this: > > > And yeah my ADC went 0/8/0 and 71 CS. > But no i did not take a single piece of farm from her. I played yasuo support once, got first blood against yasuo jungle, went legendary and had 20/8 kda and got s for that and all that happened in blind pick {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: LoL Client randomly shuts down.
Has also happened to me quite few times and its frustrating when you just went to ranked champion select.
: anything else?
Frozen heart, randuin omen and hard CC su h as stun, surpress and maybe silence
DeoFac (EUW)
: i hate current league.....
> [{quoted}](name=DeoFac,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PhTelO6N,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-15T22:57:12.147+0000) > > 1. its not balanced.....champions like swain or vlad or pretty much every fuckin tank/bruiser is just beyong being broken.... > > 2. dynamic que.... hey i just fought a 2+2+1 vs. 4+1 matchup......guess who won....this ranked system is so fuckin bad,....its reidiclous...... GIVE US SOLO-Q BACK YOU TRASH COMPANY !!!! > > 3. the community is 100% ebola+aids mixed together..... they are playing like idiot, an they blame always someone else for their mistakes. the blamed guy will flame because of the blame,.....the flaming guy will get punished/banned, and the blaming dude will stay and keep up his "not-toxic" style of plays. > > 4. League is gaining players,....but at the same time they are losing "the old player" because of the stupid changes to get the "new players"... > > 5. Riot just gives a fuck about the community......we want a replay-system since season2....we didnt get one (not a 3rd program), we wanted solo-q, we got dynamic-q ......we still want solo-q, they removed solo-q for ever. > > fuck you Riot.... Umm, when you say 100% of this community, then youre also 100% ebola+aids because 100% of community means everyone, but not 100% of this community is toxic or ill-mannered, which makes your argument invalid. Also there are some other flaws, but I wont mention them so I wouldnt get into pointless debates.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Improving isn't tied to your LP or Division ranking at all. You can always start up a game and work on your play. ;)
Also realised that and got myself a great mentor :) If I keep on tryharding to win games, I focus on pushing and taking objectives, which is part of improvement,but there is alot more than that and I know that my csing is horrible even for a bronzie.
GrisEric (EUW)
: How do i get S+
Queue as premade, you fill support role and then have your duoq mate go to the role you want to be in the first place, then you pick your desired champion and your duoq partner picks a support and then you go to your lane and yourbpal goes support. The way this system works is that it compares your champion in that role you chose to those who also played that champion on the same role. The more people know about this, the more difficult it will become to get an S rank.
: Leaverbuster is in need of rework or something
Or how about this: if someone gets leaverbuster, they would have to play certain amount of bot games, for example you afk one ranked game,you would have to play 20 bot games only, but this doesnt sound a very good example either.
: Hes simply way too strong in higher Elo.... An Azir with a Nashors and Magic Pen Boots taking 1/2 of my HP with 2 soldier aas? Nope, that doesnt seem fair to me...
Bjergsen builds now (and ive found it better aswell) attack speed boots for the extra attack speed and voidstaff/abyssal scepter as the game develops further, but I agree that laning against azir can be quite a pain, but imo the worst feeling is getting killed by veigar simply because your reflexes were not fast enough to dodge the event horizon stun.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Because even if they are hard, this is no excuse to let them outperform other champions once played well. In most matchups of a random well played Champion and a well played Azir, Azir simply seemed to outclass. Him being harder to Play overall is Little excuse as to why he'd beat someone else who plays just as well. (at least some patches ago it was like this, haven't seen him much since the last nerf)
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pof1skki,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-07-13T07:01:56.780+0000) > > Because even if they are hard, this is no excuse to let them outperform other champions once played well. > > In most matchups of a random well played Champion and a well played Azir, Azir simply seemed to outclass. Him being harder to Play overall is Little excuse as to why he'd beat someone else who plays just as well. > (at least some patches ago it was like this, haven't seen him much since the last nerf) Doesnt change the fact that a well played zed and lb dont give damn about azir and can straigt 1v1 him unless the Azir is Bjergzen, Easyhoon or some other pro lcs player
I just recently wanted to become a good azir player and start playing him alot, played few games with him and sucked, but now I feel discouraged to even think about becoming a good azir player because Riot keeps guttering azir, but it still isnt enough. I wish Riot could finally set things right with him and build lear strengths and weaknesses.
: Leaverbuster is in need of rework or something
But on a more serious note are there any different ideas to rework the leaverbuster?
: You could have just used someones power going out instead of a semi medical emergency XD
Power outage is also something that could happen
: >apples, potatoes I understand what you mean but your examples are so weird.
I know, but I suck at bringing good examples
: >like you throw up because you ate too much or something undigestable Why are you eating indigestible things????
I was bringing an example and by indigestible things I meant food products you try out you havent eaten before but your stomach doesnt take it well such as chilli, apples, potatoes etc.
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