: I will never know, that's the part that does piss me off. This teemo, fed, and were stealing my blue and everytime he could he would steal in my face my creeps unless i had smite on or i was lucky to last hit the creep. Yasuo then just flaming and trolling as well, obviously we lost the game with those two. Sometimes i really hate this community and this ban system, so unfair. And please, save yourselves, fanbois, the part were 'you shouldn't flame, and be nice, or just calm down'. Hard to do so with people that are intentionally ruining your game and trying to blame it on you. Most people doesn't even have a clue or what they're doing during those games and blame it all on the Jungle.
do what i do if you get player like that .. go pass the game by trolling with him ... you will not get tilted that much at the end .. and you can try your luck in the next game .. .just not worth trying in games like that . if he go with you go with him ... if he take your camp go sell all your items and go supp him . 1 game they can't ban you for that .. troll the troll that what i do with out talkiung
: First time ever since S2 that i get banned in this account... 2 weeks ban?
ya riot will not ban trolls but will ban you for flame ... there logic
: Really Rito? (Bounty System)
this is not the first or last thing they are sucking at the mmr too .
Rioter Comments
Lari (EUNE)
: Why does this guys have bounty on him?
that why if you have 2 supp in your team you will get more gold from the enemy ... riot is not removing this but nerfing the supp jungle players XDD thinking they will stop it's win win for the supp jungle mata till now ... the supp don't need gold at all ... XD why they nerfed the supp roming i don't know XD
Marcua (EUW)
: Again, the grammar makes this hard to read, so I am not sure I got your point exactly, but to my understanding, it seems like you have made a good decision of leaving the game. This "rant" or whatever you would call this preach here, it seems like you really hate LoL and Riot. At last, I would suggest you also stopped posting on boards. I do not know what you wanted to gain from posting this really, you do not leave any room for constructive discussion, but more like. "THIS IS HOW IT IS, BECAUSE I SAY SO! BUSH DID 9/11 TRUMP IS AN ALIEN"
you are trying to talk in a way that no one undersand you ... i see i told you i stoped playing for 13 days but i did not tell you that i quit the game . and if i hate somthing why will i use my time for it ... my ego well not allow me to do so
Marcua (EUW)
: This seemed like one big rant, with no real purpose. A lot of what you are saying does not make any sense due to poor grammar, and your ego seems to be through the roof "...till some pro player started playing it in lcs and he did it wrong." I am sry to say this, but I do not believe you are more knowledgeable about meta and how to play certain champions than pro players. Secondly, a lot of the changes you suggest is simply not big problems. It seems like you are one of those players who think that just because you do not know how to play against it, or it counters your main champion, it is broken and should be changed. I suggest you stop playing LoL. If you think it is that shit, then don't play it. Have a great day :)
and no i am not some of those players who love there main ... i quit zyra when she was my main for 3 years then i was main eve ... and quit her after 6 months and i don't have a main at all cuz i stoped playing since 13 days and 12 hr just edited this so you know i don't have anything to lie .. and no there is no problems for the changes i am talking abut it's 100% with out risk and ya i have big ego . that what made me from plat 5 to d 4 in S8 in and lost my promo to d3 cuz i did not use my ego there . and then stoped playing after not useing my ego and lost to plat 4 . who told you ego is a bad thing . if you play with a team ego is bad ... but if you play solo it's too good . it's without risk lossing your shotdown ... there is alot of games in d 5 where i was 12/0/13 as eve before i quit playing her . riot is lassy as %%%% .. they are not doing anthing to tank karma cuz not so many players playing it (they told us that with there mouth in 2017 if i remamber right ) if a champ is op but not many players playing it that mean there is no need to think abut it . here is a good song for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOxzG3jjFkY
: You watch too much x-files mate. chill....
i dont know what this x-files you talk abut ... you will see and the day will come and see what am saying is the truth
Rioter Comments
: I'm slowly starting to get more depressed as I play the game.
buy qss kid that how you %%%%er eve and don't go solo ... and tell me how can you conter rangar ... if you don't have zonia ... you can't a fed rangar is worst than a fed eve ... there is somthing called learn the game before talking .. eve is easy to play aginst but you need to have brain for it ... that all what i wanna say i played +600 game in s8 and i never saw tank karma .. never .. adc is infantry at the army ... tanks are tanks in the army ... can ak 47 kill a tank .. tell me this is the logic if you don't have rpg you can't
Shädäm (EUNE)
: From what I see, its more like buffed, and adjusted. You know how jungle items define the jungle role? Is that slavery? Having to buy jungle items or bring Smite to jungle to be able to level up? Like, as the other commenter said, Its actually a buff if you are a real support main, because you probably know how to abuse the gold proc passive well - which is buffed - and you probably also always stay near a teammate while laning, or in lategame etc...
jungler take all the waves sometimes ... and most of them ... thinking it's funy XD
: I'm a support main and I love the idea of being a slave not sure what the issue is here :3 {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
not the kind of slave you are thinking of .. sadly ;p i will main supp once more if i am going to be that kinda of slave XD
in10city (EUNE)
: Well as 9years of supporting AD i can say that i've never left my ad to die. I pref to put my self in front of ad just to survive early game as support you are bridge from early to mid game for your ad. Also i wanted to tell you that you need to stick with your ad recall timer should be the same witch means when he recall after shoveing you need to recall tho. In case that your ad dies you shouldnt stay to long on lane you would prolly get dived or something like that. I mean you should roam or recall w/e you chose its good option in that scenario. The more profit you gain if you stan in front of your ad and makes him usefull.
that why you are gold ... do you understand how hard to win as a supp now ... you can't get that dream games where you win your lan every time ..
in10city (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sexy And Dirty ,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=9EXIZl8c,comment-id=000100000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-02-14T14:49:46.287+0000) > > buff where do you see that.. XD lol ... i main supp for 3 years ... and was a d 4 before the remove of d 5 ... do you even know what that mean XDDDDD It is actually buff, since you can stack faster support item slowing down laneing phase you can get wards very fast i think i can now stack support item in 6-7min, before this buff i was able to stack it 8-10min of game. Also gold contributions is buffed witch means you will have more gold per 1 stack overall its small buff, and they wanted to stop abuse korean toplaner poke tactic
no it's not a buff .... you will understand when you start lossing games ... you will see . if you %%%%ed up 1 recall your domed if you go to gank mid .. you are domed .. when you go to deep warding and someone find you and you lost some of your hp you are doomed ... are you better than the pro players ... lol .. they made the supp get shit on if the adc is bad ..and they are bad all the time ... 1 to 2 games in 10 games you will get 1 adc who don't think he is a god . you don't understand do you . what if you got ganked 1 time and die ... you are %%%%ed do you know that ... you think if you like to carry as a supp this will work anymore ... no it won't .. if your adc suck you suck now .. do you understand
in10city (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sexy And Dirty ,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=9EXIZl8c,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-14T14:24:58.936+0000) > > Spellthief’s item line – hotfixed > > Unique passive – Tribute: > Now requires an allied champion within 1500 units range of the player in order to earn the gold. Procs are still consumed regardless of this. > Gold per proc increased from 10/20 to 11/22. > > Ancient Coin Item Line – hotfixed > > Unique passive – Favor: > Now requires an allied champion within 1500 units of the player for gold coins to drop. Otherwise, exclusively mana coins will drop. > Gold per coin increased to 28/50 from 25/45. For real supports main this is actually buff :) TBH
buff where do you see that.. XD lol ... i main supp for 3 years ... and was a d 4 before the remove of d 5 ... do you even know what that mean XDDDDD tell me how can you see it as a buff .. the 1 gold they give you ... and loss 100 for it .. XD .. dear god ... dear lord . all see it as a nerf ... all the pros too see it as a %%%%ing op nerf
: If nobody is near you, you should last hit that minion instead of letting him die for no reason...
then what ... you will get a debuff that will not lat you get gold from your items ... you are not helping ...
: I don't have access to pbe. Where can I see it?
Spellthief’s item line – hotfixed Unique passive – Tribute: Now requires an allied champion within 1500 units range of the player in order to earn the gold. Procs are still consumed regardless of this. Gold per proc increased from 10/20 to 11/22. Ancient Coin Item Line – hotfixed Unique passive – Favor: Now requires an allied champion within 1500 units of the player for gold coins to drop. Otherwise, exclusively mana coins will drop. Gold per coin increased to 28/50 from 25/45.
: What's happened to supports?
look at the nerf on supp items in the new patch " pbe "
Mada (EUW)
: I didn't feel any difference from this change. I use the gold effect when someone is near. When nobody is near, I either tank the minions or farm.
not every one play only tank supp like you ... there is {{item:3301}} {{item:3303}} you know ... and if minins die near you and no one is near you even if 100 minen die you will not get 1 gold ... and by they way the gold income pasive will not work too i think ... so don't tell me that will not effect you ... lol man ... i don't like to start flaming pls
Rioter Comments
: Make Teamplay more important!
now you can't carry solo ... 2 if you don't play duo you will never get good win .. only lucky win ... 3 the game already punish you if 1 of your team playing bad and you don't have a duo or plans a b c d e f g for noobs feeders inting and bot lossing cuz all the time bot will loss if they don't have the balls or have too much balls ... 50/50
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: As support main, I was like "Why it takes to much time to complete this quest for wards"....
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
what ever you like .. find me something wrong in the law of god then come
: Does dying 5 times in the first 10 minutes count as inting?
i don't know man ... i like to have inting players in my team and not trolls ... but that is the same tho trolling and feeding ... but trolling you can't move pass it ... but feeding you can stop it before it start .. that if you are the jungler .. not the feeding part where they run it down mid ... that is mega trolling . i had a game where my top did not like to play cuz i did not camp top " hashinshen fan boy i think " and camped bot and mid and won the 2 lans ..and he flamed me sooo hard i did not talk at all to him ... he was crying baby ... 2 times got ganked and started crying ... when i ganked our bot 5 times you see 5<2 that is his logic
: HOW TO PLAY NOCTURNE | Build & Runes | Diamond Commentary | Haunting Noc...
go to your jungle .... farm till 6 ... then ... RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR that all what that champ is
: I don't even think they're allowed to because we got all kinds of privacy laws here, unlike China and Korea.
i don't care abut laws ... laws never defend me ... they just take $$$$$ out of your bag and sit it in there mouth that what law is . even if you think you have privacy .. you don't ... look at facebook ... and riot can see what you are browsing tho ... you know abut that right ... this is the law ... we are in 2018 where the world is falling apart ... do you know that the us is the most hated country in the world ... if you go to politic and peace ... don't talk abut law ...pls . there is only one law will never be broken ... the law of god ... that is no one can go pass it . but no one use it cuz they can't go pass it .
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: About under 18 players...
i am 25 but ... the min riot ask for my real info .. i will quit the game
: Riot locked me out of my own account due to "suspicious activity"
there was a time where i forgot my email i sent to riot asking for to help me change my email ... they sent me like 20 questions to answer .. i did and they changed my email and i had that email for like 3 years ... i give them the info they needed tho ... so i don't know abut you ... and that took me +2 days .. and every time i ask the support they answer me in 1 day ... i don't know why you say that ... but i asked the support for many things and they give me my answers riot support is good ... just give them the right info and they help you .... easy ... i am not defending riot .... i never did .. but i can't see wrong and sit away looking .
: We are muteing a lot of time, but not at the start only at the first flame. I tried this copying but did not found one similar to my playstyle only ones whos is too different (I have a unique playstyle built on suprise bursts to scare enemys) Anyway, thanks for your advises! I did not asked my friends to try to copy someone. About the never open boards again part... Why? There are bad advises or something?
1 your playstyle is not unique 2 if you use boards it will drive you out of your goal
: A guy who wants to improve
i will tell you how .... never open boards again ... at first copy 1 pro player you like most .... not all of them... then find your play style ... mute all at the first sec in the game ..." that what made tfblade rank 1 muting all help you alot "
: Special needs?... what??
special ... you say ... what abut the event special things ... will that work for you they can make it more rewording so players fight for it not only just clime ... special skin special icon ... these things we have in events now ... did they not talk abut changes why they don't change this too .... give me 1 good gift to remember you and i will ever time i see it ... give me too many i might remember when you give it to me ... you see i have a blood moon thresh a gift from someone i remember it more than when i started playing this damn game and it's special cuz it's 1 good thing and he/she who gifted me that was not a friend to me ... some random player gifted me that cuz i carried hard ... i don't know if you understand this ... at all " three dots " :) ...
Pavle2001 (EUW)
: They are all casual players bud. All of them are living in their own little world of sunshine and rainbows (even irl). You can't argue with them, most of their arguments are based on speculations and even if you manage to back up your words with solid logic, facts and proof you are still in the wrong because they clearly don't know wtf they are talking about. **NOBODY CAN REMOVE TOXIC PLAYERS. ** Even tho Riot are trying their best to do it they CAN'T DO IT. Because surprise surprise people will find another way to show their frustration and nowadays the most common way is by intentionally throwing games by acting innocent. Don't even come here saying ''but you don't know what's their true intent'' because I do ''they are not intentionally throwing, they are just having a bad game/day'' because I can clearly make the difference or ''I don't see those people in my games but why do you ?'' because I am not a casual player, in ranked people are going to throw games and they are not your typical 20IQ player, they will throw games without making it completely obvious. And guess what ? You are the bad person for calling the one throwing a %%%%%%. Do it twice and kiss your account goodbye. Been playing for 7 years ? Doesn't matter buddy, you called these people %%%%%%s so you deserve to loose all the time , effort and money you've put into this account. You can't punish a player for saying ''naughty'' words and expect him to stay calm about it or think he did something wrong (depending on the context). We are humans and we make mistakes, we get annoyed, we get frustrated, we get excited, we get motivated etc. etc. . If you people think toxic players are something unnatural or something uncommon or that they grew up like this or whatever stupid reason you might have then you are probably living in a delusional world. The majority of people aren't 100% of the time positive, they are not always sportsmanlike , they are not always going to act politely towards people who provoke them in some way.
man ... why talk too much ... there iq is behind logic ... you can't discuss anything with them ... they are right and you are wrong that how they see it ... look at me i lift him to think what he like tho i can talk since to him but it will take days ... do you know the old woman that show on tv talk abut breathing and relax and shit like that ... they are like that ... they are blind ... they think "a deep breath can help remove tilt" ;p you understand what i am saying ... the day riot remove toxic players and flamers from the game is the day this game die ... cuz no fun will be left .. and the cuz is there logic of toxic humans is wrong there is no toxic and thing like that .... they culd save time and money telling and learning kids how life is and not use it on making shity mems ... just the way all the 90th kids where living ... you go to the street find friends find shit kids and learn abut life that if you talk shit to someone who is right you will get your ass %%%%ed not from that " someone " but from your father .. kids now sit behind a tablet or pc or a phone and talk shit ... and they think they are gods or something ..all the wrong is from there fathers and mothers .. a kid 12 old taking shit to 27 guy .. i remember when i was 15 and someone 17 i ask him to teach me new things ... even if he talk shit to me and showing it to me i understand i did something wrong and i accept it ... now if you tell your bot lan to back off 15 sec from farming ... cuz there jungler is coming or mid is going bot ... the spam ping you even in d 2 elo ... maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan %%%% this shit i am done talking ... it's endless
: I'm not looking at your profile, it just so happens that i keep finding your stupid comments everywhere. And i never said that getting 1k rp is worse. The reason riot give out victorious skins, is because they are special and show thta you have made it passed silver and into gold. So instead of commenting stupid stuff, you could use your brain.
special needs i see
Rioter Comments
: Riot seems oblivious to Supports.
wtf is this they are trying to make supp players slaves XDDD
: Better than nothing right?
1 i like how you keep looking at my profile .. 2 better than geting 1k rp you say ... what do you take rp or shity skins like that tell me
: And also.................... whats wrong with muting people?
nothing fortnight is the best game in 2059 ... just... leave ... this ... and ... move ... along ... ... ty . it's boring to talk more abut this .. if you don't understand me in the first place " three dots "
: And...why...do...you...put...triple...dots...everywhere...???
1 ... you don't understand me ... 2 ... cuz ... i ... can ... ... ...
11Urban (EUNE)
: Reclaiming my honor
you real .. like to get a shity skin and ward ... man if i can sell you my main acc honor lvl 5 s8 and got sivir graves oriana in it ... lol who care abut the shity victories skins they suck man they are ugly .. look at the splash art ... i got sivir skin but i don't play with it cuz it suck ... i don't even know what orian skin look like or graves .. i don't give a %%%% ... if they give me 1k rp at the end of the season that will be better than all the shit they give
: I never got glamed by a guy a killed lol. The only way they could flame you is if they add you as a friend. So I honestly don't know how you could get flamed on fortnite lol
that mean you are muting all ... as what i can see .... not adding friends ... not talking in game ... that mean you are muting all .. lol you just did your self .. :DDD
DerPunkt (EUW)
: I don't even get what you are talking about > you can't run forever from the things you do in your life... you have to face them it's the logic of life ... You will have to face the consequences of what you do. if your life was only bad deeds, you will get repayed only bad things. If you treat every body around you like shit, nobody will come to your aid. If you flame me in game, I will not win this game for you, even though I have the power. I will not heal you I will not play with you I will play my game. You showed me you don't want me to play with you, so why should I force myself on you. I can take an occasional loss, and be sure I will report you and when the game goes in our favour, you can be all nice and shit, I will still report you. Just because I went 20/5 and carried your flaming 3/10 play by accident and you now prais me wont forget how you treated me and my teammates. Don't think your actions go unnoticed. They are noticed and they will be your demise at some point. So many people said, they know they way around and at some point so many of them either quit cause it was no fun anymore cause they forgot that it is a fun activity and flamed all they could or they eventually flipped to hard and were banned. it happens to them all.
http://prntscr.com/mk1i5j this was my latest game i was the carry i was the flamer and i got flamed i was the toxic and i faced toxic i was the one who won that game and i am the one who is wining my games no one win it for me ... do i need to be sad that i did not get 4 honors ... naaa honor will not win you games ... and the one that i flamed honord me . 2 of them . ohhh and i was honor lvl 5 with flaming ... tell me how that work for you ... and abut you telling wining a game for someone who is flaming ... you are not wining a game for someone .. you are wining for your self your logic telling me your are in silver or low gold ... i am a selfish man ... if i like to win .. i win .. if i don't i don't ... and i don't cry that in chat .. i do it my way . and abut my actions .. i do that for more than 3 years since i learned it ... and for all the years i played this game i never ever got 1 ban .. well afk ban some boarders ban " i don't care abut that " .. that all .. nothing more . fun you say .. i play this game to have fun seeing cry babys abut ganks and shit like that... maaaaaaaaan .. i talk too much for nothing .. tho i can talk since to you ... but i don't like to and if i don't like to i won't ... i am out ... seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or never
: My advice to anyone who feels anger/depression when they play.
: true words :)
: How do you get flamed on a solo game (fortnite)???
there is no online game in the world that you can call solo ... they called online games cuz you play them to go vs real players who you can fight ... ... how do you call fortnite a solo game ... and even if you go solo with no team ... you will get flamed by the players you kill ... same toxic shit as you call it .
DerPunkt (EUW)
: >man go to fortnight ... same shit flame all the time ... go to dota and new way of flaming .. go to anyonline game you will get flamed and called anything ... as long as there is no solo game play in a game you will get flamed ... get use to it .. or just go play offline games ... shsh so the standard should be to allow flaming and suck it up? Thats kinda low. The standard should be to suck it up as a last line of defence every once in a while not more often than not because people feel it is their right to belittle, harass, offend and insult people.
this is the world you are living in .. well if you don't like it then i don't know what to tell you .. the thing is .. if you do good things people might " might " see it .. but if you do wrong ... people will " will " see it ... there is no dream land in this world and lat me tell you something you can't run forever from the things you do in your life... you have to face them it's the logic of life ... at last i will tell you this ... by saying you don't need flamers or toxic players in the game you are unbalancing the natural way of life ..... you think if you removed all the " toxic " players as what you all call them the game will be fun .... no the game will never be fun ... look at the game now ... you fear saying any ward in chat ... cuz if you say anything you might get ban for it ... " for me i don't and i know my way in flaming with out even got ban in game for once ... and i am not telling cuz they can fix it easy" you know what .. this is sooooooooooooooooooo %%%%ing long i think i am done for now ...
Rioter Comments
: My advice to anyone who feels anger/depression when they play.
man go to fortnight ... same shit flame all the time ... go to dota and new way of flaming .. go to anyonline game you will get flamed and called anything ... as long as there is no solo game play in a game you will get flamed ... get use to it .. or just go play offline games ... shsh edited : i play black desert online when i like to play some rpg online solo game play ... not cuz of flaming ... you will get flamed by your mam if you sit and play video games ... do you quit your mam ... do it i don't care
sepaurora (EUW)
: your match making for new player is so bad i wanna delete game
well you can't win them all .. lat me tell you that ... i played on my smurf you see ... in normal games i had 16 wins 2 lost .. when riot see this they put 4 players from lvl 18 to 36 i think " i don't remamber the lvl realy " all of them mostly noobs to silver players 4 of them ... and i was facing gold plat and d players ... the sad part is i was playing eve and to win games like that you need to get fed sooo fast and push hard but with eve i can't do that ... by the min 6 my bot was 0/6 mid 0/3 top 0/2 i hit lvl 6 at min 6.30 but what can i do ... nothing ... like nothing ... i was 1/0 by that time cuz i out played there jungler but .. you can't win that game ... there is mmr in normal games that if you win too many games riot will give you usalss players and lat you face kinda good players ... i think they use this to make noobs get free wins .. but i don't get it ... why they lat preamt go vs noobs ..
Gόld (EUW)
: Luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
http://prntscr.com/mjra2k i can't see it well .. but from the look of it you got that ez skin ... but i had robot nunu once and 2 times that ez skin and 1 dread nova {{champion:122}} and i disenhanced the 2 ez skins and nunu for OE and kept the {{champion:122}} one but i don't play {{champion:122}} and i ban ez cuz i don't like the loook of him or at him i don't know what to call it lucky or unlycky
: ***
man i remember when i started .. i did not know how to open chat ... and talk to the team ... i did not know that there is all chat .. but i regrat knowing that ... 4 flamers better than 9 XD ...
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