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: i have the same feeling, I never have been lower rank than plat and now im placed in gol4 and I lost every god damn game and its going even worse, im completely tilted and maybe I will quit this game soon, its %%%%ing unfair
Have they accused u for trolling? i've been accused for troll 4 time and my team agree.
: i only won 1 game in my placements and that was solo carried by me . i lost so many games cuz of trolls . same happened to me last year i won 1 out of 10 and got me hardstuck for 6 months
i played 5 placement game and lost 4 game because of jng and top troll. in my last game the jng was sylas and he accuse me and adc that we are trolling, while he haden't even ganked once. but their jng ganked a lot of time. i have nothing to say
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