: Can you do something about players like this?
Bro thats actually way too funny I'm sorry. Just dont get offended by things like that.
: Looking for a Jungler
Yo whats up. Im 18, jungle main since 2 seasons, actually gold 1. Good mic, id say im a friendly person and ready to meet new people and learn something new. You can add me ingame if youre interested
ez nagaa (EUW)
: qiyana was pretty balanced i mean she was before way undertuned {{champion:246}}
may be, but now she can outdamage almost every midlaner and is just another talon, but she can stun you 2 different times. Great one
ez nagaa (EUW)
: thx riot <3
Yes. thank you for ruining midlane with another unbalanced assassin. Very fun to play against.
: Riot, please return the lost LP to my teammates for the past 2 games.
sweet, but everybody gets %%%%ed by the matchmaking these days. Its very nice of you that you want the LP for your teammates back, but you will have to lose so many games until your MMR fits your skill level. Then you will get players you will be even with.
vıolett (EUW)
: lf duo p4
somehow cant find your profile in the client, add me in game, then we could play some games. :)
: Coached Platinum Team looking for Jungler! (Bird Esports)
Hello. I sadly couldnt find you on Discord. would you mind if I could add you somewhere else or something? I'd really like to play in a team and I'm searching pretty long. Would appreciate an answer. :)
Trixster (EUNE)
: Yea he would deserve that as well, but we all know how Twitch treats people who are profitable to them..
Haha, you mean like TFBlade, who has thousands of viewers more than NB3? Dont make fun of yourself, Twitch is legitimately lead by bots who are banning people randomly.
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: Game sped up
what does eg mean. irritates me hard during reading
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