JustClone (EUNE)
: Show me one such player, you faced in your last 20 games. (maybe because of your low elo, you see people I do not usually see... so please show me one, to see what is the problem.)
I know that they are a thing I never said I had a recent experience with them. They are not rampant either but every game they play they ruin a game. And its very toxic for this game but technically not against the rules nor bannable because the system sees it as some one with a few good games and a few bad. I remember talking to one a while ago where he said that he just wanted to stomp people and making a new account and leveling takes longer than it takes to drop elo. So thats kinda their motive.
: I need help with items on Shen!
You should always change your build based on how the game goes. Generally speaking you want to be able to roam with Shen due to his ult. This is why people go hydra/sunfire first item. So they can push out the wave and roam. There is no perfect build it all depends on who you are against.
: Feedback for frustrating missions
Just pick the quotation marks supports. aka {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:54}} And oneshot the adc with a full ap build.
Finecko (EUNE)
: Vi Jungle Guide
There is only one Vi build for me and that is AS W max solo baron at @20 {{item:1416}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Wtf you talking about.Man i hate the world i live in.2019 people lost their brain or they dont wanna use it. If you have more then 51% winrate you go against better players.Not lower palyers...If i make a smurf account and get 60% winrate i will go against gold plat even if im in silver. And even if i get placed with bronze silvers i still should get more lp then lose.Bcs obviously i have higher winrate and the system should think "this guy is not in the elo he deserve it". First its not fair at all.And 2...boy...you ever saw a football team losing 4 out of 10 and going to finals??? If you have 50% winrate..means youre stuck in that elo.You got 300 games...150 win 150 loses… If you got 60% win from 50 games you get like 35 wins 15 loses.Thats being said you climb..You should Always climb bcs you win MORE THEN YOU LOSEEEEE. You have no idea how many players got to plat with shitty winrate and me struggling to get climb... Why the %%%% is hard to understand that????? YOU WIN MORE YOU GET MORE LP.YOU LOSE MORE YOU LOSE MORE LP.Idgaf against who you go if you have a very positive winrate...
You are not omegabrain you are a smallbrain. You just haven't caught up yet. {{champion:98}}
JustClone (EUNE)
: So you imply that a person wins a game and then loses a game to stay in the same elo? So technically, you lose one game against such smurfs who decided it will be steam rolling day... And then you win one game against such smurfs who decided it will be losing day... Overall impact on your win rate: None whatsoever. Problem solved, son. Move on...
Lets say the smurf wants to play in around S4 he just steamrolls to S2 and then wants to drop elo again. This makes everytime he plays a game really frustrating for either his team or the opponent team. Simply because its never fair. He plays to win? Everyone on the opponent team will get destroyed because he is just way better then them. He plays to lose elo? Great now you get a teammate on your team who no matter what wants to lose the game. Its not about the overall elo gained/lost its about the quality of those games. Which is severely hurt by these kinds of smurfs. Even worse then normal smurfs that play to their elo.
: Bot lane discussion: Low elo duo farm
Why do you think its up to you to decide wheter your adc is good enough or not? Everyone got into X elo for a reason. I have been playing this game since S3 and have had thousands of support games. I have had adcs with god awful lane pressure screwing up our jungler all game because he could not contest dragon or his blue buff but he made up with his csing outcsing the enemy adc with 50-60 cs. I have had adcs who have no map awareness or how to position in a teamfight but with insane mechanics allowing us to 2v2 in the botlane. And I know my own weakness which is CSing but I know how to position and I am really good at controlled aggression. Even when my opponent gets 30-40 more CS in the end I deal much more damage in teamfights because of my positioning and I get to attack more then my opponent ADC. When I was starting ranked on my second account I had to deal with a lux player who thought I was not worthy as an adc and started taking my CS which in the end made both of us miss the lasthits we got snowballed on hard because we both had no damage because shared gold is useless, you will fall off in the curve of the game because of it. One completed bork Ashe vs a Cutlass Varus and a Lost chapter Lux? The Ashe wins because completed items give so much more strength. This is also one of the reasons back timings are so important. In the end I could not carry that game where the rank was low silver/ high bronze where my main is High gold/low plat. The best thing to do is if you think your adc is not going to be very useful is to roam and make plays elsewhere. However this is better on more convenient supports like Bard Pyke Alistar Leona etc. tldr: Its not up to you to decide wheter your adc will carry. And in thinking you do you will only harm the chances of winning as either your adc is not dealing with you taking his CS and might even afk or leave lane. Roaming seems like a better option however that is much stronger on actual support champions instead of mages.
: Coin flip
This is gonna sound harsh and mean but if you think you don't deserve to be in that elo you are being delusional. If you are playing in low silver and think the game is over because botlane is inting or jungle difference then its your mentality that is making you lose. Your 2 brothers might be bad at laning or dueling but it seems they are doing something right in their ranked game like grouping/map awareness/getting picks or they would not have gotten into that elo. I feel like your mentality is the reason why you are in a coinflip not because of your teammates.
: Is Honor Progress bugged?
I get honored around 2-5 times when I play for 1 or 2 games and I reached the last checkpoint before level 5. Last season I also got level 5. Maybe you are not as honorable as you used to be.
DeathRose02 (EUNE)
: Can anyone help? Client problems
Ask riot support. They have helped me 3 times already in the span of 6 years. And all I had to do is let the hextech repair create a report and send it to them and they helped me out every time.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Lets be clear, son. If someone has 200 games in your elo, with ~50% win rate, he is not smurfing... No matter how he moves, farm, reacts to poke, positioning and wave control... He is exactly as bad/good as you.
You got 2 kinds of smurfs. The one kind of smurf that creates an account and ranks up till he reaches his normal MMR and the second kind of smurf that steamrolls games and then loses a bunch so he stays in low elo and gets the fun of steamrolling some more. The first one isnt an issue because Riots system catches those players in around 10-30 games the second one is. {{champion:35}}
Zineus (EUNE)
: in this case you shouldnt get any -lp or just half of it.. example when you normaly get -18lp you will only get -9lp for remake.
And then people will find a way to make it look like the game crashed to dodge w/o dodge timer. Making everyone in the lobby wait the load time and the time it takes to remake, creating a new and even worse problem. No thank you. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: Cant play other games because of league
It means you have a severe addiction and you should visit a doctor. {{summoner:7}}


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