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: Top Lane - What's Going On?
League of Galio lol. Even if he's 0/10 he's still useful, and other tanks the same story. No point wasting time ganking top because when it comes to teamfights it's immaterial unless they are insanely overlevelled.
Sadolm (EUW)
: Both kayns are just too powerfull. Last game i had a kayn literally healing 1800 health with JUST HIS ULT ALONE
: Totally overpowered Darkin mode
I haven't seen him much, I guess vs 2-3 tanks he could be annoying.
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: if you put your salt,hate and rudeness to the side when commenting i'd say you would get more pleasant responses. as i stated, i have played a ton of ezreal jungle games, i understand the way he works more than you do. i didnt "try to be funny" but it became "funny" when you imidiately responded with "how is that fun!?!?!!?11!?!?!". i did not specify what was fun, but you assumed that playing against him would be. being immature on the boards will not ease your emotional distress.
No, your answer was smart-arsed and mean-spirited. Don't try turn this on me. I
Chaeor (EUW)
: Syndra .....
Riot have refused to address it, trying to convince us that her W was the problem, or that she could get too many balls out on the field. She's is simply overtuned and has a kit revolving around pressing R on 70% hp targets. Without it she sucks, which I would call bad design.
: i hate when adcs go jungle too q.q can't play my akali without them pocking their heads up in the lane because obviously they are adcs and they need a lot of gold, which they can't get from just the jungle
Usually the Ez will just hard push the lane and take an early tower...which is all well and good until you realize your farming phase has ended at 5 mins :(
: 404 dodging reactions not found. its simple really, just dodge it - once he uses his E all in him, he is squishy af before triforce.
OK, you tried to be funny but failed. He comes out of jungle with red buff. He uses E, hits you, then aas you, you are slowed. He continues to aa you. and may hit a q which continues to slow you. The red buff is key. Understand?
: There is something wrong about honor level 0 and honor level 1.
One does not simply "get" a 14-day suspension dude. That comes after persistent toxicity. You'll have to get a lot of honor methinks.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Because LPL played it as early aggressive counterjungle /early dive, koreans realised it's too strong in soloQ since it's oppressive af, and now we are here with ez running loose in jungle. Some people play it like normal jungler and feed with it, some understand it's point and are unstoppable.
It's VERY annoying. I main mid, and what's been happening is I usually hit level 2, then a level 3 Ezreal comes out of the jungle, Es in and starts AAing and Qing with red buff, forcing me to level 2 B...
: this should explain quite nicely. Personally I've tried him only on bot lane, and i like him there (reaaaaaaaaaally safe lane phate 0w0)
: 6 words: "Koreans does it, must be OP"
>.> I hope it gets nerfed, it's annoying. Yasuo syndrome.
: cause its fun
What's fun about a level 3 Ezreal coming out of the jungle while you are level 2 spamming red buff Q on you and you can't do anything against it?
: I'm done with Leauge and its stupid META
You think Cho in bronze is bad? Imagine going against someone who actually knows how to play the game.
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: Should I buy Diana...?
Not right now, no. She has good potential, but a good jungler just camps your ass and you useless af.
: The new Victorious skin revealed?
I will puke if Lee gets it.{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Not xPeke (EUW)
: EDIT: also, no one endlessly insulted you. If you want out of this discussion feel free to do so, but again, don't claim things that aren't true. That won't discredit what I'm saying, I hope you realise that. Where are these "insults"? I mainly see you calling me an attention seeker, making assumptions, and basically calling me a whiner. Hmm? What I've said is in reply to all of that, please understand this. Are you for real man? :/ You call my thread attention seeking and questioned my motives SEVERAL times. Have a read through your replies again. You still want to claim that they aren't personal comments? But I guess it's okay for you to play the victim and say that I've insulted you? Sigh. And I understand your stance. You don't believe that to be the case. Fair enough. But I do, and so do others. As I've said before my issue with you is that you've made baseless assumptions and accusations (not serious ones, but accusations nonetheless). We disagree, oh well, it is what it is. Just don't go making assumptions to try to discredit what I'm saying based on those! You didn't need to use personal remarks while disagreeing with me. And what's even more annoying is that you then come in accusing me of doing it towards you.. maybe look in the mirror first? I simply wrote all of this because it's something I believe happens. The support and the agreement of people have backed up my side of the argument. At least, I'm clearly not the only one that believes all of this to be true. In addition to that, players who are/were guilty of doing the things I described **HAVE EVEN ADMITTED** to doing it in the past and realise it's not okay. **Am I still imagining it? Am I? Just answer this at least. So, you can argue that all of this isn't a big deal or that it doesn't occur as much as I claim it does, but not that it absolutely doesn't happen.** And just to be clear I didn't accuse you of belittling me based on your opinion. I did so because of your recurring claims that my motive for making this thread are for attention seeking and to make myself feel good. You have no actual ground to make those claims other than that I see things differently than you. You, simply put, cannot accept my point of view and it "MUST" be attention seeking, right? It couldn't just be that it's my opinion and I simply made this thread to discuss it and see what others think, right? OFC there must be some hidden motive ;). Lastly, stop clinging to the upvote argument please. Even if what you're saying is correct and people are "just having an emotional response", that IS NOT evidence or reason to say that what I'm saying is false. You cannot discard an argument on that basis. I ONLY brought upvotes and the people commenting agreeing with me to show you that I'm not "imagining" it. I'm not bringing that up to say "IT MUST BE REAL, I GOT UPVOTES". That was simply a counter to your statement that it's only me seeing and imagining it. Clearly SOMEONE, even if just one person, agreed with me. Hence I wasn't imagining it :). Do you understand the difference and why I mentioned upvotes now? **I mean, if we just forget this pointless argument between us, that escalated a little, and we just go back to the start.. you claimed you didn't think it was happening based on your own personal experience. I easily stated that just because you haven't witnessed it doesn't mean that it doesn't occur. To which you then said I'm imagining it... I then argued that clearly since people agreed with me and even had some players ADMIT to doing it themselves, that I LOGICALLY cannot be the only one imagining it - WHICH WAS YOUR MAIN POINT.** And then shit hit the fan and we went off topic. Tell me, where am I wrong in any of that? Feel free to stand your ground and believe that I'm imagining it, but I brought forward valid points as to why I logically cannot be imagining it - or at least I'm not the only one. There are players that accounted for their own personal experience and stated that they have either witnessed, been subject to, or been the people doing the things I've been talking about!! **HOW AM I IMAGINING IT THEN? Are you calling every single person that has come forward a liar?** And yes, I've written another wall of text, because unlike you I answer to every thing you say, and I try to explain everything in detail to give you more space to be precise in your own discussion, I don't leave things out at my convenience.
tl;dr I'm done with you. Goodbye. I've stated my point, and you're far too emotional at this point to talk without writing big walls of text so good luck on the rift.
deVulse (EUNE)
: Just got Perma Banned.
So you made someone else's day shit probably. You had a bad day, your team didn't deserve to live it with you. Also, you don't get insta permabanned unless you do something extreme. You've likely had lots of warnings and bans.
: I havent seen one single Flamer since the introduction of the Honor system.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: TLDR because I wrote alot: the main issue I have with you is that you came in here making baseless assumptions and threw in remarks and personal comments. Then you ask ME to leave out the remarks and attack comments. Frankly it's rather annoying to be called out for something that I didn't do, or at least that I didn't initially do but you did. If you'd like to start over just let me know because I do stand by my thread. This is something that does happen and that is not made up and my motives are not the ones you have assumed. You think it's a non-issue. I disagree. That doesn't give you the right to judge me and assume the reasons for me creating this thread. I've asked you before. Why exactly do you think this is a not a real issue and that I am imagining it all of it? Surely the fact that people have upvoted and commented agreeing with me, and even players ADMITTING and feeling remorse to doing what I described, is enough evidence to counter your claim that I'm imagining it. THAT was your initial point, and I obviously showed you to be incorrect. That's all. All this chatter and argument is pointless. You can argue that it's not a big deal. You cannot argue that I'm imagining it. This is a fact and only logical, don't be in denial please. Upvotes mean nothing but here you are downvoting me NOW because I disagreed with you while I hadn't downvoted you and I'm simply talking to you lol. No, I don't care about the downvote in itself, but the principle. You didn't downvote before, you're doing it now because you got salty in my reply to you. This isn't a "whiney thread". Why does every time someone points out something make it "whining" or "%%%%%ing". No, it's simply making a more than valid observation. THIS is why I say you have a negative perspective. What I pointed out IS a negative issue with the boards. Me pointing it out doesn't make ME have a negative perspective or make me a whiner. I shouldn't be explaining this, it's just common sense, hope you realise this. And for your information saying that i'm attention seeking or just whining is attacking me lmao. You could have just disagreed with me and stayed on topic instead of calling me out for assumed attention seeking and judging my hidden motives behind this thread. You keep taking things out of context all the time, just like when I mentioned the upvotes/people agreeing with me. Bringing up that a volunteer agreed with me doesn't mean that I believe them to have an opinion of better value than any other person. I brought that up because they are the people who monitor the boards and know what goes on and doesn't. So the fact that they recognised it is realistically a point in my favour regarding the issue. CLEARLY I didnt' make it up, which was your initial point. Again.. I shouldn't be explaining this, you should reach this conclusion all on your own but your negative perspective is stopping you. You missed the point on me asking you that pointless question as well! PRECISELY because you don't lose sleep over it, yet you still wrote to me to point out a mistake with my opinion and questioned my motives shows that it was a pointless question in the first place, and it also shows that you can still point out or "complain" about an issue without losing sleep over it. So why am I not allowed to point something out without having someone like you mockingly ask me if I lose any sleep over it? Your remark is effectively a try to discredit how important an issue is. Just like I pointed out an issue with the boards, you pointed out an issue with my thread. Don't hold me to a higher standard than you hold yourself, don't be a hypocrite while calling me a hypocrite lmao. Just makes this whole discussion take a nasty turn for no reason. No, you can think otherwise, but claiming things out of the blue and making baseless assumptions and calling someone attention seeking and basically saying that he's just wasting time with a thread is belittling someone. Also, calling you out for belittling and trying to discredit me unfairly doesn't make me a hypocrite. I never claimed not to be doing it to you or others since it never came up :). I don't think I did anyway. Maybe you should read up on the definition of the word hypocrite. I'm not even going to address your last paragraph seeing as you are the one who started off calling this all attention seeking. Is that not a remark or an attack? I guess it is only that when it's towards you, isn't it? How do you not see this? I can accept if people don't agree with me, and I've even revised my opinion and agreed somewhat of a common ground with other users on this. I don't see why you expect me to do it with you when you haven't even strictly stayed on topic of the discussion but attacked my motives and assumed I was doing it for attention seeking. Then you try to turn it on me saying that I made this thread only wanting people to agree with me.. yet you missed the point in my replies to you. I don't lose any sleep over this, I'm just having a discussion and have enough free time.
The only thing baseless is the subject of this thread. I made no personal comments, get over yourself. > I've asked you before. Why exactly do you think this is a not a real issue and that I am imagining it all of it? Surely the fact that people have upvoted and commented agreeing with me, and even players ADMITTING and feeling remorse to doing what I described, is enough evidence to counter your claim that I'm imagining it. THAT was your initial point, and I obviously showed you to be incorrect. That's all. All this chatter and argument is pointless. You can argue that it's not a big deal. You cannot argue that I'm imagining it. > This is a fact and only logical, don't be in denial please. Upvotes mean nothing. I got 200 upvotes before on a post saying "Nerf Yasuo". The people who replied are just having an emotional response. They would respond similarly with passion if I made a thread saying "Teemo is cuter than Gnar". they're lol players. Volunteers mean nothing, they have been wrong before, VERY wrong. I've had dealings with them. They are just normal people. Read my initial reply if you don't understand my last paragraph. It's on-topic. It related to the content of this thread. Anyway, since you've insulted me endlessly in that wall of text, I'll leave you to your little bubble here. In conclusion: you think there is a systematic issue here on boards, I seriously don't.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Yes, but those skins still work on them on a visual basis. SG Ahri just look objectively unfitting in general.
I quite like it, suits her well.
: I saw the buffs for Lee Sin on pbe and i think he needs more
Lee Sin doesn't even need buffs imo, still has his ridiculous QRQ combo base damages.
Rioter Comments
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Why... just why do you have such a negative perspective? I'm just pointing out that people have agreed with me, which for your information doesn't only refer to the upvotes (and it's more than 16 as you aren't accounting for downvotes). I'm simply proving that unlike you said, it's not just me imagining it. You're just "attacking" me and making assumptions on my motives for absolutely no reason. All I did was point out a fact and an issue on the boards. Which for your information volunteers have said that it does happen as well. Want to keep saying im imagining it now? Look, you might not think it's a big deal. Think whatever you want. Don't try belittling others simply because they see something differently than you do, thanks. I could ask you the same ignorant and useless questions you just asked me. Do you lose sleep at night over me making this post? Do you think I care what you say? What do you expect from you coming in here? You see how pointless your accusations and assumptions are? Let alone your lack of understanding as to what the issue truly is and why it's important to talk about it. If you have no morals or sense of what is right and wrong then I'm sorry, I can't help you. You shouldn't need me to explain all of this to you. Feel free to assume more baseless things from my replies. Just know that I could make (and have made) just as many assumptions from your comments too, but unlike you I don't come here spouting them out at you for no reason. But anyway, how did my previous comment make you think that I did it to make myself look good? Are you projecting? YOU are the one that said I'm imagining it. I only pointed out the "attention" and people that agreed with me show you that I'm not alone in thinking this. Care to explain?
You're the one with the negative perspective buddy, making a whiney thread about something. You had a choice to make a thread commending positivity, but no, instead you made one to bring attention a non-issue. And stop pretending up-votes mean anything. I can make a "Yasuo is OP" thread and get 50 upvotes...not hard. I haven't attacked you, it's a discussion, don't accuse me of attacking you because I disagree with you. Volunteer opinion isn't better than any other person's opinion fyi. No, I don't lose sleep, hence why I won't go an make a new thread complaining about people on boards being rude when you disagree with them just because you did it to me. Projecting? How would you get such a notion xD? I'm not the one who made the thread xDDDD Also you say I can think whatever I want, but if I do that, I'm belittling people? Such hypocrisy. If you want to have a discussion leave out the remarks and attack comments. It's harassment. Boards are for discussion, don't make a thread if you only want people to agree with you (which leads me to conclude you only made the thread to feel as if you were doing good because why open it for discussion if you're gonna accuse a dissenting opinion of belittling you). Good day.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: I never talked about her not fitting in as a star guardian. Her looks is what doesn't fit Ahri, not the personality.
It's a skin though? I don't think Baker Panth suits him, but it's still a skin. Or Gentleman Cho? How does that suit a giant monster that eat shit? Just a skin tbh.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Star Guardian Ahri makes me cringe
...You haven't watched many magical girl anime, have you? She fits pretty perfectly, not the timid protagonist perhaps, but her fiery personality friend.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Yeah, **I'm imaging** it? Guess the majority of the people who agreed with me and upvoted this ALL imagined it as well? It happens, maybe not all the time but it does indeed happen and I very very very rarely see anyone speak out against the people doing it. Nothing I said is made up or false. EDIT: just have a browse in the threads now. There's people posting laughing emotes and meme's at the expense of the banned players. But I'm still imaginging it?
Yes, I really think so. 16 supposed to mean something? I honestly don't know what you expect. From this reply it would seem you made a thread to make yourself look good by decrying some systematic bullying of bad players on boards A.K.A. caring for the sake of caring. Do you lose sleep at night over this? Do you think the players "getting laughed at" (if they exist at all) care about this, beyond the 12 minutes a day the spend on boards?
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Just because you haven't witnessed it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.
I lurk around the forums a lot, and since a lot longer than you. I used to be more active, but said permaban kinda ruined the mood. I think you're imagining it. That's just what I think.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Why are people on the boards so hypocritical? Especially in the PB boards. Genuine question.
This thread is very attention-seeking-y. I don't think what you're describing happens...I was permabanned falsely on this account and witnessed no such behavior from others. In fact, there more common behavior I see is people joining their old emissary cliques to gang up on people they disagree with.
: Our good ol pal rengar
Compared to other reworks, he's fine. He can still delete with IE + that guaranteed crit, and can still go bruiser and delete people. He can still 100-0 you, just not in 0.1 s anymore.
Speknekje (EUW)
: Bronze 5 in high silver-gold game
It's pretty much the same elo bracket brah.
: People just a few months ago: Malzahar is supreme crap! Rito stop pushing your failed reworks into botlane *Riot kinda reverts Malzahar, I mean some of it* Omg!! Malzahar is broken... He has a long lasting on-click CC. Sure he can be attacked by other teammates while he is at it but lets just whine about it. Lets also blame riot for letting him have an on-click suppression. Why isn't WW allowed to have that??(Why cannot Diana dash 3 times like Akali... Why cannot Talon return to his location like Ekko does???? They both just jump in and proc their 3 stack passive?? Why does Kayn have a worse Zed ultimate? Why can Tristana, Jinx, Kog and Twitch get their range increased a good amount but the other AD's can't have that.. and so on.. see? That's not how it works)
I don't recall Malz ever being complained about as weak, especially in the past few years. He has always been a problem champ.
Tsumirez (EUNE)
: Getting your ass outta bronze the easy way
Spam Garen/Annie to get out of bronze.
Solash (EUW)
: When people complain about stuff being too strong in URF
I've made peace with the Random aspect, but please give us bans.
: do you have a problem with spinning to win? :P
: Good Job mate! What role/champions did you climb with and any tips? I am hard stuck Silver1
Looks like Garen...
: Finaly diamond!!
Perilum (EUW)
: {{item:3035}}
I wouldn't be posting here if that was a solution.
Rioter Comments
GertzMAN (EUW)
: The Teammate Grade System is Trash
Your farm is bad for a 30+ minute game, that's all. You need about 290+
Rioter Comments
: I don't understand the point of Taliyah
Don't you dare say a bad thing about Chakotay.
: This game has WAY too much CC.
So basically a huge QQ thread that ends in "BUFF UNKILLABLE TANKS". {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Yasuoo power shift idea.
I hate any idea that involves buffing any part of his kit, ESPECIALLY his W. He needs straight up removal of either his shield, a severe nerf to his crit damage/mutliplier, or a nerf to his ult. No buffs, no power shifts.
: political stability, yet countries that are in worst conditions have easy access to LoL (south America and some parts in Asia).
There is a lot of war in Africa, compared to the rest of the world, so it's expensive to invest in a continent with so much unrest. Perhaps in South Africa there could be one, but it's really far away, so expensive I would say.
: What could possibly happen ? All they have to do is fly with a private jet to the middle of Africa and throw out a toaster, boom, new server in Africa
Considering the quality of the EU servers the past few year, I would not be surprised xDDD
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: We're almost in season 8, and now is the time to "look into Frozen Mallet"? This item has existed for a long time, and gone through some nerfs and some buffs. It's a good item, but nothing OP.
It was actually up for deletion for a long time.
SoySalad (EUW)
: African Server
Infrastructure...political stability...
: Why did you have to destroy the game again with your stupid lethality ?
The game was not balanced. Tanks were broken as shit, and to deal with them ADCs got broken as shit penetration, which assassins could abuse if they got early to be, you got it, BROKEN AS SHIT.
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