: Why did you have to destroy the game again with your stupid lethality ?
The game was not balanced. Tanks were broken as shit, and to deal with them ADCs got broken as shit penetration, which assassins could abuse if they got early to be, you got it, BROKEN AS SHIT.
: Well then I'd like to see you pull off the shurima shuffle in the middle of a teamfight.
: Why is Caitlyn considered so strong?
She's not a hypercarry, never has been. She is simply safe + easy to play.
: Nashors has been a thing on Diana for years now... it's been situational to core for ages. And it's not supposed to be massive amounts of mana sustain... like a dorans ring or cho'gath passive, not an end all be all for mana (that would make mana useless as a balance tool) in lane but it will take the heat off... a passive proc per wave for a decent amount of mana income when combined with D ring. And it scales with ap... So late game you can mana sustain very efficiently allowing Diana to wave clear much longer than she otherwise would have just by using the raptor camp as a mana battery.
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=reW2xLn3,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-17T23:35:16.205+0000) > > Nashors has been a thing on Diana for years now... it's been situational to core for ages. > Fake news lul
GPet (EUW)
: So just play her the same way as before, just with a better W and some more mana here and there. ._.
I can't cos now I'm forced to take attack speed runes :(
: can do. idk give it a try
GPet (EUW)
: Depending on where you play her. I doubt it changed much for midlane, the Shield buff just is nice to have, else she's just the same. In jungle It should help a lot, because you can freely space your spells to use the AS just the same (or even better when maxing E) and the mana return I just imagen to be sweet. I never liked Nashors on her, and I wouldn't build her any different after those changes either. Bursty if I want to burst, AP Off-tank if I want to be able to take a hit too.
The mana return is almost non-existent. Maxing E removes all burst potential. Enemies can still escape it the same as before.
: Diana has always gotten nashors... combined with the steroid she now has she can definitely get enough attack speed. And it's not meant to be constant mana gain, you get a bit every now and again as you last hit which is enough to keep you going, same as xerath with his passive... And of you push use wards or don't stand that far up and you won't die as much.
"always" is an overstatement. Nashor's has only this year become viable, and even then, it's still not great coupled with the other AP nerfs that have hit itemization. You need about 10 passive procs early to get 40 mana returned = 30 autoattacks, what Diana player can survive lane with that, and for what, a measly 40 mana? Other champs will eat her alive.
: But?
...but they feel clunky in game. The sudden fall back to low attack speed after the 3 is horrible with the 20% bonus AS removal, and her kit still doesn't promote getting more than 1 proc in it. Even if she could build hybrid it would be better, but the mana return is only a pitiful AP scaling.
: roa rush usually takes care of that and it's pretty common
: Anyone considered trying kassadin with duskblade + lich bane
When to build it though? He kinda needs mana + AP early and duskblade is really expensive.
Rioter Comments
: I never made it past Silver 3 since season 1. AMA !
Just exactly HOW deep in %%%%% are you, on a day to day basis?
: It isnt. Im starting to rageyellwhine every time my d2 buddy roams my lane and unloads hell with his ap laner before im even close to use my relicshield.
MKDaemon (EUW)
: flash relient seriously QQQ E is better than any flash to escape or catch anyone , yeah sure E for tank , riven needs a good look at
Yeah, then you lose 3 passives worth of damage and 75% and 100% of your skill-evading potential (if flash is down).
Hell M00d (EUW)
: PSA: You don't lose a single piece of Gold when the Support uses his Relic Shield near you
Sharogue (EUW)
: those used to be my mains
I got to level 7 with both of them prior to the reworks lol, now I suck ass with them and people always ask why I have a level 7 on them xD.
NikolaN (EUNE)
: Jinx in the future ???
Meh, when Jinx is strong. she's nearly worse than Lucian. She was left broken for years before she was touched. Better to be under the radar now, I find she can hold a lane pretty well, even if your support it bad.
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Rito what have you done to my summ icon :I
: there is no "trash" champions.
Oh yes there is lmao.
Rioter Comments
Dante744 (EUNE)
: Bring back the old Katarina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate the new Kata, and loved the old one, but she was a pretty toxic champ so it's better that she stays gone.
: I was just thinking about Rakan, and this is not true. What I hate about Rakan is that he is TOO MUCH team reliable, and if you get with bonobos the game is a nightmare. I wish he was more like solo play style.
> [{quoted}](name=Trenitaliyah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4p9jAWyp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-15T10:23:01.135+0000) > > I was just thinking about Rakan, and this is not true. > What I hate about Rakan is that he is TOO MUCH team reliable, and if you get with bonobos the game is a nightmare. I wish he was more like solo play style. Basically 90% of supports.
Genja007 (EUNE)
: I rly cant stand anymore toxic negative w/r yasuo players
Rioter Comments
: Great new ban system!
I'm just glad I never have to see Yasuo again.
: why is fiora still not being touched
She's on their radar, Kennen too to my knowledge.
Rioter Comments
l MrD l (EUW)
: Is vayne designed like this
Vayne's laning is so horrible, but if she gets full build, yes, her kit allows her to murder everyone.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: "You are support, a trained animal can do your job"
: Yasuo should be banned from the game
5 bans are coming, he will never see the light of day again.
The Febos (EUW)
: Your team comp https://yt3.ggpht.com/-pFQFWA1fuaw/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/zNlAn_guAhc/s900-c-k-no-mo-rj-c0xffffff/photo.jpg Actually, by her destroying your tower you have more maneuverable space to freeze the lane. I don't actually see what's the big deal. Yeah, you died once and you are behind, but the game isn't over yet. Tower isn't the problem; your attittude is the problem. Besides, I have yet to understand why would you move into that minion wave against Fiora, with or without Zac being there (whom you could see in the bush). You played bad, thus you are punished for your mistakes. They also played bad by destroying that tower (as I said above). If you were against me I wouldn't have destroyed that tower. I would use my advantage to zone you off minions and kill you whenever you got too adventurous. That's how you properly remove someone from the game.
Yeah, tell the team that when the 2-man ganks on mid and bot start while Cassio desperately tries to gain levels, gold and exp to make up for the 1k gold loss that just happened.
: Lacking basic Sword and Shield Bruiser champion.
: I only have 60 FPS even thought i set it to uncapped??
Even if you uncap it, if your monitor can't handle it, you won't see improvement, rather some glitchy looking shit. I forget the term.
Mabons (EUW)
: What champion can you just not play?
{{champion:157}} cos I have some self-respect.
eRs (EUNE)
: Lux E damage
What are you building? An early {{item:3285}} pretty much takes care of this. Are you sure you're farming well enough? You shouldn't really need a Luden's even if you're getting ~8 cs/min.
: Why can a brand support with 2 kills and 6 deaths 1v1 a fed adc with ease?
Well, I'm not gonna give a %%%%%%ed answer like most of the people here and actually answer the question. Brand has good base damage, and also %hp damage, making him a very serious threat, even with little items. As long as he gets penetration, he deals a lot of damage. Rito have done very little to limit his damage as it would probably destroy midlane Brand. This has happened in the past with MANY champions receiving nerfs that affected their midlane gameplay when they started to be spammed in mid (mostly because they could do exactly what Brand does; function as a 2nd APC on a rather low gold income ({{champion:79}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} ).
Sephiro (EUNE)
: A big thanks to all you who deserve this
: Another day, another game, another 100% Lee Sin pick rate.
Just remove the damage from his ult seriously. He won't get as much free kills and won't snowball as hard. He'll have his mobility and utility, but won't get free kills from a point and click 600 basic damage ability.
: levels and base stats of adcs are REALLY low we are talking about 300 hp MAX here and that is a huge lvl difference because adcs dont tend to get that high leveled even when ahead due to splitxp tier 2 boots are usually tabbies and not mercurys tho and tabbies are broken yes bork doesnt save you off burst it gives an early spike tho yes qss is good but usually only lowers the burst diana and other assassins can still pretty easily 1 shot a qss target unless its getting peeled ga what a wonder lol ... he actually still dies but get revived as its only armor and no they cant ignore you they need to immedietaly kill you with help from the support a 5/0 adc still gets 1 shot by a 0/2 assassin when both have both summs(vayne being out of the case and ezreal not running over half the map instantly)
I'm not arguing this with you, Diana is in an awful state right now regardless of whether she can one-shot an ADC or not (which any fed champ can do).
Zedazih (EUW)
: Tried Blind Pick for the first time (solo) since 2 years ago
Because how else will the Yasuo fanbase play their shit-ass champ in every game?
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: She offers engage and when she is behind, she is useless as damage dealer anyway. Yhea, she is feast or famine, but, unlike old fiora, she has ways to come back or be useful. Either as engager, or as cleanup, hence the variety. Also, active items matter a lot on her builds.
Engage and what? A slow that can be flashed/dashed out of extremely easy. Might as well pick an actual tank or juggernaut and fulfill them same role, but actually get to do damage too.
: You know that there is basically no difference between 1 shotting a fed or a non fed adc as both have no defense usually? also adcs dont powerspike til their 3rd item unless they build bork or trinity
Ummm no? Don't underestimate the advantage of levels + base stats. Also items like tier 2 boots, BOTRK, QSS, and now GA can make an ADC ignore you if they get ahead enough.
ImJanemba (EUW)
: Tank Ekko - Probably The Most Fun Thing I've Played Since I Started League
: she used to be hot stuff.. but currently i dont see any diana and if they are played than its mostly they get stomped hard.
I know her kit is a little bit unhealthy, but it's true that she gets stomped. AD assassins (who she previously was a decent pick into) were given a lot more escapes in the last patch, so she's less reliable. And nerfs to Zhonya's and Abyssal have been crippling.
: Well they're planning to do some changes to her when they roll out the diver class rework that's coming sometime in the forseeable future. They will probably take better care of her then.
They could give her a little love in the meantime, maybe some early mana reductions or something...
: Well, and I wanted to start play her on mid/jgl cuz i thought she will be pretty strong and is good in soloQ. So it's even worth to take her on rankeds? In some matchups?
I really don't see her as very useful unless you're taking her as a comfort pick. She's a good counter to champs like Ahri/Syndra if you're afraid of them, but you can just pick Lux/Xerath and spam spells without risking messing up.
: Diana is one of the most brutal combo champions I know. Q into R and W then R again is oneshot material for ADC. Try it when you have a few items.
Trust me, I know how brutal a fed Diana is, I've mained her since starting this game, but she is definitely not in a good spot right now.
KokalePoika (EUNE)
: You don't need to be fed to assasinate someone as Diana.
Previously this might have been true, but Diana's core itemization has been nerfed really hard this past year, now you need 3 full items to reliably kill an enemy (With a full combo including passive, which is rarely guaranteed), and that's assuming that they've gone even in lane and haven't stomped your botlane. Diana is extremely team-reliant now.
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