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: Looking for plat/diamond mid & top for semi-serious team.
Name: Erdem Age: 20 Country: Germany Role(s): Mid - Top Comfort picks: I am always ready to pick up new Champs, but my biggest comfort picks are Riven - Akali - LeBlanc. I am also pretty comfortable on controlmages like Lissandra, Orianna, Syndra. Sadly i have not much expirience with supportive midlaner. Experience: Have been playing since Season 1 and currently sitting in Dia 4. I am an agressive Laner, but since I've been forced to play tanks mutiple times, I know how to play passive. Being agressive came from always fighting for Crab prio and this resulted in me being ready to follow my jungle into the enemy jungle. Have you ever been banned/chat restricted?: Nope OP.GG link: https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Shadow%20Black%20Cat
: uhm, you do remember that for ranked you need a certain amount of champs right ? and with what you are saying, that would mean that the one tricks would also need to waste time on champs they dont want to play for mastery 3 in case their main gets banned or taken. Am i the only one that is using my brain here, no one wants to waste their time on other champs, one tricks also like to have multiple accounts, i myself dont have multiple, but most people i know do have more than 1 or 2. Then that would be even more of a time waste. Hell i dont even know why im bothering with this conversation, i just always ban the new champs anyways, i could care less if some dude is gonna baby rage, thats an easy report. The way you are giving out an idea doesnt help anyone, it just makes the game more annoying than it is. So, simple and clean, always ban the new champ and boom congrats you did it. if some dude is salty about it and trolls you report him and move on. I made it to diamond doing that with every new champ release so i can be arsed to hear excuses.
"You missed the point with every bullet so far." I was talking about the latest Champion. If you have been playing this game for a while, you know what most of the Champions do and what their roles are. You know their combos and what amount of damage they deal. You will know about their power spikes. But if a Champion just got released, how will you know anything about him? The restriction I talked about is supposed to prevent them from joining a ranked game without minimal knowledge.
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