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: > [{quoted}](name=ˉÐęqûńˉ,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=MKRoWgGh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-07T00:09:05.723+0000) > . Just make sure you win your lane and beat your opponent. That's all you need to be concerned with. > That is the worst advice ever. He will just join all the clueless players who win their lane and then run around not knowing what to do, loosing the game in the process while blaming the team... I have won/lost plenty of games because people won their lanes and then played like idiots just to throw the lead they had.
Okay, I may be a rookie (a term for a beginner if you ask) but may I ask like Dequn here: How is winning your lane a bad thing and lossing your lane a good thing? And also, I have to agree with Dequn on one thing: winning lanes and knowing what to do is FAR from connected together... I mean winning lanes sounds good on one hand, but on the other hand, knowing what the heck you are doing sounds WAY better (not to sound like a smartass, and apologies if it comes out like that)
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: Reading is something most people master, at the age of 5.., that said.. Riot destroyed the last shred of integrity their ranked ladder had, at the start of season 9 (You know, 9 comes after 8 like I said before). So, if there is nothing else you feel like being a smartass about, I'll just scadoole on off.
... *slaps himself on the forehead* I am a complete blind idiot! >_< note to self: learn to read better and NOT come out as a smartass!
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: > Whatever you end up doing, your goal should be having fun. When people like you say those things. most trolls dont give a fck about ranked and start ruin everyone game for fun. good advice. Im bad at rankes so i play ivern top and ruin everyone fun just to have fun :) thanks riot great company best system
Well, got to things to say here. 1) I was being honest here and not trying to troll you guys, but I can see your point about trolls not giving a toss about the whole ranked thing and 2)) Ivern in the top lane you say? isn't he a good jungler?? that's at least what I can remember about him -.o but still, sounds interesting.
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: Low Elo is only about mentality, there will be alot of bad players in bronze and even up in gold and higher, but if you keep calm and try to help them you will prolly have better chances at success.
I've been talking to Doom Emissary over discord, and he himself pointed out that my leadership skills (along with my attitude ofcourse) needs a massive improvement, so I'll keep that advise in mind.
: Man work on your farming skills because 2minions average is very bad, its bad even in bronze( no ofense).
Two things mate 1) No offense taken, don't worry and 2) 2 minions average? where did you get the info from if I may ask -.o?
: Want to know why you don't climb? "I know this is a team based game, but soloq seems next to imposseble to get a good team". This and only this, instead of spending time fixing your mistakes and finding out how to improve, you hide behind this mentality that is complete bs and will get you nowhere both ingame and irl. Cheers.
And you know what? I am totally ashamed of having that mentality in the game... and I'm the only person that can change that attitude >:(
: Just a quick heads-up. Champ pool means the champions that you feel comfortable playing with, as in comfort picks (AKA your ranked picks).
*makes a note* Understood.
: Add me ingame and we can give that a try. But I can't really guarantee anything about your behavior. As much as I can help with explaining and gameplay. I can't help as much on your behavior. But I'm tempted to try since you're willing to
I'll add ya, and thanks for at least giving me a shot... and yea, the only person, I think, that can do something with my behaviour should be myself... now that I'm honestly thinking about it.
: Take this from a guy who climbed from the depths of silver ELO, up to high diamond, throughout the years. LOL is a game, its purpose is to have fun while playing it. Competitive modes aren't for everyone. If you feel pressured, stressed/bummed out, or just not having fun, perhaps you need to take a more casual approach. Try out new things in normal games for example. Another thing that helped me out was playing ARAMS. I have like 3K games on that mode. You can (kinda) expand your champ pool, or rather than that, get the feel of different champs in different scenarios, practice teamfighting and a bunch of sidestepping. Mechanically speaking, you can learn a lot from that mode. You can also experiment in offroles in normal games. Making a smurf account, and playing in low ELO can also be beneficial when learning new roles. That's how I usually practice. Picking up a champ that you never played, in an offrole, in my ELO, isn't a fun experience. #Whatever you end up doing, your goal should be having fun. Climbing the ranked ladder requires certain skillsets, that you have to pick up, slowly. There aren't any shortcuts. It will naturally come as time passes. Nobody gets to diamond the first year they start playing, unless they are some kind of a prodigy. And lastly, the harsh reality is that not everyone is talented enough to climb to the top, you have to decide if this is just a casual hobby for you, or you want to invest an insane amount of time/work into the game, in order to reach the top, if of course, you have what it takes. - gold for example, is a rank achievable by anyone, who invests a moderate time into the game. It's a good starting goal. Good luck ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I need to make a list of these construtive feedbacks via a Office-Word Document... this is great hearing feedback from you all :D! PS: got ALOT of champions in my champ pool... dunno why, guess I just like collecting them XD
: Hey there ! It's totally normal to be stuck and find difficulties improving. It doesn't mean that you're stupid or anything. What you're living is totally normal and I understand your frustration. If this is your main account, it means that you have just started playing and you're still very inexperienced. I know tons of people who have been in bronze for years. > I'm really thinking on either get boosted (I know, pretty low of me to think about that) Yes, this is extremely low and it will only make it worst for you. Let's just say that he helped you reach silver or gold. And then what? You're just gonna start losing non stop and demoting until you're back in bronze again. And that huge losing streak while feeling useless and a weight for your teams will destroy you even more. Please don't do that, you'll just hurt yourself. You can play normals and focus on them. After all the objective is to enjoy your time and have fun while constantly improving. You'll get better with time and then you can go back to ranked and smash people. Btw, if you're not a toxic person, and want to give it some time, I can help you get out of bronze. Not by boosting you, but by teaching you how to play better. Add me ingame {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} > Again, sorry if I sound like I'm flaming, or hating on anyone... i'm just trying to be honest here. Thanks for reading. Not everyone is bad intentioned in league trust me
Would love to... but the thing is, I've somewhat of a rep for being somewhat toxic, and I mean it with all the honesty I got :/ but i don't know if it's because I hate losing or I keep looking for something to blame instead of aiming the blame towards myself. Yes, i know, having teammates flaming is one thing, and annoying too, BUT! I myself have got into trouble and lost some games where I flamed my team... and trust me, it sucks! So if I could take one advise from you (and others that are lovely people and only want to help out) that would be one thing: either get my attitude fixed ASAP or I'm not going anywhere!
: I am not kidding and he wasn't either :D If I start playing only Janna and I always queue with a Diamond friend, I may end up high Gold- low Platinum. Will you prefer having me on your team, or a Silver 1 Renekton who only plays solo? Think about it. -edit- > Wait, for real?? o_o I need to meet this friend of yours one day! No you don't. He always flames me, saying I have no hands to play monkaS {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Yea, I'm slowly seeing your point of view here: it would suck having a silver 1 D-bag on my team, and having a level-headed player like you (as you pointed out in your example) sounds alot nicer to have on the team. But on the other hand, and this is me being brutally honest... I'm quite a hothead myself, so who on earth would want me on the team ._. and I mean it with all honesty.
: Take the L :D In all seriousness, you need a 50-50 ratio to climb. If you cannot do this this season, you may be able to do it next. Ranked is mostly about mentality. But in the end, who cares about your Rank. The point is having fun and constantly improving. You'd be surprised by how many people are in Ranks they don't deserve to be. Who cares. Just make sure you win your lane and beat your opponent. That's all you need to be concerned with. A high elo friend once told me "I prefer a good solid high Gold player in my team from a b00sted low Diamond. The first one will play better". Seems like people prefer good teammates over flashy icons.
> A high elo friend told me once "I prefer a good solid high Gold player in my team from a b00sted low Diamond. The first one will play better". Wait, for real?? o_o I need to meet this friend of yours one day!
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: Player Bots in Coop vs. AI
You are not alone on this my good fellow. Just recently in a coop vs ai I had not one, but FOUR robots in that game (playing as Anivia, Ahri, Jarvan IV and Jayce) with three of them got to middle while the Jayce robot going to all lanes and fed when I tried out Malphite on top. I will agree with you that this is just ruining the experience for new players, and IMO this is getting WAY out of hand... I just hope Riot would just do something about it, but until they start taking this seriously, I can only recommend you report ANY script robot you see on your team.

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