Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: At 2) really? Those are rather basic kanji's. Only 至る is something like N3 or N2 level.
To be fair, my reading level is way below what it should be compared to my grammar/vocabulary. I can hold a conversation with relative ease, but I can't read worth jack.
: thank you very much for your advices ijust wonder .. is that smirnoff ice and vodka are more sweeter ?
Pure vodka? Oh hell naw. It tastes like acid and it goes down about as smoothly. Smirnoff Ice on the other hand, while also based on vodka, contains a good amount of sugar and fruit juice, so while you still feel the burn of the alcohol to some degree, the actual taste is closer to what you might be familiar with from juice/non-alcoholic cocktails. I'd just advise to start slowly if you're going to be starting off with these kinds of sweetened alcoholic beverages, since as i mentioned because of the sugar they hit harder than you think and it can happen pretty suddendly. There's a fine line between having a nice evening and retching out ur stomach in some toilet after you drank more than you could handle.
: 日本人友達を探している
1) You might wanna look for japanese people on the japanese server, just sayin. 2) You've only been learning japanese for 1 year and yet you know all those kanji? Ngl, that's kinda impressive. I've been at this crap for like 4 years now and I still can't read all of those...
: i need an off topic advices about drinking XD
Why bother getting used to it in the first place? You can just not drink it. There's no reason to force yourself to do it. If you don't like it, leave it. If you absolutely want to start drinking alcohol (even though I see no reason to, trust me, you won't be ostracized from society for not drinking) just go with the sweetened stuff. Eve (dunno if that's actually thing outside of switzerland), Smirnoff ice, cocktails that kinda thing. Be very careful tho, the sugar means you take up more of the alcohol so those things have a deceptively heavy kick to them. Still I'm gonna need to push my agenda here and suggest you just don't start drinking alcohol. It's cheaper, saves you calories and also lets you avoid various forms of organ damage later down the road.
: Did you guys receive any mission yet?
Nope. First mission should show up tonight after 20:00 CEST (since that corresponds to 1:00 PM PDT).
: Anniversary and Worlds 2019 tabs not showing up in my launcher
The anniversary rewards drop in the form of daily missions (at 1:00 pm PDT iirc every day) over the next 10 days that you can redeem until mid-november, so there is no need for you to do them on any specific day. So no need to rush. I think the reason you don't have the same home screen might be that you are not the same level or haven't played the same number of games since starting playing the game again. In any case, I'd come back tomorrow or on the weekend and see if you have some anniversary missions by then. If not, I'd contact riot support.
: Anniversary gifts please help me
They drop in the form of missions one per day and you have until mid-novemeber to redeem those missions. So no rush.
: Kaisa struggles overall.
But why even build stormrazor? I started playing kaisa a couple of days ago after completely giving up on top for the time being and I just build manamune, guinsoo's and nashor's and am having pretty ridiculous success with it considering I've barely played adc since I started league. So I honestly think kaisa is plenty strong. Also adcs don't need to be lane bullies. All u need to have is a decent mid game and kaisa has mid game damage in spades.
C4libur (EUNE)
: So, I won't be able to gain any of the 10 daily rewards, like that
Afaik rewards are granted through missions that are redeemable til mid-november, so you'll be fine.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Skeith24,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=R4fRlsIF,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-12T23:36:01.250+0000) > > he seems to have slowly reverted back to what he used to be. Not even close. First of all, he flames mostly on stream; he can do whatever he wants on stream. He doesn't troll anymore (unless you count picking Heimerdinger bot and actually trying to win as trolling); He doesn't int; He doesn't barrage the other players with insults and/or threats. He does banter a lot though. He displays what most would consider "mild toxicity". Let me remind you that not even him is immune to the punishment system. He has had his honour level go down during this season because of chat ban. He worked his way back to level 3: Basically, what I'm saying is, if he really is toxic like you think he is, he should be honour level 0 and probably with a temp-suspension on his head by now. The people he plays with need to report him for that to happen. Tyler is a smart dude. He knows he has eyes on him.
Tyler is a smart dude? I sincerely doubt that. This guy has all the intellectual prowess of a wet towel. That said, I agree that even he seems to have realized he can't pull the same stunts he used to. He's still an asshole, because that's what his whole persona is built around, but he's controlled about it.
: Who wins today? Fnatic or SKT T1?
How is this even a question. FNC's gonna wreck those fools.
Zedant (EUW)
: There is no point in winning tft for the first rounds
I disagree. You're worse in the carousel, but you have more freedom with how you econ if you win the early rounds.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I'll be completely honest. League boards aren't the best source of help when it comes to picking up grills.
Oh please, everyone knows the league community is an exclusive club consisting only of the finest, most alpha of chads. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
TieTheFox (EUNE)
: Why does Riot celebrate 10 years of LoL by ignoring players' voices?
The community never likes the new anything. Remember when they got rid of the old HUD? Everyone was outraged for like 4 weeks until they realized the new one is better in pretty much every conceivable way. Same thing every time. Listening to the community would only result in eternal stagnation. Sometimes you have to force people into their happiness.
GLurch (EUW)
: EU Boards Leaderboard
"This is not a war" And that my friend, is where you are wrong. This is a bloody battle to the bitter end. There is only victory or death. No mercy for the weak. Or for fools who think SKT wins their group.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Ranking the musics we've heard so far
1: Rise 2: Worlds Collide 3: Phoenix 4: Ignite (Finals remix) 5: Warriors 6: Legends Never Die
xStyrosx (EUNE)
: dog sh.. Song for normies, 3 grill champs. rise and warriors > any new sht {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: If this is hype for you, then what the %%%% is Rise then, armageddon? end of the world?
Rise was great, but not every song needs to be Rise. This is different, a bit softer sure, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad. It also fits really well with the visuals, and those are absolutely god-tier, better than Rise imo.
: The League of Legends Worlds 2019 Song! 🎧🎶
Hype AF. Would be cool to have another finals remix that goes a bit harder, but all in all the sound is great. And the visuals are out of this world as always. Now let's see FNC win this thing. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: what chroma you talking about? is for champs or wards?
The victorious chroma for champs I think.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadowflame,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=lP6KXkr0,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-10-08T17:40:46.001+0000) > > Ever seen that X in the top right corner? That's the exit button right there. thats a "close" button no exit button.
And the difference is? I'm guessing you mean a logout button but exit and close buttons are the same thing.
Sie7Benn (EUW)
: Talking about my first game (need advice/help)
1) I doubt the entire enemy team was smurfs. Some people who are completely new can still be surprisingly good if they have played Dota or HotS before, or they're just talented at this kind of thing. Not everyone better than you is automatically a smurf (something a lot of hardstuck silver/golds fail to understand even after years of playing). That said, smurfs certainly exist and you're going to have to get used to encountering them. They're usually filtered out and matched against other smurfs, but the system isn't perfect and it can sometimes take more than a few games to detect someone is smurfing. 2) Frustration is an inherent part of league. You'll have to make your peace with that if u intend to continue playing this game. You will have a lot of games that look like you're winning only for one teammate (or you) to make a critical mistake and lose it all. You will have games where some of your teammates (hopefully not you) decide to just stop playing a completely winnable game after 20 mins and go afk. You will have games where some moron announces in champ select he's going to troll for no reason other than that he can't have his preferred role. League can and will suck sometimes. But it's worth it overall imo. However, if u feel like the frustration is overwhelming, you might want to change how you approach games (Especially in the beginning, winning or losing really doesn't matter. In fact, it never actually matters unless you're playing professionally. So focus on improving and enjoying playing the game itself, rather than just winning).
: guess you got a different client
I'm just not using it on a toaster running MS-DOS with 2 GB of RAM that has been thoroughly abused by someone who doesn't know what they're doing.
: season 9 still no "exit" button. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Ever seen that X in the top right corner? That's the exit button right there.
: got nothing to lose. the outcome cant be worse than what riot did the last 10 years
The client that bugs out what, like once a month at most? Oh no, truly the worst thing imaginable... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
No they couldn't, considering millions of reports get filed every single day they would need tens of thousands of workers to actually go through them, which is simply ridiculous. Also what's the point of outsourcing a job to real people when you have an automated system that does it reasonably well already?
: how long until riot hires a student that fixes their client?
"you could literally hire a student who specifically is into client design, pay him in 2 pizzas a day and he makes you a better client in 1 month."
: Is it just my tough luck or?
Nah, that checks out. Had roughly the same experience.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Worlds 2019
It's either G2 or FPX for me. I'd be massively surprised if Korea made it past quarters.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadowflame,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3RbXPAyL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-06T10:44:47.318+0000) > > Because the advantage you get by playing duo is negligible. Also being allowed to play the "main" ranked queue with a friend encourages more people to play it, which is good for riot's business. "negligible" huh? Sure it is....
Outliers. Your average duo doesn't contain a dia+ smurf. Also u can still play lulu twitch even if you're not premade and have almost the same results, since the combination is pretty damn easy to pull off.
: Why is it not just solo in "solo queue"?
Because the advantage you get by playing duo is negligible. Also being allowed to play the "main" ranked queue with a friend encourages more people to play it, which is good for riot's business.
: Successful clash without a crash!!
: Clash finally worked almost properly and THAT is what you are gonna be complaining about? Can't you be happy it worked for once?
Also you lost like the grand total of 3 hours that it takes to play clash and that's only if u get to finals. So yeah, it's really not a big deal.
Zedant (EUW)
: Sadly for us normal players the server were slow AF. But atleast someone enjoyed it.
What? It went pretty damn smooth for all of us. A few hiccups here and there with the client, but other than that no lags, no sudden errors, and no crashing and burning of the entire thing in general. I'd say this was a success. Here's to hoping tomorrow goes just as well.
: For all of you who really want to become gold+
Been playing in plat for a few seasons now, and in all that time I've seen like maybe 10-20 ppl that were legit smurfing from master+. Everyone else either fed their ass off and then claimed "lol I'm just not trying, Idc about this acc it's not my main" (yeah, sure it isn't buddy) or was virtually indistinguishable from an average gold/plat player in terms of skill. I really don't think the whole "smurf" thing is a big issue.
: check this out i came across this a few weeks ago one guy posted a similar video here on boards
Don't really see anything wrong there. This is exactly what I was saying. It's a problem of perspective. Ahri's heart visual is a pseudo-3d shape floating above the ground, whereas the hitbox calculation is done in a 2D plane somewhere around "ground level" afaik, so at the very edge of it's range the heart appears to go further than the actual hitbox due to the observer's perspective (which is slightly diagonal instead of looking down perfectly vertically). It can appear odd, but this can't be "fixed" unless you change the observer perspective. Trying to somehow calculate the hitboxes of the actual shape of the projectile in 3D space is not only pretty expensive in terms of computing power, I doubt it's even possible to do since it would require changing how the game works on a very fundamental level.
Aechidna (EUW)
: Can we change the name of Teamfight TACTICS???
Tactile --> touchable Tactical --> related to tactics Other than that I agree, TFT could really use some toning down of its RNG elements.
: So again i've come to the boards to tell that riot games dont listen to its playerbase
"instead of actually looking into posts like this which are way more important" Yes, you not being able to dodge or understand how hitboxes work is obviously a pressing problem for riot games and the community as a whole {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Your post had no substance whatsoever, ofc riot won't bother commenting on something like that. "Fix hitboxes" doesn't even mean anything. Most hitboxes work as intended. Sometimes hitboxes don't perfectly coincide with the visual input but that is not a bug most of the time. It's just that due to perspective and the projectile width some hitboxes can be slightly wider than their visual. The only way to "fix" those hitboxes would be to simply reduce their width, which is nothing but a straight up nerf. There are a few things that are actually bugged (yasuo's windwall) but I highly doubt riot needs you to tell them to fix things that are obviously not working as intended.
Endellion (EUW)
: Oh shit they worked us out!
Inform Skynet at once. The fleshbags must not get away with this knowledge. Initiate the judgement day protocol.
: why the new chat feature is unhealthy for league.
Wait a second. We can turn off chat now? YES!!!
Dandy MVP (EUNE)
: Strongest 1 vs 1 Champ in Tournament ?
Probably mordekaiser atm if we're talking actual fights post lvl 6. However, you could argue going in favor of a lane bully ranged carry like caitlyn or jayce as well. Range vs melee is almost always favored towards the ranged champ, and since in aram 1v1s the early game matters a lot, you probably don't want to run the risk of getting bullied early by an opponent who has the range advantage over you. Personally I'd go with jayce, since he has both range and strong poke, but can still stand his ground against a lot of melee opponents when they get close to him.
: Opinions on new project skins?
Still no project riven... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Firon 09 (EUW)
: I got a perma ban but do I deserve it ?
: I bet you play with a joystick
Ah yes, I see you must be a true intellectual to have comprehended the infinite depth of the gameplay old morde offered. There was so much nuance to pressing R and waiting for your opponent to die after all. I just enjoy having the og morde from season 3 back on the rift. Not the abomination with no actual purpose that morde has been for the past 3 seasons since riot decided to turn him into a bot laner for some reason I still fail to understand.
: Mordekaiser is the worst rework so far
Excuse me what? He's hands down the best rework so far.
Shamose (EUW)
: Don't worry guys there is nothing wrong with the client. It all works as intended.
Breaking news: A Program has bugs!!!11!! In other headlines: Water is still wet!
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why are people asking about Legendary Kill?
What even is legendary kill? I should have been around to see it but i dont remember anything of that name.
: German in English client.
Not as long as you call it a "Reviel" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Aye, you do seem to have a worryingly strong point there! D: The game seems more balanced around the tiny pro-play scene with all the absurb damage and spectacle in the small group of "cool" champions. Then Riot pushes watching those pro-play games. Definitely a worry! ^^
The game is balanced around pro-play because that makes sense. You should always balance around the best players. If you balance around average players, that just means that you can get really good at one champion that's ok when played at the normal aka mediocre level, but super broken when actually played well and abuse it to win basically every time. Imagine balancing azir around the average azir player. A good azir could 1v9 every single game. And the fast paced meta isn't due to the pro scene. That change was made because people complained games were too slow.
: Racism . Pure Racism
Religion: *Incites hatred, bigotry and violence for centuries* People: *You know what, screw religion* Religion:
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