: Why is Riot ruining their own game?
the founders of riot games have made so much money, they dont have to care about anything anymore
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: no, the buffs dont make a difference. draven's problem is still the same: the adc's that outrange him in lane are still really strong, he struggles vs hard engage supports( its weird cuz he wants his support to be like leona or nautilus but the enemy support to be lulu or sona so that they just gangbang them over and over again), but right now its always leona vs nautilus, except when both are banned, and even then there is still thresh and blitz. he just cant kill the tank supports in lane, not reliably at least , and because he is immobile and always has to keep catching his axes he is not great at teamfighting either.
yea i noticed he is very ssusceptible to poke aswell. anything that has poke kills him pretty hard. so yeah i got demoted now playng him for a couple games. but thats it too badi wanted to give him a chance because he seems fun but he sucks
: what this sounds like to me is cute excuses for not being able to win your lane
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Voltago (EUW)
: We need more bans Riot
true. we need to mroe bans. there are too many broken champions that you cant bant all of them. so every game you play against disgusting aids champions
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Kaluchii (EUW)
: ADC Tier List Patch 10.2
dont agree. imo every adc that relies on storm razor is crap now. they overnerfed the item. caitlyn is pretty shit tier now. you really wanna go for miss fortune she stomps everyone
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: bot lane has less impact then 2 minion waves on top lane
Wolferk (EUNE)
: LoL was best MOBA I ever knew, LoL is garbage now. Stop making new champs, please!
: I agree with you, i play lol ever since closed beta, game was fun before and was okish untill 2015, after that it becomed this shit fest. With the bans you spoton, insetad forcing the chat filter rito wants to ban ppl, and thefore nobody uses the chat anymore. And yes ranked now its all about counter pick and oneshots.
: Thanks for everything. Good bye.
why dont you get soem hobbies besides gaming? start working out and build confidence
Saaber (EUW)
: Fixing nautilus suggestion
no. the biggest issue with nautilus is his clearly his R. He presses it and you re good to go. Make it a skillshot.
BlackiePapa (EUNE)
: So...Why This abomination you dare to call Mordekaiser Exists?
put some respect on my homie morderkaiser boyyy before i end your top lane career in a single game
Gâlahad (EUW)
: Well i know this feeling. I was shocked how bad this season started, so i made an excel sheet to record my games and what happened. I'm not joking I had more than every third game one afk or ragequitter. I even had someone who went for a walk with his dog during the ranked and called me a "%%%%%%%%%%%%" after I told him that you don't queue up for ranked if you know that you might have to leave. The funny thing: my enemy Teams had 1 afk only 1 match and they were able to remake. I even had 1 game with 1 afk/leaver and we still couldn't remake although the afk/leaver was disconnected. So we just had to lose 4 vs 5... I never ever had such a bad experience in LoL ranked like this season.
lmao, i actaully afked one ranked today because i had bad diarrhea and my stomach started to go crazy
Joe 2nd (EUNE)
: In last 15 games I didnt have a single troll. Maybe I am just lucky or you call every player that doesn't have good game troll.
add me i will troll ur ranked
Silent Note (EUNE)
: How do you farm midgame when your team is ARAM-ing?
push side lanes and take turrets...
: NERF Diana !
lol i permaban her every ranked game. just do the same
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: ***
nah oldschool akali u bought a pink ward and she was dead.
Wex0r (EUW)
: Its not a Smurf its Aram / mastery account for the most part my ranked account only has 10 champions unlocked and only play flex on it. If you got a Diamond 3 or higher account in flex you could join me and the guys we play after midnight mostly, i will even use my ban for Akali if you promiss to ban {{champion:111}}. I play mostly tank Supports but can Karma or Nami if you prefer.
sure bud stop lying to urself
you are right NERF %%%%ING AKALI
: > [{quoted}](name=OddOwl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RJkdGWEf,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-14T21:34:54.856+0000) > > Hello everyone > > I would like to talk about the current state of Twitch and give some suggestions on how to make him more viable {{champion:29}} since this is the year of the rat in the lunar calendar. > Twitch is one of my absolute favorite champions. Unfortunately he is very frustrating to play this season (and the last few seasons). I think the main reason for that is his kit/abilities. It's very hard for Twitch to get any advantageous trades in the botlane. He has short range, bad base stats (except **attack speed**) and doesn't get much stronger per level until 6. > All of his abilities scale very poorly. Twitch is all about auto attacking, if he can't do that he does basically no damage. Pretty much every adc can just throw out 1 or 2 abilites to trade, Twitch can't. He needs to get a fully stacked **passive** on someone and even then it seldom swings the trade in his favor because **E** is his only damage ability and the passive does extremely little damage even fully stacked. Poor Twitch is basically a glorified cannon minion until level 6. > > Lets talk about his passive. Twitch passive does an incredible low amount of damage, even when fully stacked. Enemies can outheal a fully stacked (6 stacks of venom) Twitch **passive** with a simple potion until he is level 9. I would like to compare it to similar dot passives, like Darius{{champion:122}} and Brand's****{{champion:63}} **** passive. Darius gets a **strong bleed, tons of ad and movespeed** when fully stacking his passive on someone. Brand get an **% max hp dot** that increases with every spell hit and it turns into an **aoe nuke at 3 stacks. ** > Both passives are strong but more importantly, they feel very rewarding to pull off. When you play Darius and Brand and you fully stack the passive you feel good about it and it has an impact on the game. When Twitch fully stacks his passive I don't feel anything, it's just whatever. That's very bad from a gameplay perspective in my opinion. When you pull off something correctly you should feel rewarded but that feeling is just not there with the Twitch passive. > I don't think Twitch **passive** should be as powerful as the ones I mentioned above but it needs a buff. Give it some **ad scaling**, or make it do something extra at max stacks. For example let it add **grievous wounds, armor reduction, mana cost increase (for the enemy), a small slow**, anything really. > > **His Q** is probably his best ability together with his ulti. I don't think it needs any changes. Maybe slightly more **attack speed per level**. Currently it only gets **+ 5% and +1 sec duration.** > > **His W **slow the enemies by **25 % (+5% per level)** and adds passive stacks if they stand in the aoe. I don't think this ability needs any changes if his passive gets buffed but as it is it feels very lackluster. Unless in ideal scenarios enemies will move out of it instantly and will only get 1 or 2 stacks of venom on them. The slow is very weak and many champs nowadays have dashes/jumps. It has the same problem as his passive. It feels very underwhelming even if they stay in it for the full duration. A few ways to go about buffing his W:** more slow, bigger radius, adds some kind of debuff after enemies stay in it X seconds, for example armor reduction/silence etc.** > > **His E** is fine to be honest. I don't really have any problems with it. It feels balanced and rewarding enough to me to no want any significant changes. There's actually one aspect I was thinking about. If **his passive **remains unchanged it would be cool if **his E** at least refreshed the venom duration. That way you would maybe pick up a few extra kills when **the E** is just short of damage to kill someone. It would make his passive feel more useful and also open up some new trading patterns in the botlane. > > **His R ** is what makes Twitch stand out from the rest of the champions, that and his stealth and ambush potential as an adc champion (if he doesn't fall behind, which he does very often currently). However there are two things I would want to change. Firstly, putting extra ability points into it feels very lackluster. You get **+10 ad** per point, thats it. I don't want it to give more ad considering how it interacts with **his Q** and **E ** but maybe reduce the cooldown by a few seconds per point. > Secondly, the auto attacks made during** the R** are **dodgeable**. The enemies can **walk, dash and flash out** from the autos. This is a very annoying aspect when playing Twitch. Especially early levels when you have low attack speed and every attack counts. It would be cool if the projectile speed was faster, making it more difficult for enemies to simply walk out of range/line of fire. > > Those are my thoughts about Twitch in his current state and his abilities. Obviously I don't want everything about him to get buffed. He definitely needs some love though and now is a perfect time (year of the rat), and I think **his passive** is a good place to start because it's the most unrewarding/weak part of his kit. > Thanks for reading if you made it this far :) The only thing that can make Twitch viable is gutting all assassins.
well, if you nerf all assassins they become useless. we already had this situation. if an assassin cannot do his job and assassinate someone he is worthless.
: Aphelios nerfs are a joke. This champion needs to be destroyed in order to be balanced
yeah its impossible to balance this champion. his kit is ridiculously overloaded. when im laning against aphelios sometimes i dont even know wtf is happening to me.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Blitzcrank, Nautilus, Thresh I hate playing against hook champs (started banning blitz after the hook range buff)
blitz is crappy because his combo 100-0s an ADC, same for natuilus. so yeah "support"
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Kaluchii (EUW)
: Worst experience SOLOQ so far in 10 years.
this is normal, when i dont feel like playing i just int my lane too
: What is an effective way to jungle and should I really ignore a losing lane?
drop jungling, stomp your lane, easiest way to climb. The best way to climb imo is to get fed top. A fed bruiser is gg. Imagine a fed morde or darius he 1vs5 the ennemy.
Luqiez (EUW)
: Nerf Fizz !!
fizz is annoying as fk i agree. he needs to stay targetable during his E. there is no counter to his R, E, W, Q combo... Like literally faceroll across they keyboard to get kills
: I bet u never heard of this long forgotten item called QSS
it doesnt do jackshit fool, it lowers your stats when u qss out of R
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: 8 win 2 lose = bronze 3
this game is pure shit now
Shaebadu (EUW)
: tired of the new support meta
swain support is actualyl aids
: Or take Malphite bot.. Thats annoying as well
like legit all the support champions are worse than mages, assassins. they killed off all the cool supports lulu, nami, alistar, and so on
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Scott1sh (EUW)
: Has League lost its touch?
of course everything comes to an end just like world of warcraft used to be good now its shit and dieing off. a game stops popping after some time thats the nature of everyting nothing lasts forever. when a game stops popping companies usually start to deliver to the masses which usually means making the game casual friendly which has happened to league of legends obviously. (dragon timers, and so forth....)
: Morde is broken with conqueror
the only broken is your hand from jerking off too much to anime
Majordx (EUW)
: So because a champ is played more often he should get nerf?Who the %%%% agree with this lel.He is not op at all. Why should a champ get nerf if his not overpowered..People this days man.
yea, lee sin is not overpowered if you dont make stuff happen early game you re done. lee sin falls off hard. you need to get things rolling early....
: Whole camping based jungling meta is totally stale and repetetive. The whole jungle meta has been so repetetive since pre-season 10: {{champion:64}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:20}} Has been circle jerking off in a ring for months now. These champs just clear 2 camps here and there and sit on lane the rest of the time.
oMehzinyy (EUNE)
: Why did riot rework Diana
they reworked her for the new skin. anyways ive been perma banning diana ever since she got her rework. shes stupid op
Quimsi (EUW)
: People are MONSTERS in ranked
if u suck ill let u know straight up. gtfo my ranked games im trying to climb and win
: Gaining no lp in placements
the system they made it so you invest more time into the game and negelect your real life even more. so you fail school and college and have no friends
Shaebadu (EUW)
: my placements so far
so i finished 5-5 and it put me into iron 1 LOL
Ch0pCh0p (EUW)
: Placements, inters each game
i feel your frustration. my placements were utter crap aswell. like i already said if you want better games, wait a month until everything gets spread out. right now you ll be playing with irons, bronze, plats mixed... Thats why you ll have a feeder in almost every game most likely because there is a huge skill gap in one lane and the lane gets stomped...
: Please explain lp gain in placements
i mean if i get placed far below gold like iron for instance im just gonna get an account off of the bay cost like 15 to get a gold one i dont really have the time to grind have a job
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