: Bug splat - 6.24
same here since 6.24 and never had before
TheSaryo (EUW)
: Some advice on Warwick?
Skarner is the better WW imo... pretty much the same champ. Runspeed/attackspeed steroid mixed ad and magic dmg and flash suppres after 6. Only that skaner ult can acutally pull people into you, he has a slow/stun and way faster clear. Btw Zac is very easy to play aswell!!!
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S0kaX (EUNE)
: Platinum with 2 golds in ranked? WTF, RITO why?
https://s3.postimg.org/93v0zlolv/Nice_Matchmaking.jpg Look at this pure balance... if Bjergsen get some more practice against such high lvl player EU might have a chance at Worls xD
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: I need coaching/advice from a Diamond+ Riven main
Watch BoxBox on Twitch. Other then that... people in your elo mostly suck at playing the Map and finishing games. So either abuse them failing on that or... just learn how to play the map or finish games. Especially Riven players tend to suck at using their lead to do something usefull for the team. RIven has super toxic lanephase and beats pretty much any champ lvl 1-6. So what to do after that? Well you got sick mobility and waveclear! that means you can do the following after outpushing or killing your enemy-> - Take your Jungle - Take enemy Jungle - Roam mid - Lanegank bot and tp back to lane. - Deepward enemy jungle, kill enemy jungle. - After taking 1-2 turrets top Swap lanes with bot and take bot turrets. - After taking 1-2 turrets top Swap lanes with mid and take mid turrets. - Use lanepressure to take Drakes, Herald . Will force enemy toplaner to either lose alot of farm or lose out on objectives. And! Allways play the lane like you have no jungle on your team. That will put you in a diffrent mindset and you will start to play alot better from behind. Everyone gets ganked and everyone has to play 2v1 lanes almost every game. Thats nothing special and is not your jungles fault. LCS player have to deal with stuff like this every single game. They cant even go to lane sometimes and just help the jungle clear his stuff faster. If you cant touch your cs cause you are 0/3 behind and woud lose 80% hp for that and then get dived. Just dont touch them... even 30cs down wont lose you the game. If 3 people hardcore camp... just leave tower even if you have to drop 30cs for that. That sounds simple but in a real game almost no one does that and even if they do its super tilting. But i can tell you its very frusttrating to play against a player who does that. SUPER hard to snowball on a player who knows exactly when he woud die and just backs out a second before that woud happen. They will eventually get cocky and overextend to much and BOOM 3 kills... and you are back on track.
: Do you think, Matchmaking system is wrong? if iyou think so why?
You are lvl 21? That means you are very new to the game and the system will match you with people who also got only very few games. ITs hard for the System to judge someones skill in early lvls. You might get someone on a second account that has 5000 games on his main account and is a high diamond player (top 0,1% playerbase) or a new player whos playing a champ for the first time. It will get better later on. I for example havent seen someone at gold, silver or bronze rank for a long time. In any game... aram, normals nor ranked or even in fun modes like urf. So it will get more balanced.
: Teemo is love, Teemo is life
Nashor's tooth is core on teemo. Not just because of the as/onhit also because of the 20% cdr. Teemo biggest strenght is to shroom up before objectives(drake-baron) or before major teamfights in choke points or when you rotate from lets say mid to bot while taking towers. It jsut lets you load up alot more shrooms for that matter.
: WTF i got crit ???
114 probably a krit reflect from thornmail.
: Question To Uni students
YES OMG!... dont listen to these kids. They only write this to feel better about playing to much. Or those who fucked up and quit university cause they played to much wont write anything about it. If you want to play Games you can play singleplayer games such as fallout 4, Witcher 3 and GTA 5... BUT DONT PLAY ONLINE GAMES AT ALL you will at least get 30% better grades. Cause just 1h more study per day is allready makes a HUGHE diffrence.
: This meta it's for all
Yes! I like this meta too... the only thing i dont like is the tp toplane. It was way more action top when you still had ingite it was just way higher kill potential. yorick has synergy with great teamfight champs like vlad, kata or azir... they do the combo and come back and with full hp as ghost and can clean up the fight. I woud say hes a better pick then nasus whos considered as "op" while he dies even faster then most other tanks "mao, voli, gragas for example" and just gets kitet... while yorik has range spells at least and ult to bring a carry back to the game.
Shaftie (EUW)
: Bug after the game was over!
So im back after having lunch... and what a suprise! Still "reconnect"... to game that never existed in the first place.
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: In the tank meta:
1.8k crit... ? such skills? did you hack the game? you woud need at least12 itemslots to krit 1,8k on 300 armor... its 50%(70% before lw) reduce even with lw. That means you need 3600 crit on no armor thats even with 250% from ie... 1440 ad.... if you count mastery in its about 1300ad. So you need at least 12 itemslots baron and drake to get this attackdmg. And even dravens q dmg doesnt scale with krit... so its only additional dmg. Means even on draven you woud need 10 itemslots.
Kedrex (EUW)
: Im getting drophacked/ghost game literally every other game... Is anyone else experiencing this?
DrakeXwow (EUW)
: Vayne - 2x Pentas - level 27 Learning
Hi! well wasnt like tooo bad but i think you lack some basics... your q spell resets your autoattacks and it is on a 2s cooldown(can go down even lower with some cdr or bluebuff) that means you can use it after every second autoattack during mid game. So just autoattack and use your q right after and your next autoattack will come out right after the tumble animation is finished no matter what attackspeed you have. the other thing you need to know is your e adds silverbolt stacks. That means you can for example auto->reset with q-> and e to get the 3rd stack off to trade in lane. It works the best if you watch his cs when ever hes about to take a cs especial a large or cannon minion you shoud wait till he goes for it then he has 2 choices lose gold or he has cooldown on his autoattack and you will outtrade him realy hard. But sometimes you need the q to dodge spells or just to go invis... so you need to know when to use q to maxmise your dmg or just keep it to avoid or outplay or repostion in teamfights.
Rich (EUW)
: Unconventional Support picks?
Pick tanky! Tanky sups are just broken in this meta... Ill tell you what realy works Malphite: High base stats, high basedmg without items(higher basedmg then annie on q+w with his q+e. Shild( refresh it before trades), attackspeed reduce on e, slow and knockup. Very high range on r so you wont need wait for the long cd on flash to initate or to make picks midgame. Volibear: Very high base dmg and base health, he has a slow and a nice pull he can pretty much 2v1 kill most ad carrys at lvl 6 cause he gets like 70 extra magicdmg on hit with 60% attackspeed steroid and take half the ad carry hp with just w used as a finisher. Nautilus: Hes shines when your team lacks cc or peel for a hypercarry... he brings so much cc its just retarded. Also very high basedmg on all spells!!! Pantheon: Brings poke, cc and early tankyness from his block passive especialy good against only aa carrys like vayne! But he will fall off lategame compared to other tanky sups but you gain a global ult to pressure or defend objectives like turrets or drakes.
: About AA range indicator
y plz range indicator, attackmove bot so you wont fail and run in the wrong direction! And plz rito we need better recomended items, a special program shoud watch over enemy items and tell us what items to buy (or just remove all items) and plz remove the fog of war i cant even see where the fucking jungle runs around i want to push all game without getting punished for it.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: Your personal best games of all time?
1. Commander Keen 2 2. Commander keen 4 3. finaly fantasy 7 4. tekken 2 5. street figther 2 6. LBA 2 7. Dune 2 8. Warcraft 2 9. Starcraft 10. Gta 2


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