: Just out of curiosity please, 6'4 and 250 pounds, does it make you look muscular or fat, cuz im confused, sorry no offense pls!
Hahaha I go to work, gym then home daily. If i was fat I'd say bro!
: Hey! I went to check on your match history. Your recent winrate is 30%. I don't know how you managed to grind it, but I'm impressed by this 30% alone. That and you complaining about teammates, raging, afk, inting and people playing badly when you barely go even on k/d in most games, if not just outright int yourself. But hey, I won't be too hard on you, your cs is good and you buy wards, maybe it really is the teammates in ELO hell that's holding you back. Can't talk about your macro play, but hey, we can hope you're good. Really really though, in all seriousness, people aren't going to boycott it. If everyone who say "boycott ranked on someone else's status" decided to do the same and make their own status that as well, nothing would change. Riot can't read people's minds, riot can't police like "Yup, this guy's gonna have to afk the first 3 minutes of the game to take a shit. He's jungle too. Banned". But what I'm most surprised by is you being "hopeful". Like, you think noone else goes through this? You're not the only one getting leavers, inters and flamers damnit. That stomp you had x days ago? Enemy was trolling. The 60 minute game you won? An enemy had to go take a shit or something. The system balances out (roughly, depends on how long a period you look at. Yes, that one game with an afk seemed unfair, but how many afk-s have you faced overall/had overall?). That's why riot won't (and quite frankly, can't) do anything about it. Sincerely. A silver scrub. P.s. You'd think that in plat you'd have gotten this by now.
My brother, My win rate doesn't give you all the information on what happened in the game. Player behaviours, peoples chat in game, team morale and my KDA. If league of legends was based on purely statistics where would it go. Some players in solo queue masters and higher have less than 50% win rates does that make them bad players ? My problem is the overall community and the inability to police it. You can give your outlook on me all you want. I appreciate it, it helps me to improve. However dont forget the other factors in a 5 vs 5 team game. My impression is the higher you get the skill level is better no? The ranked players are LESS likely to be emotionally unstable. But hey. It happens. Try again next season with half the amount of games Respect
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Ceausescu (EUW)
: 2 AFK in my ranked game.
bro. I got to d3. now plat 1 again. stop playing ranked. check my match history watch my games. d4 elo my bot went 0-13. 0-6 inside 5 mins just losing 2 vs 2. instead of doing anything they flamed and afk'd.
: I'm tired of this game
Preacher brother. Its not any different in D4. Recently got there and it's by far the most toxic, hateful and full of weak minded people who cant take it if they fall behind. The most recent one he missed 3 cs and a cannon minion and afk'd. I died xD. Who wants to duo season 10 lol I play mid / top / jungle have a 65-70% win rate :)
: How to deal with a 14 loss streak mostly caused by others?
Mate, I Feel your pain. I'm in d4. Check my match history. I was one win away from D3. Then in came the trolls. 4 of 5 games had an afk after giving FB up. I had premades that stated they wouldn't lose the game but would kinda troll. An 0-13 top laner in 15 minutes haha. I stopped ranked. Will attempt again next season. People dont wanna play and if they do get behind they dont have the mental capacity to fight back because they are weak. Take a break. I've found since reaching D4 you cant control the stupidity of others and its 10x harder to carry a game when its 3 vs 5.
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