: https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286#h1q2
That is the Instant feedback system for flaming and feeding. Leaverbuster is seperate from that.
: You can find all those informations in your support page. Now there are only "offenses". You can be automatically busted if you go afk or use some specific words, but if people report you any of this offense could lead to a ban.
Can you link me an article? I can only seem to find the leaverbuster faq
: Yep, it's different.
And where is this change documented? I can't seem to find it.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=q2kARsLY,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2020-01-26T21:18:27.420+0000) > > There are no bans for leaving games. > > Only low priority queues Nah, if you constantly leave games, you'll get banned eventually
Is that a recent change? In season 5 I used to afk all the time, getting 20 min low priority every time, not once a ban though.
: LoR replays?
Not as of now.
: No, it's not ok. This is how the game works. You can like it or not, but you got to play with that. You still can afk, of course, that will get you to a ban sooner or later.
There are no bans for leaving games. Only low priority queues
Tuumajuzz (EUW)
: I get 6 mecha kingdom tokens when i win in ranked
M5 Exense (EUW)
: Sett not found in champion select when sorting by role
The lane sorting is done by looking at what champions were played in those roles the patch before. Sett didn't exist last patch so he isn't in there yet.
: that link looks shady
"v.redd.it" is the video hosting service behind Reddit. When you upload videos directly onto reddit it goes there. Nothing shady about it.
: not me i am saying riot can do that and it will make players feel much better
So you want riot to lobby against the current privacy laws because you want to know who you got banned?
: Mecha Kingdoms event. New Mecha Kingdoms skins. Isn't that "an event with skins" ?
Can you even remember an event without skins? I can't.
: changing report rules
If you can change the privacy laws this can happen.
People should stop thinking Riot aren't fixing the client because they don't want to. They definitely want to fix it, they are just too incompotent to do so.
The Ghoat (EUW)
: Why delete my post?
If your post was acutally deleted you should see a notification in the top right next to the exclamation mark. However, you just posted on the NA boards instead and are now asking on the EU boards why it's gone. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/4tr7Eanu-cant-say-bad-things-about-china
: game doesn´t show on my mobile I mean I can see it in development, but not ready
It's PC only at the moment.
: yes but how is a skin allowed in competitive play if it is only in pbe?
That skins was already added to the game on patch 10.1, it just hasn't been released yet.
: First Time Sett and this is what happened.
It's like the old darius pull.
MrKristo4 (EUW)
: Very annoying technical problem of the game
Almost every skillshot in the game suffers from the Lollipop effect. It's seemingly a normal hitbox but for some reason it get's bigger at the end. But hey, it's just a small indie company, they don't have the manpower to fix it.
CMPlays92 (EUW)
: I do not make insult. You must learn what this is before you speak yes. Now go bed. Is late for you yes.
You said I am not a nice person. That's clearly insulting to me.
CMPlays92 (EUW)
: Yes. You are not nice person.
Come on now, you don't have to resort to insulting others to get your point across. I have reported your comment and screenshotted it.
CMPlays92 (EUW)
: It is okay that you delete your comment. I already report it and I also make a screenshot of it. You are very bad for community.
Yeah I was so bad for the community that I had to be removed from the forums for about an hour.
CMPlays92 (EUW)
: You are proof Riot does not care. If Riot cares you are not member of this community. This is not way to welcome new player.
Welcome to the game, here is the truth. Deal with it.
CMPlays92 (EUW)
: Missions...
These missions are here to celebrate the start of the new ranked season. They aren't supposed to be for new players.
: The old one was much more stable than this one , while not completely flawless , It was stable at the very least > I'm not crying to get the old client back because I believe that you too are looking forward to improving every aspect of your game but It should be at the cost of your clients' comfort , I want something that works and works with stability be the old client or the new one with smooth performance.
Maybe before the new champ select got released. Are you actually forgetting that the old client was really buggy at the end?
AlexFl36 (EUNE)
: my account have been hacked - please help
> but simple question what can I do more? Nothing. No one here can help you. Waiting for and working with Riot Support is your best chance.
: Just bring back the old client !
Tell me why anyone would revert to a client where half the things running today wouldn't even work? Do people not remember that the old client was actually just 2 clients stringed together in a shitty RTE?
: Season 2014 was the last time
It's either season 4 or season 2014. Season 14 doesn't exist.
Cynlae (EUW)
: LoR Barrier - Overwhelming Interaction
Barrier says it prevents damage the unti would take. Why would it prevent damage dealt to the nexus aswell?
Rioter Comments
: All Chat Option in Settings
All chat is used when you begin your message with "/all" Even when all chat is turned on you won't be sending messages to enemies without using the prefix "/all"
Rioter Comments
Carrimi (EUW)
: I predict that your VPN came with a killswitch that you forgot you've turned on. It's killing your Internet connection when you disconnect from it.
Would that Killswitch kick in randomly while playing a game though? OP said he doesn't normally use his VPN much.
Dramidan (EUW)
: ATM I cannot access a number of websites and games without having my VPN turned on.
I'd say just contact your ISP. You've tried the usual fixes on your end. Maybe your ISP can fix it for you.
: how to climb without carrying
Play champions with easy to follow engage. Kled, Gnar and Kennen. Kled has a sound effect telling your team to run the %%%% in. Gnar has a bar tied to his engage potential. And with Kennen if you engage on a team you'll have a shot at killing a squishy before any one can even react, after that stunning the rest.
: Leaving Legends of Runeterra
Press escape or click on the cogs in the top right and the options will open. "Exit game"- and "Logout" buttons are there.
: ADC Toplane is often game loosing. True or not ?
They crush lanes and get outscaled hard. If you can't capitalize on the early lead you're pretty much done.
: i think it is clear tbh but i do not like knowing they have the right to end my account for not logging in
Not without notifing you and giving you the opportunity to keep it active.
: Riot should make permabanned accounts get their skins back on new accounts.
Then why permabann accounts at all? It's the losing everything you have thing that makes perma bans a punishment
Wolity (EUW)
: Nami and boots?
http://pre01.deviantart.net/4c39/th/pre/f/2014/209/7/7/____a_boot_to_the_head_____by_axlrosie-d7spdav.png [Axlrosie on deviantart](https://www.deviantart.com/axlrosie/art/A-Boot-To-The-Head-471476119)
Armathyx (EUW)
: To all you kids who think being 2nd in TfT is good enough
Rioter Comments
: Riot mentioned in a video they want to release more skins, so that might explain it.
Then tell OP that instead of a non-answer.
: The skins are already in the client, you can see them in collection. Why wouldn't skins be able to drop before a new patch?
Because usually only one set of skins is added each patch. The fact that 3 different skin lines are added in one patch is an anomaly.
: Does it really matter though? They added the release date.
OP is just curious how it's possible for new skins to drop before a new patch.
Roxãs (EUW)
: New skins coming 22 January, patch comes 23 January
The data for those skins already shipped with patch 10.1 but weren't released.
Naniup (EUW)
: How can someone be an ex diamond then gold1 with 34% winrate..And they say luck isnt a factor to climb.
It's called boosting.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: I got matched with a player that hasnt played since 2014 on Ranked?
HighM0on (EUW)
: Blocked account
1 Million USD.
: XP Boosts should be stored in loot
Then get a boost for wins and not days.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Life Of An Adc ( Sketch )
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