: Online gaming keeps all the autistic psychopaths busy flaming other people, so they wont be out in the open doing any serious damage.
not everyone who is autistic is like that you dont even know how it is to be one, i like myself needto live like that everyday, stop putting everyone in boxes
: The first time I played against Karthus, when he pressed ult I was like: OMFG OH NO IM GONNA DIE WHAT THE FUCK GOD PLEASE HELP ME. I was so fucking terrified xD. It was scarier than a horror movie. But then I found out what that champ is and I fell in love with him too, I just loved him so much but idk why I always picked him as double top or support just like fiddle even tho I got most of the kills as support too because I would get rekt so hard solo lane
I totaly agree with you haha first time i saw him i was like OW CRAP NOOOOOOO! same as {{champion:56}} xD but he is idd a funny champ to play but has too much counters and imo need some loving
: What are your thoughts on the whole Brexit matter? (Friendly Topic Please)
I'm not from Britain, but come on all the bloody shit about economy and such what happend before this whole focking EU filling pockets shit exactly, we had our own trade bargings ect so every country can do it again! more country's are gonna do it imo
Serpentine (EUNE)
I have played one game with my favorite snake but i cant decide if its actually good or bad, She just feels kinda odd
An0nymus (EUNE)
: Human Cassiopeia skin ( would be great ) !!
Would be a cool skin indeed, same as Pre-void Kassadin
Sanji2014 (EUNE)
: Achievements
No hell no, cos you get ppl in game who achievementhunt all day long and not playing the game itself, it has been asked many many times before
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Happy birthday Eambo
Happy Birthday Eambo, have a nice day
LSD Trip666 (EUNE)
: Can't change rune page name.
That happend to me 2 but i found out that if you change it and press Enter it changes, hope it helps
: Xin is not broken!!!
he isnt that strong anymore imo, for those who can remember when he first came out like me omg still have nightmares of it xD, that picture tho +1 hahah
duckarp (EUNE)
: [SUGGESTION] did someone steal your account???
Logged in to comment on this cos i see a lot of comparisons with blizzard, blizz doesnt only have the mobile app thing but also a little codegeneration device with costs 6 euro's so not only could they launce the mobile app but also create money with a device like that wich i prefer cos a mobile can be lost if you go out but the device wont cos it has no other use ;){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Rich (EUW)
: Can people stop using cancer as an adjective?
The word cancer is not a slang word in dutch, dutch ppl who were raised with values and morals would never use it in such negative way just to be clear on that but it happens and im really ashamed that im dutch on that matter


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