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: A talk about the state Syndra is in at the moment.
I'll be honest, I'm really fed up with the amount of times my team has caught out a Syndra, only for her to end up going 1 for 1 because she pressed R at the last second. What's more annoying is the fact that it still casts after death. I would welcome most changes to her ult so she doesn't become a one click champion.
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Vuks (EUNE)
: The tooltip might be bugged/badly written. The formula for Thunderlord is 10x(your level) + some AP ratio + some AD ratio. As for the **tough** skin, it does work as you just said. Be aware that it's an early game mastery, working best when the damage hitting you is low - it then turns out to be cutting a reasonable amount of damage. For example - 0 armor pen Cait with 80 AD attacks you with 25% effective phys reduction (that's around 30? armor i believe). 80x(3/4)=60. Tough skin reduces that by another 2 points, down to 58. 2 points out of 60 is an effective further reduction of roughly 3%. *This is when you assume that the mastery kicks in **after** the armor calculation. Since the S4 mastery of the same name applied the reduction after armor, I believe it stays like that now.*
Right, so if i'm playing Vlad and use my Q with thunder (though I get it's for high burst champs like fizz), and I was to deal 220 damage at level 18, that mastery (after 2 spells) would make my third Q spell deal 400 damage instead of 220?
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Cosantoir (EUW)
: Coach me to gold.
From someone who got out of Silver this season: There's a few things you *can* do. Learn your champ role, are you the tank, do you assassinate, etc. Learn to roam, winning your lane isn't enough, win the other's lane for them essentially. Try your best not to die, if you go 1 for 1, think of a way of making it 1 for 0. If you die zoning their team, think of a way to zone them without dying. Best way to carry is being alive. In all honesty though, it's 80% luck. Some players can't be carried, no matter how well you do.
: The username gets freed up if the account is inactive for a given amount of time, for a level 2 summoner the username becomes free to use after about 2-3 weeks. So it depends on how long that summoner has been inactive and if they will come back... But give it a week and try again.
I checked up on them and have been after this UN for 2 months, shows inactive for 5 months (and not beyond that) and I still can't get the UN T^T.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't care if you suck.
You know, this is exactly what I needed. I've been getting more and more negative from these kinda players, and this is just what I needed to hear to bring me back from the brink. Thank you.
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: So any champion picked twice in Worlds is awesome?
A champion good enough for Worlds is good enough for everyone, simple as. If she was terrible they wouldn't pick her.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: We lost now....cause you took Ashe
She's my main ADC, and she isn't close to being bad. Ashe has, what I would say a top 5 engage in the game. and personally I think her CC is a lot better than steroids in the mid/late game (looking at you Vayne). Her mobility weakness is easily fixed by careful positioning, and from there she can easily stomp on an enemy team used well.
: Being out of position like that accounts to midlaners too. And they are planning on revamping adc's btw.
Yeah, but I remember once I played two games, one as Ashe, one as Cait. The Ashe was vs enemy Diana mid, Cait vs enemy Rengar jungle (I used to main ADC). Even with a vision ward up, and me standing smack bang in the middle of my team, them constantly crowding me to protect me, Diana R/W or Rengar R/Q would literally one shot me. Rengar would usually suicide after dealing W AOE damage, and Diana would zhonya. There was literally no counterplay to me being deleted besides hoping GA or Banshee is up. There's times when you can position, but Fizz Q and E would still delete you with no real chance of retaliating, it's really frustrating and the reason I had to stop maining ADC.
: I main ADC at various accounts on different elo's and i completely agree. A game last night i was 9-0 at 20 minutes with 180 farm, i should of been able to ruin the game, 1v1 against a ahri who was 2-2 and i went down like nobodys business. ADC's now just arent relevant in a game dominated by bruisers and toplane carry's.
Yeah this is exactly it! I used to main ADC myself, and it's a bit frustrating. If you gave top lane, jungle, or mid a 9 kill lead that early, they will absolutely dominate the game. Not only their lanes, but huge map presence to any other lanes or in TF's. However for an ADC it's "top/jungle jump them" and there you go, that's one dead fed ADC. The state of the game atm just feels like getting a lead, or not getting a lead, it's all the same because you just have so little genuine affect on the game as a whole. It can be argued that the strongest, or at least until the nerf, ADC was Mordekaiser, and that's pretty self explanatory for the ADC role in its current state.
: Riot, your reworks are insane, its about time you notice.
Yeah, I second this. I was in a game with Thresh/Ori on my team, and a Darius enemy top. Thresh did a really good over the wall hook, followed up on it to flash E into their team and ori ult on him, gave us a triple as the team caught up. Really really good play. Then along comes their Darius (LATE may I add), flash hooks into our bot followed by a Q, and then proceeded to get a Quadra on mid, bot and top (I was jungle and duo died with their jungle) by just pressing R. On one hand you have a good, well thought out co-ordinated play. On the other you have ...well, nothing really. Balanced.
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: 4 v 5 in ranked
I personally think that the afk should lose double LP, and its a loss prevented for the rest of the team, however the enemy team still gain half LP for the game. This solution really works out for everyone, enemies get a freewin so they receive less LP for it, and its a deterrent for people to AFK since the punishment is severe. I understand sometimes DC's happen or real issues occur for you to AFK, but in that case losing LP surely isn't the top of your concern, and 4 innocents doesn't suffer for your issues.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Who is your main and why?
{{champion:102}} Jungle. {{champion:8}} Mid. {{champion:62}} Top. {{champion:22}} ADC. {{champion:201}} Support.
: Unusual lag spikes while the ping remains 30
I had this today, was really weird.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: "Oh, no...."
{{champion:67}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:107}}
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Someone just tried to convice me that Ahri needs buffs.
Blue buff on ahri is really good though!
Qoqoo (EUW)
Oh, you think you've had it bad. Here's ..well, it probably isn't the worst, but my god it's the stupidest. I'm playing mid Vlad vs Zed. Winning my lane (2-0) and pushed creeps up to tower. Rather than hit tower, Zed had backed so I wanted to back to keep item advantage etc, and neither top or bot looked gankable. So I recall, my Jungle, this little genius of a Jungle goes to invade their blue. I pinged 3 times Zed ss, called it in chat, and pinged directly on my Jungler. He goes for blue, caught by their jungle, their bot lane starts to come up but Zed W-R over blue wall seals the kill. My Jungler immediately starts flaming me, "wtf noob can't you ss etc etc". I simply replied, "read the chat" thought i'd leave it there, since it's self explanatory. He replies, "ss doesn't help follow the laner noob etc etc", so I told him I had recalled and was coming from base. and then came the gem, the most, and I mean the most stupid logic I'd ever expect from a Plat player. "You recalled at a stupid time noob get cancer and die, im going afk report this mid doesn't even know how to lane noob recalls when there's a free blue". ..but .. but if it was a free'd have gotten it.. There you have it folks. Recalled at a stupid time. To this day I'm still baffled how someone can be that stupid.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Yeah, totally his fault and not the teams fault for not working together,,, Just a guess bu.t i bet that you flamed him right? blamed EVERYTHING on him right?
I don't like to flame, but the blame is on him.
: > The troll jungle WAS the sole reason for the lanes falling behind Blaming your Jungler because you lost your lane is the mark of a weak player. It doesn't matter if the enemy Jungler ganked/camped you. Weak early game junglers vs strong early game junglers means the laners with the weaker Jungler need to play more safely. The only way the Jungler can lose your lane for you is by going in and dying without accomplishing anything. Hence; Your pinning the blame on the unusual pick when there was probably plenty of blame for the loss to be spread around.
You must not be a very good jungler if you're not able to tower dive. Here's how it goes. Jungler pressure --> potential dive (in this case they did, ali tanked) --> lose out exp/cs/items --> lane frozen and we're zoned. Usually at this stage a jungler will tip the balance of the lane back in your favour. We had no jungler to do that. Had they played an effective jungler, say Xin, Voli, Vi, whoever, they would clear camps enough to be able to gank. Troll jungle was the **sole** reason for the losses both games.
: Because picking something that is off-meta or however haphazardly stated "Unviable" isn't a troll pick. Often these kinds of picks can be very good for climbing because people are unfamiliar with their strengths and weaknesses. If you pick something unusual and try your best to win, then you aren't trolling. You're just playing the game. Anyway, after a quick look at your match history, in both instances of the "Troll pick Jungle Vayne and TF" your entire team looks behind in both games and it looks like you're just pinning the blame on the unusual pick. Everyone looks for scapegoats to blame losses on I guess.
Did you even read the post? Of course we fell behind, Udyr went bot, red buff, mid, bot, his blue buff, bot etc. All the while Vayne was recalling after every 2 camps because she has no clear. The troll jungle WAS the sole reason for the lanes falling behind, with Udyr having free ganks with no risk of counter ganks, and their laners getting more and more of an advantage. Same with the TF jungle. Troll picks cost the game both times. In normals it's fine, go crazy, in ranked 4 players forced to lose LP because one player wants to go stupid mode shouldn't be risk free or allowed.
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: So what are your thoughts about kindred?
The ult is..just ridiculous. Not once can you not be killed in a team fight, you are allowed to deal damage whilst being immortal AND get a heal back to ensure you properly shafted the enemy team. Honestly, what the hell is Rito thinking these days. It's like going against 5 Tryandamere's. Who do you focus? What can you even do besides run away and hope you get away.
: if you have virgin media. its fucking us again!
God damnit I have virgin media!!
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: Then the Nasus players you encountered so far did it wrong. Nasus is a hardcounter to Riven. But far from the only one. Here is a list of campions which I either play or have played in the past, all of which have little to no problem dealing with her in toplane: {{champion:102}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:98}}
As a Vlad main, he doesn't even come close to being able to deal with Riven. Neither does Singed.
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: Why doesn't anyone ever upgrade the yellow trinket ward?
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Mada (EUW)
: Don't start a game if you don't know if you can finish it
Pro-tip: Don't start any sentence with "I sometimes play with some kids for fun". GG.
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: There's a 1% circa of false positves. If you REALLY feel lie you shouldn't have been punished, you can ask Rito to humanly eview it - typically if you used expressions like "fuck this" about yourself, it might be considered as "fuck this you're too bad i give up on you guys" by the system. However, as I said, false positive = 1%. It's very unlikely. Think better about how you acted in games, and if you aren't just hiding to yourself that you've been an intensive flamer (actually most of them DO render themselves unconscious about it so it's way less unlikely than a false positive).
Like I said, I'm not prefect, I do have the odd word back. Also I've been to rito. I showed them proof that I was playing in a 4 man pre-made, and that our 'flame' to each other was banter. Even got them to write in to them, not that they bothered to overturn any decision. We never said a single thing to other players, just trolling each other in unranked. Boom, chat restricted. I had a game where I gave first blood, and my top, support and jungle immediately "reported" "/all this noob mid gg". Saying a simple shut up back to them is apparently too toxic for this community, I should really be ashamed of myself. There's no justifying this current system. It's simply broken as hell, and rito have no intention of fixing it. Things were better under the tribunal.
W0ochi (EUW)
: What is flame? baby dont hurt me! dont hurt me, no more!
I've had restricted upon restricted recently. I'm not saying I'm perfect, when someone flames me I tend to give the odd comeback if not ignoring them. Regardless, most my 'reports' are simply "gank my lane". "I'm heading bot will come up after" *my top laner dies by their turret*..."report this f*cking jungler no ganks gg afk". Somehow all these reports seem to actually count. I feel riot are really taking the piss with how they're handling this. I've seen people in the all chat wishing others cancer and the likes, I've never even remotely come close to doing anything like that and yet I'm being restricted (from ranked now too). Just pathetic.
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zeffe (EUW)
: patch 5.3 is getting on my nerves! HELP!
I've got this exact same problem, and it's getting really annoying not hearing anything from Riot on this. I wish there was an optional choose to install the patch or not, because whenever I turn my client on to see updating I know it'll be followed by a week of bugs and issues.
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Sublime (EUNE)
: New patch failing at 99%?
12 hours later and still no solution by riot. Amazing, simply amazing.


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