Hillnor (EUW)
: Well, actually the system tracks every single player, as it stores you game data... SharpScar, even if you don't believe it, it's your own fault, when you loose some games because of bad luck* (2 or 3 are enough, sometimes even just 1), psychologically you enter a mental state that makes you play worse, and that's the cause of the loss streak. I also think "I'm doing well, if I get a decent team I'll win", the truth is that I'm not. This also happens the other way arround, which creates the win streaks. So my advice is to stop playing when you loose 2 games in a row and wait at least 30 min to play again. *As matchmaking is random, all games are won/lost randomly based on teams made, which means that arround 80% games are won/lost without you having any chance to change them, unless doing it on purpose or being worse/better than your mmr. Deal with it, 80% of your rank is luck based, and since Riot's system favors lp gain and promotes, the more you play the higher you get (so yes, most of those platinum players above you, just have dedicated more time than you, and have no better innate capabilities than you, though they probably have much more experience).
Thank you for your time , i appreciate it :)
Perilum (EUW)
: As usual in life, if you're a loser then the others are the reason. Everything is a big conspiracy to target you mate. You see the "truth".
Ok what i understand you making me a loser for no reason . My question was what tracking secret device riot have ?
Solash (EUW)
: Yes because i'm sure Riot has the resources to track every single player and match them accordingly manually
Yes what ? what do you mean ? and who are you ? you talking on behalf of riot ? Introduce yourself first if u want to give me an answer.
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Doomley (EUW)
: Well saying that doesn't help him at all so it's completely pointless... which naturally just makes you a douche.
It`s he`s opinion and i have to agree with him ... we all need to Git gud.. well at least those that want to improve .
Doomley (EUW)
: First what i can straight up tell you is that you don't push your lead. If you truly have 10+ kills every game, you should pressure and win those games by taking towers. >i do drakes alone because the jungler dont care about that . This is another problem. You overvalue dragon. Soloing dragon as adc is risky and time consuming. The enemy can easily steal it from you and the time you use to take a dragon could have been used to pressure towers.
I dont get every game 10+ kill(mostly everygame, and by that i mean today i started play again adc after 1 year because most of them feed) but around 10 kills with a decent team . Surely it happens to have bad games too ... But my point is .. i play a lot better than my mmr b3.. every game i play i perfom much better than enemy team.. and i get 15lp.. Imagine yesterday i got a cait in the team .. she said she dont want to use her E to enemy because it`s a waste of time , my point is that i m much better than my team.. not everytime i dont even know if i deserve gold .. but surely i dont deserve bronze. Yes thats a big point about the drakes and towers ... but when i observe that the enemy is coming back / enemy is ahead of us ..i cant just push towers ..
: You might think Im trolling or mocking you but the asnwer is simple yet complex...Git Gud.
No i dont think that , i m a serious person . thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
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