: from my experience (i play support) whenever tristana and caitlyn meet in botlane, the one who comes out on top is mostly decided by what support they have. If caitlyn has a zyra with her to permapush and get plates and harass tristana out of lane caitlyn wins, if tristana has a braum/thresh to make plays with tristana wins. 1v1 tristana would always win due to her kit.
Yeah i noticed a similar pattern and already had a feeling that she just Outdamages me in 1v1. I lost my last game because my support went karma and we lost lane priority xD , But thanks for the tip!
: not a pro in this area myself but i think trading wit her will probly decide who make the first hit. it will probly be easier for trist to do that since she has more waveclear with her E and so has better position and oppertunity to turn the trade in her favor. increasing your waveclear might help for this, maybe rushing{{item:3087}} to even that. also her "jump" is actually a dash so when she tries to jump u, instantly hit her with a net into trap.
ayy thanks i'll try it out then
: I just want to play. Not to be psychologist
everyone is gonna have one of those bad games/teammates regardless of elo. if you play consistently well you should still be able to climb, so keep your hopes up! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Normally, yasuo is expected to be weak early game and get outdamaged, but, as the gamee goes on, he takes over as well.
i like how people pretend he's supposed to be weak early, but he gets a free shield, can kill anyone 100-0 with just zeal and has no mana management. where is the weak part xD
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: How to play as ADC?
in order to get better at ADC you have to understand your purpose and goals in games, what your weaknesses are, and all the other fundamentals. i highly suggest you start watching xFSN Saber on youtube, he goes into both basic, in-depth guides and coaching. if you want a small tip i suggest planting this in your head at all times while playing ADC 1- am i at a safe range? for example, are you far away enough that you would be able to disengage from a flash leap from jax? 2- would i be able to do my DPS if something happened? how long would it take for you to be in the right position? 3- what type of CC or engage are the biggest threat to me? do they have a talon with ulti up? if you keep these things in mind all the time you'll be able to play alot better {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Being able to disenchant emotes
Fully agree , while I do like emotes I end up only using a handful of them
: Do they sell beer? And how much for 1 beer?

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