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Sorcio84 (EUW)
: gg sign the petition
Eh, that's a petition for it to be permanently brought back. Most people just want it reactivated until new champ select is working.
: We've had to disable some parts of the system globally - initially issues occurred with EUW and KR, however other regions began experiencing similar problems. Our development team who works on the dynamic queues are heads down working on the issue right now, but as you can imagine with a feature so complex and an issue that didn't show in either live testing, internal testing, or even load testing internally - it's not something we want to rush into with half a fix to find other consequences. Right now, the only information we have available is that it's being worked on - we want it down no less than you guys, but we also don't want to fix one thing and break a bunch of others.
Can someone tell us why we can't have Team Builder back at least whilst we wait for Dynamic Queue? I don't mind not having it if there's a decent reason why, but there's been radio silence on that subject from what I can see.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: I wouldn't expect it. The system is complex and, given the player impact if it doesn't perform properly, we definitely want to find root causes as well as implement true fixes. Not the news you probably wanted to hear, but I'd rather you be able to set your expectations appropriately.
Could I ask why you didn't give Team Builder back at least whilst Dynamic Queue is gone? Completely killed my desire to play a game knowing that I'd have to go through the old toxic system of calling roles.


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