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: Getting friends requests from eune players on my euw account
if this is a feature @riot ,please let us know the secret on how to add friends from EUNE? #CrossRegion{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Ty for your great system riot. The game is lagging as hell, most of the people losing games by this.
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: Do IG skins have a loading border?
hi there @BeastOfCaerbanog , so I was checking out the skins as well, cause they actually look nice for a team skin, basically they're not technically borders but there are the following played player's signatures : ===> "https://i.imgur.com/91iAteY.jpg" I hope this helps you alot. Have a nice afternoon ^^{{sticker:sg-kiko}} edit ; also you might not see it clearly but there's a little "tree root" something drawn but it's not big of a difference if you ask me.
: Allow any language to be used in any region/server?
they should do it like Overwatch, for instance changing the Voice to whatever you want and keeping the written part English or any other language.
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Fönikku (EUW)
: Nah, don't worry about it bro, people have had far worse games without giving a damn, saw your match history, it's not a problem :) The issue is with them, they bring the mentality of ranked into normals or even RGMs which are supposed to be fun, remember that ARAM is for randoms so they shouldn't judge someone for champ one doesn't play. Plus ARAM is meant for kills so KDA count would be higher than SR, also just because you died couple of times with Irelia (bad game) doesn't mean, you always end up with same result! Like PdSik said mute is your only friend, if you are a regular ARAM player, I can add you.
thanks for the wisdom, and I added you
NocaNoha (EUNE)
: 7/16/13 ain't a problem, definitely not when you are facing some tanks and Lux/Jayce against you [Irelia] and 4 squishies Although, you can always play along with your team. If they can't initiate, let it be.. for a while, and then suggest changing the tactic. The thing I hate to see is someone going around as some of them would say "It is just ARAM", implying that it does not matter. There are bot games for that.. the rest of it is more or less "multiplayer", you can't go solo all the time. One day or the other, someone would get into yours ranked game and say "It is just a game" implying that it does not matter at all.. and what will you then tell them? It is really important to me because my life depends on it.. it is my promotion game? xd Anyways, you won't get banned for feeding that easily.. unless you go 0/19/4 on a Viktor top haha
thank you my friend
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