Kaesik (EUNE)
: Rip Leauge of Legends
Rito pls! Wtf have u done with this game. Last time u changed the jungle and everything it was perfect, but this is complete and utter rubbish. Champions have been reworked to complete crap, why does Graves for example have ammo? if i want ammo, ill play CoD or BF. Same goes for Quinn, if i wanna fly around a map, ill play GTA 5 and hijack a friggin jet. Besides the rework of the champions, the game is unbalanced as hell. ADC's smash towers in seconds and because of the nerfs to mages, they cant hold the waves back. Might as well play 5 adcs on the map and base race every game. NOTE: Riot said they wanted the game to be less snowbally, give teams an opportunity to come back into games and then they bring out this patch, yeah right. This is just a brush of the top of shit that is wrong after the patch.... The only thing i like with this patch is the rift herald. Im curious if Riot watches the amount of players online, or amount of games played since the patch, cuz i predict it will drop drastically. Only thing to keep in mind is the end of season and some other titles coming out (which is also the positive thing, more time to play Starcraft, Fallout, CoD or something else) Last but not least. Nearly all the people in my friend list are thinking about not playing the game anymore since last patch (and we are all around diamond 4 to diamond 1 elo and we played very regularly).


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