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: A massive Gorillla would also be cool for his ultimate
> [{quoted}](name=perkeIe,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=xiUrphTa,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-08T13:39:44.036+0000) > > A massive Gorillla would also be cool for his ultimate That's a pretty good idea too! I was thinking of rhino or tiger, didn't even consider a gorilla!
Maspian (EUW)
: Guardian of the Sands Rammus, title font too big to fit.
CivolJ (EUW)
: Dog Walker Thresh and Life Guard Thresh
The links still don't work.
Rioter Comments
: Aloran, The Bender of Elements
Q - Xerath W - Nunu E - Ahris ult R - Annie ult
Dzyrt (EUNE)
: First time I'm gone AFK
Lose your time? You are losing your time? Just because you don't know how to have fun even in the last minutes it doesn't mean it is a waste of time. I never ff'ed, because I can enjoy the game. If you only like winning and can't be graceful in defeat, you should take a break from LoL and think about your attitude. League is supposed to be fun. And you ruin the fun by afking or crying for ff.
Etherim (EUW)
: I want a friend :c
Hi, I'm level 19 but had 3 accounts from lvl15-19. I enjoy toplane and also want to find someone to play with. Add me up, my pc is currently in repair so I won't log on in a few days. :^)
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
Hello, my name is Shinfer. I was playing some LoL in early s2/s3 but broke up with it, and was returning from time to time, now I'm staying for some more time, (eternity, or two) my favourite 3 champions are: {{champion:27}} . He isn't played much on my account I post it from, but I had 3 accounts where I played some singed. if you have lost the early game, you still can make the comeback if the opponent is greedy and feels superior to you (smth like consoles vs pc masterrace) you can spam laugh and make him chase you across the rift/treeline/abyss/domi... oh wait.... Well, being able to build tankiness and still be a singedficant threat (ctrl+4) is a great thing. Sure, building him AP is cool and funny but quite hard in the early if you are against an adc or apc. There is only 1 champion more that I love that can do the same as singed: Turn into a huge late-monster even if he was abused in early game. Opponent with full hp diving you while you are low ? ctrl+4 {{summoner:6}} R and FLIPPITA FLIP! enemy dead, nexus towers gone in next 30 seconds, gg wp report singed for afkpush. I'm not a good singed, since most of my baits end in me going 0/5, but I love his Bait'N'Run playstyle. You are not the one chasing, you're the little girl that is scared of everything. Expect you won't be raped. Unless... gems. Being able to think about players movement is a hard thing, and if you can do it, you can do Singed. OH WAIT TARIC NOOOO Well, RIP singed. Coming up, there's {{champion:99}} BOOM BABY, BOOOOM! Land'N'Destroy, that's what is Lux! If you are playing against a non-mobile or low range mage, she's dominating! Sure, there's {{champion:115}} and {{champion:101}} but her stun. It's easier to land than Xerath's, and ziggs hasn't got one! Once you land that juicy q, you UNLEASH THE LAZORS and nuke down any target, maybe expect {{champion:27}} and other tanks. She's a safe long range mage with a great burst, and that's what I like in mid! Her k.s'ing ultimate (K.S stands for Kill Securing ofc(not really)) is a great sniping ability, and can catch enemies who thought browing the shop while recalling was a good idea! Once you get your{{item:3285}} and {{item:3089}} the opponent can aswell go afk, cause you now are a lawnmower that shoots blades with each spin of the axe (No, you don't become {{champion:119}} )Lux is either win lane, or go afk if you died more than 2 times. Her shield isn't powerful enough to stop an assasination from happening on her, so she can only relay on peel and her stun. Or {{item:3157}} . A good lux (so not me) is pretty hard to gank, unless she's trying to nuke down the lowhp opponent that cries under their turret. She can keep her stun and use it to give her some time to decide between a} kill the jungler b} run away or c} kill the jungler, the enemy midlaner and recall to get insta full build. One of my first champs to buy. AND MY FAV OF FAVS, THERE COMEEEEES THEEE {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}}{{champion:75}} Being one of the weakest early game champions, everyone fears the hound, the cane, the stackdog A.K.A SUSAN! I haven't played against a lot of Nasus's now, but if I will do, I'm gonna make sure i bully them harder than my mom bullied me! I played Nasus for some time now, my stacking power still isn't gud enough, not enough dankness. I still splitpush well, and whenever i play the cane, I make sure I plan and stack as much as possible! Oh how many times did i kill a careless toplaner at lvl 9, because he thought I'm still the little puppy that can't do anything , but now, I grew up to be the cane, to shake my mane, and scream my name and inflict pain just to see the power gain, enough so I can oneshot a tower, they might take cover but their game is OVER because I'm a walking lawnmower! Most of the time I end up with positive K/D/A as Nasus, because his lategame is powerful even if he hasn't achieved 1337 stacks at 20. Well, what can I say about Nasus, he's a strong pick if your opponent hasn't got a good earlygame champion, since then you will be able to stack easily and even at the times the enemy champion shines, you probably will be strong enough to 1v1 them with your q and wither. My favourite ability of Nasus, is well... everything! Q - SIphoning strike a.k.a ''noobchamp inf scaling rito nerf'' Is a great stacking ability that makes Nasus himself. Without it, he would just be a tank made to clear and catch the enemies. W for Wither, also known as ''wtf op slow rito nerf pls'' Turning duels or escaping with this feels good. It was solidly nerfed once in a patch a long time ago, but it's still a great ability to: chase, escape, duel, skirmish, fight, focus, pick out and stuff like this E-Spirit ~~Brand~~ Fire. Also known as ''The Clear'' Another ability able to turn duels around or just to speed up the splitpush by 200%. Catching cocky players trying to disrespect at low hp under tower to make you chase, but you throw a E and they die from the first tick. Feels good man. R-Fury of the ~~Susan~~ Sands a.k.a "WHO LET THE DOG STACK" Being able to demolish teamfights and duels, even 2v1 with this is amazing, increased lifesteal, damaging and more range! It's not flashy, it's just the final form of Nasus, and his power is not 9000! IT'S 90000000000! Also note: I'm not lvl 30, i had 3/4 accounts with lvl 15-20 but I kept changing them, just because I switched regions, felt like I spent my IP like a retard, or smth like that. I hope I can get a skin for the cane or singed, so my dankness can help in winning against nonskins. Huehuhuehue. Have fun reading all the replies SeekerK.


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