: Ok so I would like to adress the fact that those mages that you suggested (2 of them) are not mages, they are assassins(fizz and ekko) as for lissandra ok she has her ult, but what about after she burns it, she is still fragile but the things that make her dangerous is that getting close to her means death. The changes suggested above ARE NOT COMPLETE. They are simply put suggestions. But if you have any other ideas it would be cool to hear. Also when I said mid range battlemage, I meant the likes of viktor, anivia, ahri(to an extent) and maybe annie
Doesn't make any sense for me so you want azir to have mid range (what ever you mean with that) cause viktors and ahris range are superb. I want them do decide which way they want to go. The halfbacked kit of azir makes him too strong or in this meta too weak. If you want him to be a poke champ than buff his spells and nerf his aa. If you want him to be a utility mage like liss than give him more tools to survive. If you want sustain dmg than buff the aa dmg or add some kind of skill that will boost the soldiers aa. There are so many ways, but you need to have a plan where and what the champ should do in the game.
: > Why mages have even less item choice? I can only really address this point because I don't really want to speak for the balance team at Riot for a lot of these points, but I actually almost exclusively play mages: What other items would you like to see for mages? Honestly, I think mages have plenty of item choice at the moment. Most of my mage builds end up going like this: 1. Ludicity / Sorcerer shoes 2. Morellos / Archangel / RoA 3. One of Liandries / Ludens / Zhonyas / Abyssal / Lich Bane / Rylais / Void Staff 4. Rabadons 5. Void Staff (or another item if I built Void Staff 3rd) 6. One of Liandries / Ludens / Zhonyas / Abyssal / Lich Bane / Rylais or a pure defensive item like GA. And the only reason I build Rabadons so early is because it feels bad to build without 3 items lots open due to combine cost ~1.2k. At no point does itemisation for a mage feel 'solved' to me. What do you not like about mage itemisation/what would you like to see more? > can you explain me why ap items are so much more expensive than ad/bruisers ones? This is something (and the rest of your points) that can only be answer by the balance team. Any answer I gave you would just be guesswork.
I really wonder why rioters are so clueless what they should do. So many players complain about balancing and you talk about a completly other topic. Yeah lets add some more items that you can screw up balancing I am sure the game gets much better. The only thing you managed to do over the years is to overload the game with so many stuff that you can't handle balancing the game. Well I wish you good luck for your future, 2017 is going to be great loss for riot.
: Nerf Poppy?
Sign not just poppy all top coc champs.
Tiichu (EUW)
: You want to win right? Feeders? It isn't just you. Last game on my promos, my toplane was 0/8 at some point. Our mid wasn't the best either. But we win, because everyone just shut up and play the game. Trolls and flamers might not troll or flame if you keep up a positive attitude in team. Cuz pointis, everyone wants to win.
Srsly how can you say that everyone wants to win when so many ppl are feeding like hell and doing bs all the time. I really want to believe in such a thing like they are just bad but they tryhard. Sorry but I live in reality and the reality is: **Their are just too many ppl out there who don't give a fuck about giving their best.**
: Well not quite. Firstly he said Viktor range... besides artillery mages who are supposed to out range people the range discrepancy won't be that high... no more than normal mages. And remember that this wouldn't be the full change list... saying about mana costs is redundant as nitty gritty stuff like that would be changed as well, this is just a brief overview if the juicy stuff. > you don't wanna get in close combat as azir anyways. That's the point of a rework... the idea is that after the rework you would want to go in close with azir.
You don't want to, the mages who are atm close combat mids are fizz, ekko, lissindra, katarina etc but they all have abilitys to survive and burst ppl down in the combo. Azir doesn't have that kit. He engages or he peels and specially in late game you will most off the time never engage for you team. You can't make a mage who does dmg over time and pokes just with changing hp, dmg and range to an assasine. You need to change his kit completly if you want that.
: Reworking Azir?!?!?!?
Bad suggestions not thought out at all. First off all you need to hit every single rift combo if you want to trade cause you have no range and even than good players will easily dodge and you are than allin and get punished. Second you can't spam Spells cause Azirsspells cost a hughe amount of mana and shorten his range doesn't help him trade. Hp doesn't help him to ignore the poke and you don't wanna get in close combat as azir anyways.
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: Well as long as your win ratio is more than 50% even if it's just 51% you should still climb, slowly yes, but climb nonetheless. It will take shitloads of game, but the more you play the more you improve, if you only have right mindset, and don't overdo it. My win rate is better from season to season, and I think it's like that for all players, with few exceptions ;)
how you can climb with 50% I wonder you lose about 20 lp and you win less.
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xtimigui (EUW)
: When i was playing a lot with ziggs (after their rework) he could always do dat ... push and get towers easily.. I just dont know why they only discover their **"power"** now O_O
Cause they changed nerfed ADC's and buffed some assasines and tanks. So his value as safe laner/dd + the ability to burst down towers is to great.
: State of the game and community.
Hmmm Matchquality is missing
: How to Proxy as Singed?
Actually I really wonder why singed players always need to proxy. It's not like that he is super screwed in the normal laning phase. It's just a little bit more running back and forward than proxing and he is late anyways extremly anoying.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=PIay To Improve,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8MWNYV3w,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-03T13:13:16.412+0000) > > So we all know how it is to play different roles. We know how reliant we are of each other. It's a team game afterall. Whether its supp and adc reliance or jungle reliance on solo lanes. We know how frustrating it can be to get camped and how irritating it is. So you as a player ofc say to your jungler "Plz come top and make it a 2v2- you are useless if u just farm in jungle" - Immediately the jungler replies "report top for toxicity" two things. one is that using the word "useless" when adressing a teammate is really likely to trigger a hostile reaction. you have just shown discontent whith what he is doing. Also "useless" is such a buzzword, so often used in flaming, that the mere usage of it will trigger a Pavlovian reflex. The other is: junglers are a special kind of beast. we get flamed so often, for so ridiculous reasons, that the mere suggestion on what we should be doing is annoying AF. Really, jungling is the most mentally taxing role in the game. And some of us become soooo irritated with it, that the mere suggestion that we should help your lane makes us put you in the mental box of "oh, another moron who thinks it is my job to win his lane for him". then the brain triggers a chain reaction of calling the memories of countless laners who flamed junglers for bullshit reasons, and this is often enough to be mad at the laner. (this is why i /mute all and set ping volume to 0% when i am jungling)
I think the main problem is many jungles are so incredible bad. They just jungle farm cause they can't lane 1vs1 or last hit minions but they have no clue what their actuall job is.
Tarolock (EUW)
: its a teamgame and not 1v1, thats why and this is the strongest reason or here is another one: there are tactics that work fine but wont get you good grades: just look at proxy singed, he will prolly finish the game with most deaths but im pretty sure youll win faster that way, or trynda/nasus any splitpusher, same story, they wont get good grades because they dont really joining teamfights, but they are winning the game and look at tanks (i had this one countless times in my games): i played a lot of nautilus, build him tanky, engage eat all ults/burst and die letting my team clean up, i got the worst score but without me the match would be lost, how would measure this in lp? the current system is fine as it is, if you want solo performance cry for riot to make a 1v1 gamemode
Matisiks (EUNE)
: How to play against fizz
Don't feed and just punish him early in the laning phase.
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ShinotheRino,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=W3kYHHEv,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-03T12:55:48.928+0000) > > Or ppl who just want to win and play competitiv as long riot doesn't balance things :). That's what I meant with abusing.
Well I wouldn't say it's abusing that's too negativ ^^.
: No, it was a question from a new player asking why there is such a thing we call Meta and why everyone has to play accordingly. Basic question, bullshit response.
So lets just say you start playing football. You basicly know or should know some rules of the game before playing with a team competitiv right? You know there is a goalkeeper, striker, defender etc. . Same goes for LoL or any other game or stuff you want to actually compet in. Specially when you play a teambased game, where you can actually ruin the others. So again back to my answer ranked = competitiv. Players want to actually win and climb. So let's say the extrem case you pick an all adc team. Is it possible? Yes. Is it meta? No. How great is your winchance? Well guess the question is answered. I am sure the OP figured that out with my answer before alone.
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Metalbraind,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=W3kYHHEv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-03T12:31:08.288+0000) > > Only the people that have no creativity or are scared to experiment play meta, just enjoy the game the way you want it (as long that you don't ruin it for the other players!) Or want to abuse busted champions. {{champion:134}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:254}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:29}}
Or ppl who just want to win and play competitiv as long riot doesn't balance things :). I wonder why this champs are missing: {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}}
Pyrosouls (EUW)
: Why do we have such a rigid game structure?
If you mean ranked games it's pretty obv and just a stupid question why ppl want you to pick meta champs.
: Silver 3 matchquality
4th game: Maokai top doesn't make any dmg on the tower while kassa roams 4 times in the first 10 mins to mid, bot feeding heavily, jungle kha not existend in the early game and I get digged by 3 man ganks playing ori. Support annie full ap build no sightstone not warding anything. Luckily in mid game the enemy just makes stupid mistakes I get some important items. Split is the key. But still no wards on baron or dragon only I am warding lol. So enemy gets in late baron + elder and again they make a mistake. While they are in our base they ball up and I get full combo on 4 players. Well another come back possibility. Nope. Kha splits top we are mid. Gets caught easily and the cookie crumbles again. Maokai never engages to make my life easy to use my ulti. So after kha died they just rolled over us cause the rest was just spliting up again for no reason. gg wp -.-
: Silver 3 matchquality
Add LB feeding against lux, kha feeding, (in my team) vayne got fed doesn't defend/teamfight and just splits and can't even push down 1 tower against 1 opponent
: Are we just ignoring these broken champions?
Thx god poppy isn't mentioned ^^.
Rioter Comments
: So basically if u main suport and start in bronz u wont ever get out of bronz?
You can but it's harder than other positions who have actually cs gold income. If you main support I suggest you to play ap carries like zyra & brand. If you get enough kills you can carry but as I said it's harder. And when you play AP support carrys buy sightstone! :)
: My complaint isn't that these players are on my team, my complaint is that they exist. let's face it, dying 3+ times in less than 7 minutes is just waaaaaaay too much, you have to realize that you need to play safe after the first kill! My dream is a world where people realize that they've lost lane after 2 deaths and start playing accordingly. That way, teamfight phase will be less of a "who's more fed?" issue and more of "who's better than who?" issue. It also means that as a jungler, I don't have to give up on my 0/4 riven, cause I know she'll play safe until I come.
Sign. At least that they exist in ranked games.
Someone16 (EUW)
: 1. Get LAN internet 2. Get a decent computer congrats you should be silver by now how to get out of silver (in my experience smurfing) 1. Don't rely on teamwork all the way until platinum, it simply doesn't happen down there 2. Pick high winrate solo carry champions 3. Pick people off until you're unstoppable voila welcome to plat
> [{quoted}](name=Someone16,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7oM4Z4UI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-01-02T23:54:21.094+0000) > 1. Don't rely on teamwork all the way until platinum, it simply doesn't happen down there Sad but so true.
: Again. How to get out of bronz
Sadly you need to be able to carry the game allone if you got no premade, so that you negate in the worst case 4 bad players.
Stell (EUNE)
: If it wasn't your teammates, it would be the enemy's.
Yeah, but it can't be in nearly every game that ppl get stomped and the matchquality is just ridiculous.
: lol sorry but you are talking like bs. as support you don't need to farm and control the lane so that the enemy gets fb tower. srsly use some brain before talking.
Ok maybe you need to control lanes depends how your lane is going, but you seem to be rather low elo support talking such bs lol.
Magneset (EUW)
: By ganking? I main support and i always help out my mid laner if they stuggle. Even if they are 0/3 we can still secure a kill with my help.
lol sorry but you are talking like bs. as support you don't need to farm and control the lane so that the enemy gets fb tower. srsly use some brain before talking.
Magneset (EUW)
: So why dont you help them out when you see them struggle? This aint Call of Duty. Play like a team.
Heee how should i help them when they are losing in the first 5 mins of the game all lane control and feeding off like crazy.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I want to learn handling a 1v2 match up on bot lane as Jinx vs any bot duo. :)
Pros will tell you as long your opponents aren't screwing up you have no way to 1 vs 2. Cause they shuff in the wave and if you are than still under the tower jungle comes for a 3 man easy fb kill.
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: You are matched with players of your skill level. Your team is bad? Well so are you. Go learn about the "Dunning-Kruger effect"
Maybe on ne server, on euw and na the skilllevel differs extremly and the matchquality is horrible.
Rioter Comments
: {{item:1057}} , this doesn't protect you against his full combo.
Yeah but what else should i buy to have a chance to survive and have some breathing room to counterplay.
Rioter Comments
: Ensure you never get placed into a team with a player you reported
Matchmaking should seed you with those players in the opponent team that will fix a lot and hell I would get so many free wins.
: Website that shows summoners of any elo sorted by winrate?
: So like what is going on
lol I hope you dc ^^.
: Hey Riot, could we get a proper matchmaking for 2017, or you'll leave this garbage?
Tiichu (EUW)
: Sure it is nice to win. But it isn't the same feel. When you know 'I was totally awesome this game.' is something totally different. xd
Believe me when you get the worst players in your team and you need to carry every game + the shit talk of this players, than you won't feel great at all even when you solo 1 vs 9.
noob zed (EUW)
: But why not? They pretty much ruined the champion.
: Changing Ignite
well easy solution fix it with skill and mechanics ^^
VoidMastar (EUNE)
: tanks > assasins assasins > adc/apc adc/apc > tanks the league counter triangle
wouldn't say that assins beat apc
Tiichu (EUW)
: I feel like I'm playing crap every single game... v.v
Be happy that you get carried, other ppl need to carry all their games to win a game.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why not?
Yi is jungle so no lane counters. Even though yi is pretty much useless in my eyes as long ppl don't feed hard, but that has nothing to do with counter picks etc. Darius counter picked I wish you good luck. Your examples consider that the players aren't even skilled.
: Yes
lol funny need to test that.
Sereinn (EUW)
: Couldn't use Redemption as Lulu.
you can use redemption when you are dead?
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