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Arhimenez (EUNE)
: omg why garen broken
I'm not sure how you got out of Bronze without knowing how to handle Garen
BanBoy (EUNE)
: watch a game to strart earning....... problem
Yeah I watched all of it when logged in and didn't progress lol
: This looks even worse, if you ask me. Hope I'm not getting you in trouble with this post tho. You played brand before, with mixed results. All your 2018 ranked brand games are wins, and on different sums than the ones in 2016.
Well it's not like moderators here have any actual authority over accounts anyways :eyes: But yeah through the seasons I've went from Support main, to mid sub support then top sub mid then top sub jungle owo
: I'm not here to judge. I just gave you insight, one summoner to another. Riot has their tools, sadly I think that the chance of them being wrong, is quite slim. My little methods are banal, they have a literal AI scanning for our f#$kups, banning our asses in waves, if we get detected. You can perhaps contact the support, try explaining them what's up, however don't get your hopes up.
Ye I understand & I appreciate it I couldn't find the games they were referencing so it's nice that I can actually address what they're asking about I don't mind much anyway I just wanna play with my NA friends {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Smerk (EUW)
: Why do you even have to mention your champions? That's not relevant at all. Better explain why you decided to swap summoner spells. I see that you did the same thing on EUW account as well, so in a way that can be used as evidence that you didn't share your account, but it's still a very strange behaviour
Well it's my champion pool is why I bring it up, I figured if it's me playing on my own account on my own champion pool it'd solidify it as my own games but it is rather irrelevant information lol But yeah I went through some phases, wanted to join the bandwagon that "Koreans have flash on D I'll try it" lol But my mistake, it does look dodgy
: Yea mate, sadly this is it : Pretty clean case. You get a 100% lux win-rate after 2 lost blind picks, then only play her in ARAMS, with swapped spells.
I have a very odd explanation for that but it's probably not worth saying, does look extremely phishy I'll try talk to support regarding it but thanks for pointing it out, I forgot about my midlaner phase lol
Smerk (EUW)
: looks like same case with account sharing, just filter ranked games only
All those games were played by me, I was just screwing around with the champions that I have on the account I have 175,000 mastery points worth on Galio or something and I was going through my midlaner phase as that's where Galio was currently viable So you think these games?
: Sadly I can't reach your match history for the account called : _**Pyromethius**_ , through the Riot servers. You might wanna comment on this post, using that acc, from the NA boards, that way I can apply my search algorithms and tell you what I think.
Commented on it for ya
: Pretty easy. So the method I'm using for detecting acc sharing, and this is the easiest way - check for switched up summoner spells. First off, last season, you clearly shared your acc with someone. Half of the WU games are Flash on F, half are Flash on D. Nobody does that. Secondly, this season, the Seju games are a dead giveaway. You have 4 TOTAL lifetime games on said account with Seju. One game was even played with different summs in a normal game. And THREE games, are wins, in ranked. You learnt to play Seju in ONE LOST GAME, and applied that knowledge, with switched up sums, half a year later, to achieve a 100% win-rate in ranked, just to quit seju right after. **** Your case isn't AS OBVIOUS as the others, but I'm 95% sure, there's something fishy going on with ur acc. I don't have ANY resources, to be able to detect anomalies. Riot can check IP logs, MAC addresses to see what machine were the games played from. And what's the most "messed up", they can check for HABBITS. As in, how many clicks/sec you average, while jungling what pathings you take, what's your CONSISTENT position on the map. They create heat-maps and catch you 10/10 times. Today was a ban-wave, I saw a lot of posts, claiming they had nothing to do with boosting, I debunked all of them, all posts got deleted quickly after I provided proof - and the case was closed. Good luck !
Can you check out my ban since you went indepth? I'm curious for your thoughts
: Well only way that could have happened if you are boosting accounts.
I mean, check the account This is my account and only I have played on it I'm Silver 3 90 whatever LP whereas on EUW I'm Platinum 2, I don't need to boost nor do I care about my rank on NA lol I play ARAM or Normals with my premade stack of friends, all my keybindings are the same, same IP, same playstyle so it's quite ridiculous
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: Are Q W E linked to their ability type (cc, dash, poke)
Q's usually the damage ability / the main ability W's normally mobility if they have one E's usually CC
Riot's never going to give you LP - I don't think there's been a case where they ever have even if it's on the clients side :eyes: Though do keep in mind if you AFK'd or disconnected for a long period of a time in the game you become ineligible for the LP
: Log-ins
Client Online Network Operations – 18:33 We're aware of a problem causing login attempts to fail, and are working on a fix.
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: My client has shrunk how do i resize it? Restart didnt work
Scaling options in options for resolution Run it in window then back to fullscreen Install another game the same size as league, 5000iq
: Friend got perma banned 900 euro acc
Deserved, consistent toxicity, don't use the chat if you have nothing useful to contribute
Fr0nzy (EUNE)
: Trading with skins
It's Riot's only income for League, they'd never allow it
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: > [{quoted}](name=Porosen,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=05AdJszU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-31T03:00:51.157+0000) > > You're allowed to leave the game, if you haven't left games consistently, you won't be punished. > Nobody is stopping you. i can't leave games! i like playing the game, Did i not meantion i play since S2 ? I cant leave games because if i leave i will get reported by "people" feeding hard and saying shit like "lul not gonna stop feeding XD" So i have to "play out" these 40 minute long 2-30 games because they wont surrender, i'm actually being hold hostage. So you solution is having me out of the game? That what you got from this? I an the problem, seems to me liek your just another !"%!"# who feeds around and keeps people playing against your mistakes. NEVER SURRENDER best friends forever. Meanwhile i want to get the %%%% away of that 10 kill at minute 5 botlane that is your doing and start a game fresh . instead im there getting shit on by something caused before i got to level 6. fk you you fking white knight. GTFO thats his solution. bonus round: ill take a flamer to feeder ANY day. Everytime i get a friendly team on champ select they feed and suck balls.
I think you severely misinterupted what I said, you said you can't leave the games, you can You will not be punished for leaving a game if it isn't consistent, life takes priority over League and the IFS more than covers that so you're more than welcome to leave a game unpunished. I have played since S3 and I have never been punished because I have left a game. Neither will you for leaving that certain game where everyone (EXCLUDING YOU) is intentionally feeding and it has no hope. But I can see you're not here for discussion rather than to vent and I'm not your psychiatrist so I'll be leaving now.
: Cant leave games because my 0-20 teamates wont allow me
You're allowed to leave the game, if you haven't left games consistently, you won't be punished. Nobody is stopping you.
: Porosen .
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Just for that I'll login to every account I own to upvote lol

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