ShiroVM (EUW)
: Cant play league, it says i may be offline
Like, i can do anything if i manage to log in with my router pc, go to the shop, the profile, loot, everything except that i just cant hit the play button for some reason, and sometimes i cant even log in.
rèV (EUW)
: 1. Already tried to completely unistall the game and reinstall it? 2. Is there another pc availabl at your home? If so, does the same problem occur? 3. Tried to deactivate your firewall for testing purposes?
Hello, i tried the 1st and 3rd option, and didnt worked. I dont have another computer, but your comment gave me the idea to connect and use my cell phone internet into the computer, and the play buttom stays stable, although i play with lag, cause my cell phone internet is weak. I dont understand too much about computers, but could it mean there is something wrong with my router?
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