Wex0r (EUW)
: your failing to understand the term 0 tolerance. Chat restrictions are for people who are tilted and flame. ( they tolerate it and allow to play the game with the chat restriction as a warning) 0 tolerance means you have overstepped that and you are no longer welcome to play. Be grateful in some cases 0 tolerance has led to an instant permenant ban. Lets say you avoided all 0 tolerances you would of gotten a chat restriction and if you had continued it would lead to a extended chat restriction ( this in most cases includes a Restriction from playing in ranked games ). Next comes the 14 day ban and then the Perma ban. By using a 0 tolerance you have jumped the que straight to final warning. Once your ban is lifted i would avoid typing in game all together unless its completely friendly. From what i know you cant go back steps either so your account will now always be on this final warning.
> From what i know you cant go back steps either so your account will now always be on this final warning. This is false. I have had a few 14 day suspensions on this account years ago and a few months ago I was hit with chat restrictions. Because of tilt during ranked my punishment levels increased, but then I'd calm down a bit and over a few months time my punishment levels dropped again. I can proudly say I am chat restriction or suspension free for a few months again.
Adamssohn (EUW)
: "troll purchases" I dont see them tho
https://imgur.com/a/ScBch1z if you don't see anything wrong with her purchases there (mobi's and like 5 fearie charms) and her last item purchase being at 16 minutes while the game lasted double, 32 minutes, then you might need glasses...
Mobuoyant (EUW)
: How much LP should your team be penalied for losing a game even though you had an afk?
I actually had a ranked game a while back where our Morgana made troll purchases and left the game for 10+ minutes but we still managed to win. https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4062115067/25558092?tab=overview Lucky? Idk. But this is proof you CAN win a 4v5. Not to brag but I hard carried it myself ;p For clear evidence, 3 of us were level 18 at the end of the match, Morgana was level 7. And this is diamond 4/plat 1 ish MMR/elo. Morgana had beef with Ashe because Ashe didn't use heal to save her in the first few minutes or something.
: But that was the first time I got banned on this account, did they remove the chat restriction or something because I thought you got 14 day ban if you told someone to "K.Y.S" or if you call them a racial slur.
Well, if you did use any instant trigger slurs or hate speech, even in a different language, yes, you'd get an instant 14 day ban. Chat restrictions are only for mild toxicity/negative attitude such as constantly whining. Calling people ''%%%%ing garbage'' and ''shit'', if you do that enough or multiple times, I could see that warrant a 14 day suspension.
Mobuoyant (EUW)
: How much LP should your team be penalied for losing a game even though you had an afk?
One system that's less easy to be abused would be, give people the full minus LP for the 4v5 loss, but give them a chance to earn a bit of extra LP like up to 5-10 or so on their next win directly after the 4v5 / afk loss. EXCEPT the person who went AFK, they just get the full minus LP and no bonus on their next game for winning. So you don't just get anything for free, but you are motivated to play well and win on your next game to give the 4 people who were negatively affected without it being their fault a chance to redeem some lost LP.
: How did I get banned and not Chat Restricted?
It depends. Ban levels add on to eachother. Only by good behavior for roughly 3 months your punishment level drops (own experience). So, if you already had chat restrictions before and continue to be toxic like this, your next punishment level is a 14 day ban, followed by a perma ban. It doesn't matter anymore how severe your negativity/toxicity is once you already had chat restrictions. Your punishments will increase in severity. The chat restrictions were your warning to calm down and be the better person. As tough as it can be, just try to mute them, sit the game out and report them. By flaming them you only encourage them to keep trolling because they feed on your tears. It also increases the negative atmosphere for your entire team. Again, I get it's hard and you are right, they started it. But Riot states retaliation isn't appropiate. I myself struggle a lot with it as well. I bite my nails trying to ignore inters/trolls but it's sometimes really hard to not call them out on it. :/
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: I hope they will keep Fiddles fear as it is after the rework.
Maybe incorporate his fear passively into his ultimate or other abilities. Similar to Urgot when he kills someone with his R people around him get feared by what they just witnessed.
CJXander (EUNE)
: They spammed, they reported, they've ridiculized :D
Guardian Angel on Nami? Lol. Would think Zhonya's would be a less obvious troll item.
: This is my message, i typt this with my account yesterday. I don't know who this person is but he just copied my message
He made his post before yours, lol.
Toomindu (EUW)
: "Better jungler wins" is the most wrong-used term EUW
Tl;dr get to the point man. You're ranting, and kind of projecting. At first you cry about people blaming you for losses, but at the same time you blame your team for losing games because they can't play safe, ward and/or win their matchups 1v1 or 2v2. So my advice is to take a deep breath, admit you too are messing up by not helping your team when needed, just as much as they don't always help you when needed. Try to stay calm, no matter how hard it is and just focus on (what you think it is) doing **your** job well. Pick a lane you see potentional in based on match history to be able to carry/snowball and help them win their lane hard. Or prevent one of the better players in your enemy's team to snowball/get out of hand by helping your team vs them. And always respect lane priority as you mention at the bottom. Take a good look at your midlaners summoners, ult cooldown and especially mana if they are mages as well. Goodluck.
: Everybody should play Yuumi from time to time.
I hope the person who inted as 'Yuumi adc' in my games didn't read this post... or I blame you!
: unless you preemptively mute it doesn't help as i said some people have an emotional response to certain things that they themselves don't like. so it's unfair (imo) to judge them on their actions alone without context
Most of my chat restrictions/bans have come from exactly this error. I find it very difficult not to reply/talk back and just mute people. But I try harder and harder and just think of getting them their deserved punishment. Try to find a way to deal with it outside of game chat, like shout in real life etc.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=mikrogane2305,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ahd3taFA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-21T21:16:42.074+0000) > > Levels above 30 were added in season 8. He had rank in season 4. Which means he hasn't played any game for 2 years? And suddenly he got permanently banned? Idk about you but something really doesn't smell good in this story.
His post / format is nearly identical to this dudes: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/N25i2c8E-help-i-got-banned-because-i-was-hacked probably involved in TOS breaking practices.
: Help, i got banned because i was hacked
Something is fishy here. Your post/format is about 90% the same as this persons: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/Ahd3taFA-help-i-got-banned-because-i-was-hacked Def something not truthful going on here with both of you.
slax420 (EUW)
: Help, i got banned because i was hacked
Something is fishy here. Your post/format is about 90% the same as this persons: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/N25i2c8E-help-i-got-banned-because-i-was-hacked Def something not truthful going on here with both of you.
: Is it trolling day today?
It's the weekend right now. All the kids are home from school and are allowed to stay up late(r) than usual.
: ye you suck, sry. You can b unlucky a few games, maybe even 10-20 in a row. But u played ~ 100 games overall and u r at 40% winrate. And btw there is no way u get matched with so many smurfs in silver. Every real smurf should b out of silver rlly fast.
That's kind of a bad statement. People smurf all the time. Just because some smurfs have already been out of there doesn't mean there won't be any new ones. While I don't think smurfs are OPs problem, your comment is bad. RNG will be RNG, you can have smurfs in every single one of your matches, or never at all, or sometimes. It's just RNG. There will always be people on either side of the RNG or in the middle or slightly towards one end, etc.
: Ahri Announcer plus a Kiko plushie to be able to buy :3 <3
> [{quoted}](name=Little Moonlight,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5rRb5pLn,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-21T14:15:43.177+0000) > > All the girls would annoy they guy for that surely hihi :)) Cringed. Also I thought we lived in a time now where girls cry for equal rights. Well missy, that includes paying for the stuff you want. If my girlfriend acts like a spoilet brat and annoys me for something because she can't work for her own money, we would have a talk. If anything, if a boyfriend wants to be sweet and gift something it should **not** be expected or begged for, but purely because he wants to be nice and make her happy. I'm by no means a SJW, but jesus, double standards are hilarious.
KageyamaHun (EUNE)
: 0lp Can i get demoted if I dont play till november 12?
Also, you can probably try a few more games and see if you can get higher. You won't demote from G5 to S1 unless your MMR is *REALLY* low. It can take up to like 10 losses in a row. And you will get warned beforehand before you hit a possible demotion from a 5 tier to 1.


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