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: The Most Unusual "I Quit LoL" Thread
Use hotspot shield or WTfast and say to your ISP "not today" !! Africa is fucked up lol or just do a mini-revolution against your ISP , i heard that egypt are the most united country in the world touch 1 of them they all jump on you
: SOLO Q with different ladder
: Nice trolling, i almost fall for it ;-).
: SoloQ Need to return
I agree , dynamic Q sucks We want Solo Q !
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: We want solo-queue back
Dynamic Queue only good for : EloBoosters services Scripters (3rd party programs) People who have high Elo friends
: We want solo-queue back
I agree , bring back the Solo Q , i'm really sick of premades and i'm stuck in silver (i was gold last season) sometimes you facing full scripting enemy team which is insane as hell or 2 badass challenjour smurfs who carrying 3 other low elo players. The best winner from Dynamic Q is the eloboost services , now they can easly smurf 5 accounts which is against rules and you rito just helped them. And lets not talk about this shitty season , you ruined 80% of the game balance GG WP RITO
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: Or how about a new one, Jax gets his sword back - Imagine if I had a real...oh wait I do!
Jax might be a legendary darkin or Reginald ashram himself , why not Jax the instutue of War
: Jax ultimate skin "elemental Jax" or "Jax the master at 4 elements"
If you watched turtle ninja , when they attack the building of Shreder they met the 5 warrior and each warrior had elements and they look like Jax i swear , ultimate skin for Jax everyone would buy it . or atleast a legendary skin
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