Polarisx (EUW)
: not being visible to pinks is a nerf? Maybe in silver, where people never buys them.
thats not a rework to her w but vision/stealth in general. every akali main knows akali is gutted and not 1 real high elo akali main wants that shitty w rework stopping you from being able to farm in lane
Polarisx (EUW)
: Please, make Akali playable on high ELO after 4 years...
: Question about a Kayle build (Rylai's or Voidstaff?)
Rylais always, and also you dont want to go rabadons. A different attack speed item depending on the enemy comp is much better such as trinity which gives u Perma E, wits end etc
: How to see who is toxic on the enemy team on the fun way
CheeseDJ8 (EUNE)
: Vayne nerf pls.
Vayne is trash tier right now.
: Flash Bug - Happened to me and other players I've talked to this patch
Nope happened to me once. I know exactly what you mean. Thought it was because I failed my own flash but my team mate told me it happened to him too.
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: Help related to a Kayle build
The reason for the runnans is because with your E the aoe is insane, and it applies the rylais slow to so many more enemies. The GA is great late game since you already have your ult, you are less inclined to using it on yourself and can save one of your carries or even if you use it on yourself you have two "revives". The Rabadons isn't really worth it tbh, and the void staff isn't needed as with your passive and guinsoos you melt tanks already anyways. Trust me, there's a reason why that build is so strong.
Pikajew (EUNE)
: I suggest chat restriction for 'izi' boys.
Fenoopy (EUW)
: Permaban in platinum, trolling pillar trundle, fuck dymanic q and here are the logs
Zubehör (EUW)
: Suggestion: Make it possible to display prefered lane in Draft Pick/Ranked
Or... just make it so you could queue as your preferred role just like team builder but still have random pick order.
Jabbabax (EUNE)
: How did you manage to use lightshot while in game? When I press print screen while in game nothing happens
Get out of full screen.
LuckyLuQ (EUW)
: Thanks alot Riot
Same here happened to me a couple days ago for promos and now again just now for another promo. Pffft.
LA Losty (EUW)
: ;(
Well enemy team managed to ff somehow but the game is still not in my match history. =/
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