Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I don't have gamble problems. Want to make a bet? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: If the game would be fair 5 vs 5, you could also lost. So lets make it a coin flip. After each remake game will do a coin flip. If it ends obverse, you get LP. Otherwise you lose LP. So much thrill.
you have gamble problems xD
SunOfWinter (EUNE)
: League+
It replaced the mobile folder. As simple as it is
TLP Bipai (EUNE)
: Use exit to be 100% sure, using sign out doesn't kick you from the lobby (sometimes).
Use the reboot button ahahaha
: Adcs are squishy and tend to lack protection, mid lane has a bunch of champions generally designed to kill adcs... that’s why they tend to avoid mid. It’s fully possible and has even been meta every now again (trist mid for example)... but a lot of them can struggle with match ups
Yeah exactly, that's why they're in a duo lane with a peeler or an engager with cc (to peel too). Most of mid can abuse an adc easily and zone him. most of adc don't have an escape ability too (Jinx, Kog, Varus, Ashe etc...) that's why you'll never see em top or mid, however, e.g. Lucian and Trist are played both because they have survivability, gank protection and 1 v 1 potential. Vayne is an exception due to his 2 v 1 outplay potential in the good hand. P.s. i don't consider Corki as adc because adc is a trollpick imho, he will be 'till changes a midlaner.
: No probs, you too ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You don't have to click claim, just buy it. It'll automatically added
Smerk (EUW)
: They ended this promotion, it's no longer possible
it's no longer available trhough like on facebook etc... but u can ask the support i did it for mys second account.
sbepi (EUW)
: annie was free skin for 10th year. riot kayle was free idk how
Like s5/s4 the gifted riot kayle at the end of a season.
sbepi (EUW)
: u can't have her anymore (same for alistar and kayle)
I did it like some mounths ago for my smurfs so yes u can, or at least i did it.
: Who is the champion that's played so rarely, that gets you surprised when you see him in-game ?
HappyD4y (EUNE)
: riot girl tristana
Yes it is, just ask to the support.
: Skins
Orn so he finally have a skin xd
Rhoswyn (EUW)
: No I don't mean the specific quest I just mean the points milestones
What do u mean for the points milestones? Token stash? yes the token stash yes
Rhoswyn (EUW)
: Will Milestones retroactively complete if I have enough points in my stash then buy a world's pass??
nope, u'll have 2 weeks to complete it, it should be fine just spam aram games (most of quest are play games)
: yeah but what if my champion pool is big? Can i just pick something that i could play well enough to get a chest?
Not every player's champs pool is big, most of players have one or three picks. It's not efficient to implement it for very few people. If you think you're an exception just check it out before the match start.
Marissa (EUW)
: Hi there! If you participated on a different account than the one you posted with here, please respond to this comment using the account you gave up on the quiz so we can verify it really was you :).
I'm lazy, didn't wanted to switch accounts but here i am. xD
Evyi (EUW)
: ENEMY TEAM SURR AT 10 ????????????????????
***just wanted to clickbait you to get downvotes FIXED :3
: Lmao, you have no clue what you're talking about. TFT is much harder to climb. I've been master on SR and it was way easier than TFT. I was Diamond 1 TFT today, now im Diamond 4. Every 7-8th gives -70LP and 1st is +20, 2nd +12, 3rd +7, 4th 0-0 Don't talk before you've played both modes then tell which is easier.
Easier to climb, in my personal opinion I already got plat in flex, solo, and TFT. TFT was the easier one and mentally easier too, it didn't stress me as much as the other two. Borders imho should be for the mode you're playing, tft for tft, flex for flex, solo for all and aram is versatile having the solo one or nothing is both fine. Why are u putting solo as the main border? Because league of legends had the solo/duo mode as core, it's the incipit and the most historical one. This is my opinion, feel free to reply but i don't wanna discuss with kids on periods :D
: Cant log in.
maybe u put a tab or a non space into it
: > [{quoted}](name=Shot Fired,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=7FRNyiVH,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2019-10-16T15:24:31.526+0000) > > Hey wanted to be in, just tried something but I'd love a graphic table... hate the mouse =P > > > > [Here]( at you, hope you like it "somehow" :D > > IGN: Shot Fired (the theme synergize with miss fortune xD) > REGION: EUW It's very cool. The ship in the background is great! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
Hey wanted to be in, just tried something but I'd love a graphic table... hate the mouse =P [Here]( at you, hope you like it "somehow" :D IGN: Shot Fired (the theme synergize with miss fortune xD) REGION: EUW
: How am I supposed to rank up
Rioter Comments
: Dodges not going through?
Nikzis (EUNE)
: ik,but after i find a way to fix this bug :(
just repair(or hextech tool too) or reinstall if u cannot find an answer on google.
: Depends when you dodge, if you dodge when the timer reaches 0 then you probably will load into the game while exiting client and thus starting the game, if you dodge earlier then you should be good.
ye, 2 sec is the best option if u need to be sure to dodge.
Nikzis (EUNE)
: Client doesnt show accept/decline like 75% of the time and my game sometimes freezes on champ select
: Garbage
why so mean, isnt that bad tho :D
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Infernape (EUW)
: And all Riot would have to do is make the punishment for being the cause of a remake in ARAM a lot harsher than it is on Summoner's Rift.
Like 5 queue of 10 minutes is pretty harsh
: On my level there's no bots
There are none above lv 30 so with his lvl too he shouldnt have any problem
: 666˙ club
Pls add me ahahaha
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Driti11 (EUNE)
: crash dump
Open a ticket [here]( and attach to it requesting a technician
: First this is a technical issue, and not bug. Second you should write this into the existing threads. Third you should provide data about your system. NOT 100% of the peoples get it. This means, that it is NOT 100% client issue, and fixing it is damn hard. Especially when people like you provide 0 data about their own system. You literary expect, that Riot magically figures out what is wrong on those specific clients without ANY of them providing any info. I work in IT, and when something like this happens the first step is trying to figure out what causes the problem. And the problem is not the client itself. Otherwise 100% of the players would have it. I noticed since windows reinstall, that the loading screen remains background if i actively do something else, and the game itself is "iconless" on the bottom. However i can still simply alt-tab into it, or click on the far right of the windows on it's invisible icon, and put it front. Also if you want testing, and not wana go normal, then i suggest starting custom game with AI only. You can leave it without leaver buster, and not lose LP, nor ruining anyone's game, nor forced to play for long, if the issue is fixed. No reconnect if you leave it. You simply get back into the menu, and can do whatever you want.
> First this is a technical issue, and not bug. A bug may derive from techincal issue but a technical issue is not a bug. This is a bug, an expected behavior of the software. Just to clarify that cuz u pointed out. > Third you should provide data about your system. There is people who get this bug ( me too and some of my friends), it is difficult to catch it if u're not a streamer cuz you need to have obs or some software in fuction (i have but it starts recording at loading screen and this bug prevent it at landing to it) > Also if you want testing, and not wana go normal, then i suggest starting custom game with AI only. You can leave it without leaver buster, and not lose LP, nor ruining anyone's game, nor forced to play for long, if the issue is fixed. No reconnect if you leave it. You simply get back into the menu, and can do whatever you want. It is not happening that much time ( i'd say 10%) but it depends on how much game u play, the more u play the more the chances to have this bug Playing vs bots is just annoying and boring Hope i've clarified the issue :)
: Game still in progress AGAIN.
I got it in my promo to G1 with a champ i had 80%w/r and it just sucked. I know it is annoying maybe they'll fix it soon...
ZapperCat (EUW)
: Phoenix Gaming - LFG (All Elo) (Teams) (Also a Community)
Vordo (EUNE)
: Throughout history, if you were colorblind your chances of survival were slim. There was no company bullying you. Just nature. You know the unbiased thing we still live in. I don't support your cause mainly because I want them to focus on making the game better mechanically and not visually. Fair?
It doesnt need more than 1 h to fix that ;) P.s. im not colorblind
Yraco (EUW)
: It's likely that, if League of Legends goes to mobile, TFT will be part of the mobile game because it's much easier to transfer than regular League.
They already made a statement that it will not be on mobile
: A report is a press of a button that takes 3seconds if you call that wasting time... [I think this was what he meant](
: In league of graphs its clearly shown that tahm got some counters, but most of them arn't usuall top laner. So tahm isn't one either. Think around the corner. Winrate at Diamond and above is just about 52% which is fine. Banrate isn't that high with 18.1%... counters at this time are Neeko, Yasuo hey and even Gnar... didn't know he still exist. We got so many post of this but Riot doesn't change him in the PBE.. so i guess he is fine. And its a bit difficult to nerf him for top lane, but don't destroy him complete for any other position like support. And for example, Mordekaiser sits on a 72% banrate and even Yasuo is still at over 40%.
Actually there is a way, a workaround Passive stack would only proc with melee allies (like seju). So toplane could w only botlane (or top with a gank) Next is e, e wont give the grey bar if there is not an ally in 1000(?) unit range(now or the past 5 sec to give him when its adc dies). So it wont regenerate life if it's alone. These should be enough for nerf him in solo lane
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Problem is you can log out, play on another account, dodge on that account and go on your first, etc.
: Aram leaver need more punishment...
A remake , with more punishment, fits better. Like 30 mins in which u cannot play, 10 mins of low priority queue in next aram game et similia
Sumy (EUW)
: Support item won't collect money
There was a known bug, on zyra 's plants. maybe that's what you are referring. [Click here to view the full post](
Febos (EUW)
: This is recent because Zilean wasn't able to level up his W at level 1. I remember this.
it seems so to me too. But dunno what may have caused that.
: But you must have an icon. You use the same icon on the forums that you use in your game. You use this chi-bi vladimir..? Do your friends see this "no-icon" as well, or only you ?
It is clearly a visual bug, it happens to me too sometimes, **THERE IS NOT** an option not to show any icon. A bug **DOES NOT MAKE** the account bannable.
Smerk (EUW)
: Eh, I guess there's no point in talking with you. You're just trying to twist everything, so it looks exactly how you want it to see. Well, stay negative if that's your choice. Bye
If you open a topic be ready to face the opposite thought, you should be open minded. You wasn't, not my fault, i can explain again and go further but if you don't realize that something else may be thruth then ... yeah there's no more point into talking with you :)
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Why dont we have blind pick in PBE
in blind pick only who has a good connection will pick it and ignore all the others, at least in draft there is pick order.
Smerk (EUW)
: You're taking it all the way to another extreme. Playing for fun doesn't equal not trying to win. Do your best and try to win and if you still lose, for any reason, then so be it, try to learn something out of it and move on. That's the attitude I want to see more often
I think that was pretty accurate : if u play with feet doesnt mean u dont wanna win ... you want to but with feet Do your best means items and not afking too. Your attitude is what most annoy me, pretend others accept the way i wanna drag em down with me. You wanna play like that? you're free to play custom or simply get a 5 man team.
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