: Do you wanna know my unpopular opinion? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} URF sux {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
True that. Well 2 years ago it was awesome, people didn't know the good picks so they just picked random stuff to have fun, but now? Everyone picks the most OP champion they can find, last year was the same shit, this year will be the same again, ezreal and jayce in every possible game. By the way, i never said i liked URF so i don't know why you have to say "unpopular opinion" in this thread, i was just saying that i can bet EUW will be down.
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Bombardox (EUW)
: Are this adcs good ?
You're awesome, you could be picking low-skill high reward champions like Jinx and Sivir but instead you opted for the hard champions. Props to you. And they are good in their role.
: Mistery Champs
I think NA is getting them first but that's none of my business. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: "Kim young un"?
how about kim jong 1? or kim jong ill as in illness?!!?!??
: Welcome to the club. Apparently the name HitIer was offensive so I changed it to StaIin and that was found offensive too so they gave me a tempname. Completely unfair - how could HitIer or StaIin possibly be found offensive?
Sffc (EUW)
: My K0g Your ashe is actually offensive. My Kog standing for My cock, penis Your Ashe is oraly similar to Your Ass Basicly your account name meant that you were sodomizing others.
: Remember one thing and one thing only, they are insulting themselves. Unless they are Native Americano. Any other American is a Fake American!
That's actually right, unless they are native americans, they are just a mix of races and cultures.
Rich (EUW)
: Yeah, but it's not super serious. It's just a running joke between the two regions. There are Europeans in the NA streams bashing the NA players too.
I guess you're right but, i don't think those guys that are bashing other people don't see it as a joke, they probably see it as entertainment to criticize other people and/or feel good about it.
Rich (EUW)
: It's mostly a joke between NA people and EU people. It's not REAL hate, just a running joke. Like when qt messes up you see the chat say stuff like "na flash" (europeans) :)
But the chat... good lord. Never have i seen so much bashing towards the europeans.
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: BlaBlaBla and BlaBlaBla plzzz gift me a skin im so poorerino dat my father is a pororino i trey to go escape from ma pappah pororino in aram but he say no and freeze me like katchup plzzz i no even have 1 skin i have 0,5 skin plzzz i so pooooooor QQ i crey everydey cuzz lif is herd and i no even know what money isss ppl tell me u havv no money i sey wat is money dey sey money= Rp= Skin and i crey cuzz i know no money = no rp = no skin QQQ plz i wanna win ketchup GG wp
NewMk (EUW)
: NA GD> This dead off-topic bullshit
True, this off-topic shit is so much worse than NA's GD. And yes they still have the GD while we have "Off-topic" like wtf, does riot hate us that much?
: After 250 + Xerath games I've never encountered it but it seems others have, I smartcast everything so could be related to that I guess all I can think of.
Try to press R twice really fast and you'll notice it. Test it in a custom
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