: It doesn't ruin the point of critical, because my suggestion would replace crit. And that ofc means that crit wouldn't exist. Crit is not a healthy stat for the game even tho it is a good concept. I'm also not saying that i hate crit. Im fine if it stays as it is. This is just one way to replace it because riot has thought about getting rid of crit chance before.
Well, I think its better to have it or completely remove it, but not replace it with a different system to add another layer of complexity!
: A way of removing lucky crits from the game.
This totally ruins the whole point in "critical" basically using your theory critical wouldnt need to exist...
: Please bring back the pop up!
Since the major UI rehaul, ive experienced this issue several times. I actually just logged into the boards to complain about this. 8 ranked queues in a row which failed and took me back to queue. Then im bored and whilst queuing start browsing on my other screen. Look at the other screen and I have a 5 minute ban for missing banning phase. Very very very annoying - UI needs reworkings with more Call To Action on the banning period.
: My birthday
Thanks guys, Im lonely XD well my gf is still sleeping! What a fine day to play LOL again!
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: p.s. Dont focus on your "team mates" focus on your own gameplay. You will eventually improve off your own mistakes and climb (every time you die, no matter what, blame yourself and tell yourself what you could have done better) Blaming your team or trying to be "lucky" to get a good team is a common pitfall which keeps people from climbing. You get good and bad teams, but you are also a part of that team, so try to improve your team by being a better player.
Thanks for the tips, I just finished my pizzas. I Feel better now, but I cannot deny my frustration with such an unforgiving system. Thank you kind gentlemen.
: illaoi overpowered? how do you counter her?
I find the graphics effects are actually one of the strongest abilities with this champ. She consumes your soul (or w.e it is). Now your whole screen is green mess of clouds and vomit, run around aimlessly whilst you get endlessly attacked by octopus tentacles, Illaoi & an adc! but at least your whole screen is completely covered in very off-putting, distracting like no other ability effects!
chill22518 (EUNE)
: What is your favorite ability in the game?
{{champion:154}} R - Its party time!
alasarcher (EUNE)
: How did this meta affect Annie in any way? And since when Vayne is "less skill" champion? He is 2nd hardest champion to play after {{champion:119}}
Kolfin (EUW)
: "Addiction" right here.
I see you have Varus addiction, can you relate?
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JQKAndrei (EUW)
: I believe it's necessary so that people see what hits them and can react to it.
I can react to them fine without my whole screen going green and swirling effects on the floor, its far too off putting imo
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