: Removal of Warmogs in Aram
Tanks were already unpopular on ARAM, everybody wants to have kills and more KS. But still every game needs at least 1 good tank, rather 2, to be very successfull, but nobody wants to play them. 10-5-20 looks better than 5-10-30. I'm a Tank Main (so i'm not totally objective), but still the removal of Warmog's is a very bitter pill for everyone who wants to help the teammates not by killing enemies rather than shield them, take tower agro, so teammates can dive. The health increase to 3000 points was already harsh and made the sustain spike much later. But now i don't want to play tanks on ARAM anymore, becaues i'll be just the punching ball for all the spam AP champs and the ADCs, who outrange everything with no risk and no mana problems.

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