paprika (EUNE)
: dont say ez or taunt me if i miss a skillshot or when you win a a game.
I know that at a certain point during a certain season, riot put a toggle to disable all chat, and.the all chat started disabled afaik, infacr u could read a message stating that to a tivate it u had to go to options. Now, if all chat triggers u why u keep it open?
: Where can I found the contact of a Balancing team member?
Let s assume there s a mail... Do u beliwve that it wont be flooded by angry mails? Come.on...
: Permanent Ban and a really bad customer services
Well thats why i never play in lan shops. Anyway ,well, last sentence reassume what permaban promote
: Riot's ban system is unfair
Honor zero should remind u that u are toxic and should change your behaviour. Since noone.force u to be toxic, blame yourself for the honor loss. Rule is very clear.
: yes. And they do not tell you that it's a test. You simply get your account back out of their "good will".
ok well. let s see how it goes then
: But they aren't telling you that it is a test. I literally gave you a link which shows that. So they can't ban them again (they can according to terms of use but that's only there to prevent legal issues. they aren't actually banning anyone for no reason or without telling them).
Was that link the.original message u get raking part to the test?
: How is it not flaming?
27 minutes late, damn
: >I believe that "once toxic always toxic". Well I am a living proof that debunks that theory. I used to be toxic but i'm not anymore. >Moreover it s not right to kust unban na leaving rest behind. I can agree with that. >Anyway, for what i know, it s not they are unbanned. It s just a test, which may mean that after that all accounts gets banned again for a statusticall purpose only They do not. While it is a test, Riot doesn't say anything about it being a test to the person who gets the account back. So they basically can't just suddenly ban them again without them breaking the rules. If they would have warned them that it will happen if the test fails, then it would be fair. This is what the message looks like: Imagine getting your old account back with all the memories and limited skins etc on it, just to have it banned again without any warnings. How would you react if your account was now suddenly banned by Riot without any prior warnings?
Glad i wrote "no discussion". Simple: they tell u that is a test that doesnt grant your account to be unbanned after it.
: May i ask why you disagree? As i already explained, there is no harm in it so i'm curious to why you would oppose it.
I can reply, yes, but i dont want to discuss. I believe that "once toxic always toxic". Moreover it s not right to kust unban na leaving rest behind. Anyway, for what i know, it s not they are unbanned. It s just a test, which may mean that after that all accounts gets banned again for a statusticall purpose only
: >Let's be honest here. Most of the community is against this even happening at all. This is actually false too. The real answer is that most of the community doesn't care. >The only people that want this second chance to happen are the toxic players themselves. Well it is the only group of people that is affected by it. I used to be one of those toxic people but i have reformed and i'm not toxic anymore. So it does work on at least some of us. There is really no downside to this either. Think about it. The only people who would send a ticket to riot and get their old accounts back are the people who are still playing the game. Not the ones who have quit because they do not care anymore. So this doesn't increase any toxicity so there is really no downside.
Being a never punished player i kindly disagree. But their toy, their rules
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: I think Riot needs to implement some sort of "Minimal Skill cap" on champions for ranked.
Why mastery counts so much? U can farm in blind pick where anyone tests new stuff while u tryhard. And.your thread would have been "Mastery7 akali noob" "Champ is,a joke" Etc
: > [{quoted}](name=Shukr4n,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=G8NtEiYa,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-13T19:42:04.953+0000) > > so what does it state? That if I cotninued to flame I could be Perma banned but I didn't flame bro.. I didn't. I didn't even spam ping
your chatlog state otherwise. and other users are pointing those fallacies to you. flame is not just offending. report calling is punishable when used aggressively. and u did. negative attitude can be punishable if constinuosly used. and u did. why didnt u mute everyone (without advertizing "MUTED")? u played yourself and now u see the consequences. moreover, what others told to you, whant other behaviour was compared to yours, is not your business. your account, your behaviour. eventually they will whine in their thread. GL with new account.
: I'm repeating. I've only played two games after the suspension. This one and one before that I wasn't toxic in /reported. How do you think I'm gonna prove anything if they auto banned me bc 2 flamers reported me? So,just because I was suspended I deserve a Perma ban without even reviewing the chat and game, just bc I was reported? Jesus.. Why be so mean?
: Mate, you had games like this and you weren't banned. I didn't flame. I can post here the prints reen of showing that this is the only chat log in the ban. I didn't even insult them, I didn't troll, I tried to help them, even said jinx was playing good and that I was sorry for her because we were loosing and she was playing very good, yet she flamed me and said worst sona ever and a lot more things saying I was trash That I was shit and stuff.
maybe u need to read better what other users are commenting. u got a 14 days ban message. did u read it ? yes no
: i was permanently banned after i got 14 day suspension and didnt even flamed. only 1 chat log
in the 14 days ban message u can read blablablablabla, moreover blablablabla tired of being a broken record. deserved
: How to permanently lock camera?
Best way to improve is to use the unlocked camera and use Spacebar to momentary lock camera on yourself.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: To contrast, this is what my chat logs always look like. I haven't gotten a single report notification once in my 5 years playing, and currently honor level 5. Game 1 Hello Okay Sure, don't push I'm coming gj! Baron End Game 2 What's up :3 xdd Care they're invading Woooah Top wards up, you'll get ganked Baron? Damn No problem, we'll win the next one No, I was cooldowns Ggwp! Now when this happens: Vayne: noob jungler gank or i afk Me: I need 6, wait a sec Vayne dies Vayne: report noob jungler blind Me: *Mutes her* Problem solved.
I usually add some "Godly supp carry me" when supp is good. "That s my <insert champ>" Nt Gj Gg Wp Ggwp
: Well, your "suggestion" is little more than common trolling. Also, I explicitly requested that only people of D2+ elo give me advice, but so far I've gotten a silver and a platinum. I am disappointed.
So i believe u already do 100cs @10mins Which is actually not trolling is actually the number to aim to be good at adc.
: Huh. I didn't know Silvers could count.
U are free to be asshole and dont listen to suggestions then. I thought that suggestions had no rank, as long as they,are right.
: I suppose just being a jerk in chat isn't something people should be permanently banned for; surely banning them for maybe at most a month or so could be enough to make them refrain from continuing?
Iu suppose wrong. 14days ban message counters u
: permaban
14days ban message . Read it or ask riot to let u read again
: Unreasonable Perma ban RIOT PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT LEAST
If it s not perma is really unreasonable, i agree
Kurotsu (EUW)
: What fragrances do you guys wear?
: Tips to improve as adc
100cs @10mins.
: permaban
Deserved and ashamed
: Riot Pls see this And lets talk about this
: 14-day suspension over 1 toxic game
Shamoce (EUW)
: Quit league due to Riot's anti-male policies
: Wrong pronoun discrimination in League of Legends
Accordingly to english language every champs is "it"
: What are these black shadows drifting thorough summoners rift?
Eclaium (EUW)
: Tell me what happened since Season 3&4
Tl;dr: Game became xtremely esport oriented hence all the developing go to there. Also balance, also behaviour. Entire community is made by pros.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shukr4n,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Az32sItx,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-05T11:58:45.569+0000) > > Are u aware that community made pools worth zero, right? > And instead, we should just go with what ever your opinion is on any issue...? > But hf > > > Edit: i nust used your wording to put a line that show,the flawed way of rhinking about voip. If you have no arguments, you don't really show anything except your own inadequate ability to construct a point.
You won You re the best. Itried to make u use brain about the,silly arguments u found to counterargument in game voip technology, and all u. Can tell is that i cant construct a point. Ok , wasting time is fun as long as it s smart. Here there a nothing. Gl
Father Tios (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shukr4n,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Az32sItx,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-05T11:31:49.198+0000) > > I dont give a, solid %%%% if u believe that im passive agrressive or whatever. > Im pointing at~~ silly excuses~~ **Reasonable criticism, without offering any counter arguments.** > But be free to feel like u are smarter and what u say is the best I feel that I am making a proper argument, which you want to dismiss without arguing the point, because the voice is something you'd want. How about instead of throwing sarcastic remarks you actually try to construct a counter-argument? Edit: Also nobody else here gives a crap about what you think. The fact is, that the polls show that most people hold the same standing; if you want something that isn't popular, you might want to make proper arguments instead of acting like an ass. Do you actually think ANYONE is going to change their opinion, if you don't explain why you're right (in your opinion), and address the issues those people point out?
Are u aware that community made pools worth zero, right? But hf Edit: i nust used your wording to put a line that show,the flawed way of rhinking about voip.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: defending from it would set me in a disadvantage. The problem with voice is that you can be set in a situation where you have to choose between being abused and setting yourself in a disadvantage. As I already pointed out multiple times, the spam prevention isn't solid. I do understand, that it might not be that easy for a silver to understand that it isn't quite equal with 5 people communicating vs 4 people communicating. But keep talking in a passive-aggressive manner. It totally makes it look like you're making solid arguments and not being an ass without the ability to construct a proper argument for your case. /s
I dont give a, solid %%%% if u believe that im passive agrressive or whatever. Im pointing at silly excuses piled to block any form of improvement of the game. But be free to feel like u are smarter and what u say is the best
Jifd (EUW)
: well, if you read what people say, basicly im the only one, who's actually boycotting the game ^ ^. thus its not about 'i dont play your game coz you're wrong'. it's more about, please consider making a better decision
to boicott riot u must avoid its product and negate riot business with advertizement (which u gain by the view power u have) hence , since there are a lot of upvoting and shares about this idea, it would be COHERENT. but honestly, coherency in 2018..
Sąint (EUNE)
: Let's talk about somethng riot.
i came just to remind you got the free rotation to wait as every one of us did in his time when he wanted to share this same opinion.
Emtum (EUW)
: cant u read?im not trying to cover breaking the rules, i say the rules are too strict
And i replied twice about no
Jifd (EUW)
: Riot at PAX West lol - boycott
Now i should check every one who claims or upvote or share this's accounts. I bet most of u is playing
Emtum (EUW)
: i never denied breaking the rules, im saying the rules are too strict, they suit up more to people who dont care about the game rather than those who play with passion, have u ever considered that whoever made up those rules is a human and might as well be wrong?though im pretty sure they know theyre wrong but it profits them, all i worry about is that most of you dont realise it
Most of us,didnt even get punished, for example. Fact is you misuse the wording "passion" to cover the fact u broke rules.
Emtum (EUW)
: i dont think we are talking about the same kind of toxicity i found a quote in reddit which describes riots ban system, and i ultimately agree with it, ill post it to help you get my point so here it is: You want to know how unbalanced it is? Riot will ban you for calling someone a noob or telling them they are trash because they flagged those words as offensive words. Since people can't even use the chat function anymore to let people know that they are frustrated with the person feeding they resort to INTing and Feeding themselves. Since Feeding and INTing isn't detectable past someone admitting it, Riot won't ban for it. So now people are INTing instead of shit talking which can lead to some people flaming the INTer who is doing it because of a bad player and the person getting banned is the one who slips in chat. Once you get hit with a chat restriction or ban riot will start pairing you with other toxic players while putting honored players against you. Riot puts you in a position where it is a team of people flaming each other making that team lose and ultimately getting the chat restriction person perm banned by trying to get them to slip up again. What does Riot get out of all of this bullshit? More money. It looks good to stockholders seeing new accounts created. It looks good when the people being banned buy champions and skins again on a new account. And it looks good for Riot when they can claim their report system is actually doing something whether its doing it right or not. Its a money scheme.
I would gladly read some real reasoning u are not parroting from some random (and unknown) tin foiled source . Since u started the discussion. If u get punished it means u broke rules. U may be pissed off, just dont bother which is not meant to gather your frustration. It s a game
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Because you'll have worse communication than your opposing team.
so let me understand: we DONT want to use tecnology that should help proper teamplay because it COULD be abused by some KID BUT if i let u defend yourself from such problem suddenly the tecnology is an advantage for the ones who can properly use it. ------------------------------ meanwhile i can ask players to enter my FREE 3rd part VOIP and have the similar advantage. ---------------------------- oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook.
Emtum (EUW)
: ban system
No. I actually would remove the 10games chat restriction to make it more strict. U broke rules and.u got punished. What happens to others doesnt matter. System works since u broke rules, punished. Learn to behave.
: Ranked bans
No And to get 30mins u are recidivist
: So say yes. I want them to change this. Do not say no !!
Can u read what i wrote without putting it in your arbitrary way of understanding?
: " as it is random the side of chess as it is random the first turn in tcg " O, Man That's very different.{{item:1051}}
u didnt mind to describe why, right? nice
: ( it has always been this way. ) seriously ?! O, Man there is many thing have to change to improve. If all people thinking like you we will be in Stone Age.{{champion:516}} " it SHOULD be random." WHY ?{{champion:78}}
because blue is advantaged
: Blue team Vision SV Red Team Vision
it has always been this way. I DONT KNOW if there could be a PoV way of developing the game (basically by just moving both sides in blue vision) and no, im against chosing the side. it SHOULD be random. as it is random the side of chess as it is random the first turn in tcg
: Because sometimes Riot just does what the community very loudly demands. Sometimes those demands turn out to be not super reasonable (surprise!). > "surveys" Yes. Got one myself back then. You know, the in-client-questionnaire-thingy.
yes the "just remove this shit from my eyes i want to plaaaaaaay" thingy. srs bsns.
: No need to be clairvoyant to foresee this. First of all there have been plenty of surveys about this topic. And secondly it's already super easy to join voice com (Discord for example) if you want to and yet people don't do it.
"surveys" if there s discord, i dont get why riot put a premade voice chat, then. strange decision making , right? worst than speaking with a religios man about it
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