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: Should people follow/listen to the one who carries a game?
Imho killing players could ask help to keep destryoing opponents. But not commanding teammates like u re the only one that can play
: I am 12.
Like the average lol player s age. Nothing interesting
: unfair chatrestriction and degrading of honor because of premades
Stando User (EUNE)
: I got permabaned from THE ACCOUNT IV PLAYED EVERY DAY IN THE PAST 8 years
There are no priviledges. Only respect. And u gave zero respect for others. Were u banned for inting or for toxicity? Were u already on 14d ban?
Kendee (EUNE)
: From Honor 4 to Honor 1 in 2 games....
Came for chatlog Disappointed
PuffyMumu (EUW)
: Can't stream because fps "drop" when i alt tab
: > [{quoted}](name=Shukr4n,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2Ew3qOrE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-19T06:25:39.877+0000) > > If u feel u are that bad, why do u chat? > Why dont u mute and improve? > Omg that chat imho doesnt deserve a ban.but ffs, a slap or two irl would habe been a nice compromise. some people dont like muting,some people like chatting and trying to change some1 else's opinion about themselves it happens not everyone is the same
Then deal with consequencea. Anyway op answer was better
: yeah technically i did by sharing the account...and its not my calculation i saw it last time i checked my account information
Techincally sharing a online account is a fraud. Noone eats by your sharing
: Perma banned acc and money sent to charity
well. on the other way, u personally could charge a charity foundation with money based on your calculation on how much were on account. so u got permabanned and u give money to charity because u broke rules.
: I genuinely feel like I was permabanned for the wrongly
If u feel u are that bad, why do u chat? Why dont u mute and improve? Omg that chat imho doesnt deserve a ban.but ffs, a slap or two irl would habe been a nice compromise.
: Hey, Trinity Force as last item is very bad you should know that as a Diamond player :) Best is Botrk into Cleaver, Zeal item, into Infinity then Essence reaver and Last Whisper :)
Why not rageblade on lucian?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: These changes just brought all the unhappy adc mains, who don't like change or the fact that they're not the most OP role now, to boards. So current boards state is skewed. In the first place, people don't come to boards to share how happy they are with the game.
I may be biased since i was a main adc. But theres a substantial difference between a champ not being meta and a role not being meta. U can say" icannot play zed in this meta" Now u say"highlight the marksmen role. Here all the champs i cannot play in this mmeta"
SikumKxx (EUW)
This is a private gamegouse s game. U dont like its rules? U are free to leave. Hf with fortnite
: Overwatch System (similar to that used in CS:GO) Punishment/Ban/Reward System
: Why the ladder rank is badly projected
Remove 1200mmr as starting score for fresh account. Make all accounts starting from bronze. /thread
: No chatlogs means the thread isnt worth reading, i dont care about your excuses and reasoning as to why you flame i only wanna see the chatlogs and point out why your ban is deserved
Vallalima (EUW)
: Why did I get banned ? I did nothing wrong
: People can have opposing opinions, who knew, right??? I'd say more, but you didn't really specify more I guess.
"no matter the quality of the argument" is the main point of the thread...i suppose
: Riot Should make champ dual wielding swords or blades
LeBios TG (EUNE)
: When can you give me back the bill please? Please
When can you give me back the bill please? Please
: So OK it's working with banning players that aren't toxic?
I beliwve that Getting tilted in your opinion means your chat is immaculate
Shiwah (EUW)
: No, they're both words for the same concept.
Mah ok
Shiwah (EUW)
: It's actually a synonym.
Are u sure? I knew suspension may be revoked if the problem gets solved. Ban instead is permanent
nojuksax153 (EUNE)
: Suspended
Suspended is not banned
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Champions with the most mobility usually win
> I wonder how much the meta would change if only champions with low, no or irrelevant mobility could be the only champs to use . I would be very.interested.
: Why do punishments not reset after period of time? (account from S1)
: 14 day ban with no priors or warnings
Why again same thread? Oh eu board
King Lego (EUNE)
: Okay the rest are reasonable, but for the mana, doesn't the blue buff make it up already?
U take one blue, rest is for mid as long as he doesnt pick manaless champs... u can test un coop and see yourself
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: When you carry the game but don't get honored by your team
King Lego (EUNE)
: Question about Taliyah Jungle
Manahungry Cdr hungry Early game not good
: Vayne: what do you think
Gosu plays vayne. Gosu wins high elo games with vayne. Matter of personal skill imho
Waseeem (EUW)
: league dying
u should quit. that way u do the right thing giving a strong message to the community.
: They aren't zero tolerance words. If there is no butt hurt thin skinned player to report u than u can flame all u want. The system has zero context to anything and only seems to ban based on certain words. Slur words are far less offensive than what i could type without using them. U have to be a lil B to report anyone online for swearing anyway. The bans carry zero context and are just blindly made by some shitty program. People invest in there free to play game and can get perma banned for saying the F word one 2 many times as if all the people playing the game are innocent teenagers that don't swear all day in school. Shitty system imo.
sorry i dont care the "badass ruleset" u created yourself. if u dont like the actual ruleset u agreed when u created the account, u are free to quit the game. people invest their FREE time to relax. or tryhard, it doesnt matter. what matters is that bad behaviour is prohibited. zero tolerance words( usually 3"%" are a single acronym which is spammed by kids) are prohibited. the chat is restricted and protected , the voips are not protected neither are there any ruleset. u can enter the ladder punishment in different ways i wont waste time describing you. u can raise int he punishment ladder by simly being flamy u can be permabanned if your behaviour pattern remains bad even after 3 (THREE) advices. being obtuse is not a bliss being ignorant is not a bliss. have a clue and grow up like the man u wish u would be.
: Riot this has gone too far
: Well i got perm banned
Number of % tell me u were a bad boi who deserved it
: 14 day ban for talking to a friend in game
In 2018 u still dont use free voips? There s a ruleset to follow and u brole it. U were not five men premade. The fift man has all the rights to get pissed off your chat if u use Zero Tolerance Words I would have reported u no matter what, if u break rules. Learn to behave and be smart next time
: Is it worth flaming in normal game guys?
If u can.learn to not flame in normals, ranked will be easier for u
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why should I ask strangers instead of people I know? :D
Because those are probably more prepared abot tge topic
Rismosch (EUW)
: Can someone give me writing advice?
That -1 is overwhwlming. U should stop embarassing yourself. On a serious note, why asking here on lol forum instead of a proper forum?
: Yea might be. Low ELO is fascinating. Pretty sad that 90% of the playerbase is in it, at the level you described....LOL
I blame for a good 70% the decision of making rank starting at silver. If players starrted all from bronze i believe gamexwould be less toxic and silly
: > Rotating at low elo is considered trolling. . . Why ? It's like saying pushing towers after an ACE is trolling in low elo, people rather should farm enemy golems. LOL
Last time i rotated top after tower+drake for us, top camped us and flamed because wevwere "stealing his cs". Hence, no. It s a matter of personal player capability
: > lose lane and open it,go to another lane or jungle This is the standard procedure for losing lane. OP is a 49% win-rate hardstuck gold 5 player. I don't deny the existence of trolls, but what OP described in this specific thread, is the right move. Saying that the right move is "trolling" characterizes OP, makes him look incompetent and a guy who has no idea what he's talking about. Again, I do agree with you, there are people who troll in a more subtle way ( I still don't get why), but leaving lane after you're 0/3 and suggesting a rotation with bot for example, is THE RIGHT MOVE. Let's learn what we're talking about, before posting on the boards. And before you tell me that I have no idea what I'm talking about. I started G5, exactly the ELO OP's in right now, and reached D4 in under 150 games, 70% win-rate. If anyone knows what he's talking about in this post, it's me. I met shitty people in my gaming "career", I learnt to identify trolls (smart ones will NEVER get banned). But come on ! Describing a right procedure, calling it trolling just shows what the average hardstuck low-ELO player's mentality is. Sry for the rant.
Nah i already stated that at your HIGHER elo it may be rare. Honestly 0/3 is still doable. Rotating at low elo is considered trolling. . . Those.kind of games needs smart players which lack at that elo
: > [{quoted}](name=ItsTheHaos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gexREzXo,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-02T23:34:11.523+0000) > > I know its hard,still shit when your adc goes 1/6 pre 10 and then opens lane and goes top refusing to go botlane,ending in a lose.Happend last game,free game lost because of someone trolling,happens all season for me. Oh well, yesterday you had a 1/9 {{champion:77}} game, that your team managed to win in spite of you feeding the enemy team. Of course you could say: "my score was bad but i never start trolling" to which anyone could very well answer: "and how the f@@k i know you were not just pretending to play for real? You score clearly tell that your are a troll, so i'll report you and DEMAND that you are banned". This is just an example of what could happen if RioT would give up to flamers demands when it comes to "ban trolls". Be happy that this is not a thing and will probably never be, or otherwise you could have been banned too by now.
Wellthey ciuld have put s different punishment mechanics in which, in csse of dubt, itjust lock ranked for x games.
: I should move to EUW, make a smurf, camp you for 30 games straight, make you have negative KDA every single fking game, then open a ticket about you and get you permabanned. That's what you're suggesting buddy. You're throwing that word, troll, left and right without understanding what's up. You obviously don't sit in a lane where you went 0/5, cuz u'll get dove and die even more. The logical step is to rotate, try to make a comeback, instead of "defending" a lane that you already lost, due to better enemy laner/better ganks/better roams. It's easy to say "I played perfectly, I couldn't help my team more..they are obviously trolling, BOOHOO , rito ban pls. " No. just no. A troll is a guy with mobi boots and raptor cloak, dying once every minute, usually under mid tower. A guy with the right build, and 0/10/0, who is farming, is not a troll. It's time to stop.
That s the way smart troll plays. Pushers are not the ones with a marijuana plant in hand yellinh they,sell it in fron of police office. Those are %%%%%%ed. Pushers act normal, secretly spreading their selling to the right persons and trade smoke unseen, in hidden ways. I understand it s difficult to comprehend for a high elo player . And probably at hiigher elo there are way less trolls. Doesnt mean they dont exist and they act loudly as u describe them
Sileanand (EUNE)
: Is this worth being banned FOR
answer: yes protip: if u got banned u deserve it. stop asking others and look yourself the reason.
: i want the explanation please(i think i should only get a 14 day suspention for this)
Lets state how u are so silly to "ban yourself by flaming" U start by qriting in chat " why are u pinging me" and then u flood the chat. Reason? It bothers you? Mute pings. Then just by counting numbers of "%" i believe u deserve it. Why cant u just mute all or avoid chatting at all? May this ban teach u, how to behave. On a,side note: it s not others,that made u banned. It was yourself. Go to the.mirror and blame yourself
Croc46 (EUW)
: Is Permabanning Accounts good?
Well from a logic prospective, u are not wrong. From a behaviour prospective, its bad because toxic player can "waste" his time trolling until end season with other accounts until main gets free again. Prefer perma
: Perma ban just because of one game where i was "toxic" compared to the other hundrets of games
Two missconcept from title only - u are not permabanned out of the bluebut u previously got 14d ban. Which state u have to stop typing in chat (short version). So u lied. Somewhere - u can spend 50years of your life peacefully , still if u kill someone u go to jail. Strong example, still stand.
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: Perma banned for this?
Fortunately yes indeed
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