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: Nope, the skin was not exclusive. It's a legacy skin, which means it will return at least once a year being able to buy it. The golden chroma however is limited and was only available in 2017, now it isn't available anymore. The same is true with this years chromas. They are also limited and only available now. Once this event ends, the golden chromas will no longer be available and you cannot get them anymore.
Oh... ok... ty, now i see... but this is rly sad(
: The ashe chroma was said to be exclusive to 2017 at that time and not to be brought back for purchase (it required the RP pass to make it possible to unlock it as far as i remember). The other chromas are now available because this is their first release. I do agree on that the other chromas should have been released with the skins and made exclusive as well but that didnt happen. Maybe chromas did not yet exist or they were not popular at the time. The succes of the ashe chroma most probably gave them the idea to release more championship chromas. I do not think riot will bring it back, sorry.
I can understand that... but still, who cares) That was year ago, riot decide give us chance buy Ashe skin, just let us buy or craft this chroma ) i mean... noone will be sad about this ) and ppl who buy this skin right now will be happy buy this chroma )
Rismosch (EUW)
: The golden Ashe chroma was exclusive to 2017.
Well, skin actually was exclusive too. But Riot decide incluse Championship Ashe into shop, so that will be ok if they join gold ashe chroma to event craft.
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