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: LP gain/loss is broken
Yeah I got promoted to plat 3 and randomly started gaining only 15lp per win, even on a win streak nothing would change, hope this is a bug and not intentional lmao
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: There’s a lot of people who only play ranked, those are the same people who play new champions for the first time in ranked because they don’t play anything else... so it won’t minimise anything
And there loads who play both? It won't solve the problem completely but it's a move in the right step. Because if the people who are desperate to play qiyana could only do so in normals while they adjust. This solution won't completely solve it but 100% it'll minimise the amount of players picking up the latest champion and ruining ranked games.
: If you prevent people from picking her for two weeks then people will wait 2 weeks then play her first time in ranked... it doesn’t solve the issue just delays it
People can try out the new champion and get used to them by playing normals? Yeah some people will pick her for the first time after 2 weeks but there will be a lot of people who have atleast played a few games with her in normals. Its not stopping them picking them in normals it’s purely just ranked? It’s just minimising the amount of people picking this new champion in a ranked game
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Aargus (EUNE)
: i dont mind turret plating that much but bounty is broken,im being punished for playing well and farming good,like they expect from us to go 10/0 every game and not give shutdowns,i was brand support in one game and was 5/0 before the shutdown and i gave 1k gold score is 5/1,couple o fminutes later i died again with another 1k gold shutdown like wtf isnt it logical if you die and they take bounty you get resseted instead of being worth 2k or more,i odnt know wtf is going on in balance changes team or who ever but their decision are questionable to the point its sad and crazy,and like you said games became waste of time with players like this,and also with system like this that punishes you for not goin 10/0 and not giving shutdowns,sad times for the game,and for the champions in ranked i would set it for mastery lv 7.if they have time to invest in certain champions and learn them,getting S is a good sign you are doing fine imo so they need to strive to learn the champs so they can unlock rank and for the lvl i would give lv 50 or maybe 60 some players just spam the game for the week and lvl so fast and they played 20 champs but mastery score combined wont even give lv 4 so lv and champion mastery to unlock rank,maybe 5 lv 7 mastery champs smth like that
Yeah I forgot to touch up on the bounty system, I remember when my team was behind in my placements, I tried to stay back and farm and catch up, without any kills I have a bounty, I get dove 4v1 and die. The season 9 economy is busted
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