: stop being rude to bronze players
Yeah I was just playing and someone started freaking out about playing with bronze players. They were not even good but it was funny when I pointed out that it was bronze we were playing in.
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Forsan (EUW)
: Let me play its 6am gmt is it not ? (IS LIVE NOW GG EZ)
Its 6:16 and I cant sleep so it killing me that the its not back up
: Why Should You Watch the EU LCS? We Asked the Pros
Its so ,amy different things, cant remember when I started watching and playing but i remember seeing the first 1-2 fnc in the bush. Loved bjerg, faker and xPeke in no particular order but to see the magic they brought was amazing.Hated the major change then loved the major change with the graphics. Loved Fnc, hated Fnc, loved Fnc etc. Same with TSM but I am euro and my wife US so they are and have always been our top 2 teams. When we hate them its not because they are losing its because they stop being "themselves". Still silver since at least 2013 but main support and prefer to enjoy game than climb rank. love to you all > LoL Ireland _REPRESENT_
: Looking for clash team players (gold)
I am silver but main sup if that could work... janna, morg, nami, braum, lulu siachyu
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Infernape (EUW)
: I don't main Leona but I'm guessing the one of the best thing you could do is asking your ADC if they want to play more aggressively or passively before the game (so you know if they're going to farm a lot). Or pinging that you're going in using the targeting ping or the "on my way" one. Alternatively, you could try writing that you're going in in your team's chat.
Same don't play leona but do main support. This is excellent advice as some adc will only become aggressive at a certain point. Also some concentrate so much on farming they are not map aware (early). Lastly just to add wave control. If you force an adc into the other teams minions early they can do huge damage. If the adc is playing safe just sit back as the threat of a leona engage can be good in itself. The way to counter leona is to poke her down constantly so lower hp makes it too dangerous to jump in. So sit back enough that they cant poke you. Remember 1 good leona engage wins the lane so be patient.
: My placement after recent matchmaking fix...
My game was a remake and they placed me without letting me play a game. Edit: im q dodging now cause everyone in b5 thinks they can play anything anywhere and win... they cant xD
: Why Are People So Abusive
Interesting, it does not really bother me but there is a lot of "ize" "ez" at the end of game. It is not offensive but it is meant to annoy people. I have noticed there seems to be a lot more of this lately. I do not really understand it. I have flamed occasionally. It is always when members of my team decide to blame the support (me). Funny I did not flame back last time the adc flamed (yesterday), I had to wait for 15 minutes until later so people could see I was not the problem. Anyway I can tell you 100% you can be flamed even if you play well as a support, even if you get an S- on a braum. One mistake or accidental ks even when it was the right thing to do can get you flamed on a winning team. Such is LoL in the hell that is silver.
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: How the f*ck is it possible that a full tank mundo can kill the carries so fast?
The title is a little misleading when you explain a Mundo killed a MF with no peel. Vayne or twitch pretty much destroy a mundo and pretty fast too. An ignite is his greatest enemy as well if you face one again.
: Stop this Miss Fortune Support bullshit!
MF support is great if you play like Gorilla and are countering a zyra.
: what the actual f%%#ck you are such a traitor TSM icon? saying they are better without even playing any game's you clearly don't remember last year '' OH THIS IS THE YEAR NA WILL WIN WORLDS AND DO BETTER THEN EU '' goes 0-10 all teams stuck in groups same with this year overhyped trash region until they allow 4 imports in a team NA will never go far
In case you missed it Teams have changed since last year. Also the point of the thread is to GUESS who will do well BEFORE anyone has played any games. I'm writing in small words so you will be able to understand.
: I Think the one's trying to redeem themselves should be North America MSI was a total fluke for CLG and was a total mistake for G2 2015 was the biggest failure that North America has ever had! we are still the 2nd best region while North America is the worst sitting near the wildcard teams
NA and EU are very close with TSM having the edge over G2. We were the 2nd best region but NA has the edge over us right now. A lot depends on whether our (eu) teams can bring the FNC/OG belief that they can beat any team in the world. We wont know until the tournament gets going so we can only hope. You can guarantee TSM will have that belief. I don't know enough about China to know how they stand at the moment.


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