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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. It could be a message that triggered from a previous player you encountered.
You may be actually right. I reported one dude 4 games before that really bad game. He hasn't played a single game after that yet. But...then the Feedback Message is not "instant" XD.
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Santeri20 (EUNE)
: I am so hardstuck and wouldnt want to blame my teams but...
From personal experience: Playing video games while sick is the worst way to get healthy
Doomley (EUW)
: so this is how to climb as a support which you forgot to mention in the title.
This is how I climbed to gold 2 last season and gold this season. I could not get a 60% win rate (for an extended period of time) on other lanes. In my personal experience, carrying as a support is easiest because of the points i outlined.
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: Farm, Warding, Objectives, Healing, everything is a factor, you gotta do harder. its not just about kills. and more than 2 deahts guarentees less than S
What SenpaiDipper said except those 2 deaths.
Walltr (EUW)
: Permanently banned, let this be a warning
They need to remove in game chat (or make it only for clubs). 90% of what is going on in chat is toxic behaviour. Riot needs other means of communication such as pings or quick msgs in chatbox (without the ability to type). People say that only a small number of people are toxic. I encounter toxicity every day. My definition of toxic is anything negative that affects your play. "You are very bad" affects my play and confidence, hence i find that phrase toxic and counterproductive. Phrases such as these happen in 90% of the game and by many considered "not worth reporting". I do not report them, but it affects my play. I bet, that most people who are being told such a thing are affected by it and may play worse because of it.
: Yeah the game is definitely getting better and after looking at other MOBA's like HOTS I learn to appreciate its complexity but League still have some key problems for me that are probably problems that are persistent across all MOBAs: 1) Getting frustrated from being matched with players who probably make Joey from Friends look like a rocket scientist.(to avoid using the R word) and then having to have my MMR depend on playing around these guys forever :resulting in being matched with more people who play like that. So MMR becomes a negative feedback loop. 2) A Game is a huge time commitment that requires me to clear a whole hour from my schedule on a game that might turn out really bad, and if my team surrenders at 20 it means I don't always have another 50 min to commit for another game.(also means I threw away 20 minutes)
I actually think a grade should come into play when losing or winning. MMR+grade. During a loss the highest grade on your team would have the least LP subtracted, while the poorest grade the most. Same with wins, the highest grade gets the most LP, the lowest grade gets the least. And of course MMR should be taken into consideration as well (should be part of the equation). A system based purely on MMR is not accurate in representing the skill of a person especially with multipolar roles we have that are each unique with some, more than others, relying on teammates (i.e. support players).
: Well, from what I've seen, the system is giving you skins based on your favorite champs. I assume you would like to own a skin or two on your main champs, rather than on random ones. They also have offers every few days for champions and skins. They do care about players which can't afford the full price or players which want to get more content at a reduced price. If they wouldn't care, they wouldn't have offered the Hextech Crafting as well.
People who can't afford "the full price" are not the target, as these people would usually not be able to afford even at half price (usually much bigger problems in life etc.). The Target audience of these sales are the ones who have the money but are "unsure", "thinking about it". That discount is targeting them. Its business, lets not sugar coat it.
: Problem with your game is that if someone has a bad game and we all have had that happen they lose way too much for 1 game.
I do not propose to remove MMR. If your MMR is high but you performed really really bad, your LP loss should of course take MMR into account. So a person who has a high MMR will have an LP loss composing of (MMR [like now] + grade [new proposal]).
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: Stop doing this guys
Oh really? "Riot is giving the chance to get your skins for much cheaper".....wrong. What Riot is doing is: "Enticing you to get skins with a discount that you would otherwise NOT want to get". Its a marketing trick, cash grab etc.
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Rosh Roshan (EUNE)
: Sirbus, you disagreed with me, yet you agreed with AeonsLegend who says tl;dr "because they're kids". Amazing....
Thats not what he said at all. I would ask you to read his first comment again (to which I responded). I would also encourage you to look at the context of what he was saying about young children. It has nothing to do with demographics of League of Legends or competitiveness but that "in real life" younger children are more prone to "testing the limits". It was just an example to show, how people (even adults) might act when there is no actual social interaction and no social barrier (i.e. chat box).
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Possible (EUW)
: Altough it seems like you're right. I'm still a little sceptical since the sample size was not too big(they guessed the players age by 2-4 numbers behind their name), and it is just so easy to lie about your age online.
ImJanemba (EUW)
: One episode of my hard climb to gold... Enjoy... (Also, LF ADC Main S2+)
Shaming is not allowed. He won't get banned because the system doesn't work that way. If he was putting down wards, had some kills, some assists, and he wasn't severely toxic in chat, one stunt like that will result to nothing. If the "community" deems him to be toxic with negative behaviour, then he may get banned (I would assume that the system will only identify it if he were to get an overwhelming amounts of reports for exact same thing). Otherwise, from a statistical point of view, it can't be proven that he was inting. Carry On.
: The level of toxicity has a direct relation to how personal the interaction is. If you're in a team and physically play together you may have outbursts agasint one another, because lets be honest competition is a stressful business and no one wants to lose. But having actual contact with one another prevents you from saying things you don't mean. You're acting in a social manner. All online activity is not social. It is simply communication and interaction through online activities. It may be called a community, but it is not. The fact that you do not know people personally and interacting with them has no social consequences allows people to regard others as inferior meandering idiots when they start their conversation. I don't think I have to explain that this is not a good starting point. You can tell people to get some terrible dissease becasue there are no actual social rammifications for you. There's hardly any rammifications, because LoL is free to play. It is funny though. What we call Social Media is in fact Anti-Social Media.
Very nice answer. Made me wonder, maybe that is how people "really" feel about each other when they first meet and interact. However, real-life physical contact prevents this feeling to come out (due to social norms). People with total disregard of social norms (mostly because they were never exposed to them) may actually closely resemble people who are online "communicating" with each other (in terms of things that are said).
Rosh Roshan (EUNE)
: Because the majority of LoL players are kids. That's why. LoL is a non-engaging low spec f2p game, and as such it attracts mainly children aged 12-16, mainly boys due to the competitiveness and fighting it portrays. And what does a boy do when he loses a game? :) Yes, he gets mad. Possible, did you really need facts and figures about that? Or are you falling into that age group yourself and you're trying to defend it? Because it's either one or the other. You don't see many people insulting each other and flaming in a high-spec subscription MMORPG, do you? Haven't you ever wondered why?
I would highly disagree with everything you wrote. First of all, the demographics are changing, constantly. I see people rage no matter their age (competitiveness doesn't unequivocally relate to age). Most MMORPG are candy land with nothing to lose and only to gain. People are nice there. MMORPGs that are hardcore (with a "significant loss" and not "A for effort") have exact same people as league of legends. Examples I would include are: Guild Wars 2 (nice people, everything is candy land) and EvE Online ("intense" people with dangerous places where you can literally poop yourself by going through them). League of Legends in terms of how hardcore and punishing it can be falls more into a "hardcore" category (LP loss for time invested + very punishing if you lose lane).
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Røkas (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
Hello, I would like to point out that carrying from an "ADC" position is probably the hardest thing to do. An adc relies a lot on his teammates for peel + you are the № 1 target in every teamfight. My advice is to change your role to a carry that can "take care" of himself, or use adcs that have an "outplay" potential (vayne, lucian, ezreal comes to mind). In terms of climbing. If you win over 50% of your games, you are climbing. It can be a struggle since winning 53% of the games doesn't provide a noticeable "speed" of the climb, but u r there, slowly moving up. As mentioned countless times in countless threads, **your MMR means everything**. If you are getting matched up with "idiots" as you say, then somehow, they have a very close MMR to your own. Moreover, your enemies have a close MMR. If you "think" you are (or you really are) better than your enemies/teammates, that means that your team has 1 player that is a better player. This gives your team a better chance of winning the game, so you climb. Don't expect this to happen every game, but overall if you are really better, you should be winning more games than losing (be it 53% or 60%). If you are losing as much as winning that means, tough luck, you are where you are supposed to be. Also, streaks do happen and they must be accounted for too. And please, don't take a sample pool of just 4 games. 4 game sample pool is insignificant. Looking at your 50% win rate over 20 games, means that you are most likely at a place where you belong (barring the slight deviation of a couple of % which would indicate an extemely slow climb/fall).
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: i'm permabanned
Remove in-game chat. Make it Friends/Clubs Only. Provide Tools for other ways of interaction (tactics etc). Problem with toxic behavior due to chat -> solved. People may think its a minority of players who act like that, but a simple 'You should stop playing this game, because you are so bad at it" affects confidence and the player. Drop by drop, from game to game, you become more and more angry, which in turn makes you toxic (heavily this time).
Sibrus (EUW)
: I know how to remove 95% of toxic behavior in this game.
Friends/Club only in game chat is really the way to go imho. Tools for interaction (smart-pings etc) = less possibility of people affecting your play with flame.
Komodolai (EUW)
: Im on the fence with your idea. On the one hand it would make me tempted to play ranked more, especially if they added more pings like you described. I also think removing chat would reduce toxicity spreading from player to player mid-game. However, removing a basic feature from the game because the minority are abusing it seems unfair. Also, a text based chat will always be more precise than smart-pings.
Wasn't there a "basic" feature to select the role you want during ranked play? Riot implemented role selection system for reducing queue times (auto role selection) and also to reduce people "trolling" with roles (maybe a side effect, I don't know, but many people applauded it exactly for that). As long as the tools are there for interaction, there is actually no need for an in-game chat. Or lets make it "friends/club only" in game chat.
: > there is very little point to in-game chat Talk for yourself. Personally I like using the chat for some fun conversation with the other players or gestures of sportmanship. And I know I am not the only one. Im am sure many people don't care about chat, but at the same time many do. And that's the problem with your idea: You take away a fun feature from a rather big group of people just because a tiny minority simply can't behave. > Punishing players is not curing the problem, but removing symptoms. The root of the problem lies with the tools that you provide us that can be exploited. It's a bit ironic that you say that, because actually it's exactly the opposite. Punishments are actually improving peoples behavior permanently, not just for the duration of the punishment. Over 90% of those players who get punished for the first time improve their behavior and get never punished again. After all Riot didn't re-invent the wheel here, punishments are a very well researched method to shape behavior and they definitely work. But coming back to what you said: Removing symptoms. That's precisely what your idea does. Your idea doesn't remove the main reasons why people are aggressive. And it also doesn't remove peoples willingness to express this aggression. It just removes one option to do so. The aggressiveness is still there and so is the will to express this aggression...and there are plenty of ways to do so, the most obvious ones being leaving, intentionally feeding and trolling. Your idea is just fighting a symptom. This not just theory btw, it's an actual problem. About 2 years ago Riot experimented with chat restrictions as a main punishment. Some players managed to get (sort of) permanent chat restrictions because they didn't stop to be toxic. And, as it turned out, they also didn't stop to be toxic when they were not able to use the chat anymore, they simply switched to other (often way harder-to-detect) forms of toxicity because shutting down their chat was only removing a symptom, not the actual problem. So as compelling as your idea looks at first glance, it has a few flaws: * By removing a fun feature you punish player who did nothing wrong for something a tiny minority did * It wouldn't actually work, it would not solve toxicity * It would encourage forms of toxicity that are way harder to detect and punish And lastly: If Riot did that, what kind of message would that send? "We've given up, our community sucks. Fuck you guys, you are too stupid to chat!" That's pretty much the opposite of what Riot stands for and it wouldn't be right. The community doesn't suck. Some people do. But most don't.
> You take away a fun feature from a rather big group of people just because a tiny minority simply can't behave. I do not believe it is a minority. Anyone who is a competetive person will be angry with a person who is not performing well. Maybe I have a different understanding of "toxicity". In my opinion, anything that affects the receiving player in a negative way is toxicity. If you say "you suck so hard", to you it may not look toxic. To me it is. I am not talking about extremes, I am talking about simple stuff that affects players. Each little comment, drop by drop, from game to game makes you more angry. In the end, you may lose it and go toxic (heavily this time) yourself. To say that the community thinks "you suck so hard" is a perfectly normal thing to say and doesn't require action is wrong. 1. It accomplishes nothing except attempting to show your superiority over the other person 2. You make the person feel like crap and he may even play worse or get angry. > Punishments are actually improving peoples behavior permanently, not just for the duration of the punishment. Over 90% of those players who get punished for the first time improve their behavior and get never punished again. I agree that it works to some extent. But we have to understand that people in this game come and go. Constant influx of new players and leaving of old players make the system inefficient. In the past 4 years I have been playing this game, I haven't noticed any change in the toxic behavior of players, yet I heard a million things said about how Riot is tackling the issue. New players come get reformed, become old players and leave (or forget the "reformation" and go back to old habits to get punished again). Moreover, not everyone is punished (you have to agree with that at least). > Your idea doesn't remove the main reasons why people are aggressive. And it also doesn't remove peoples willingness to express this aggression. It just removes one option to do so. Of course, there are multiple ways one can be toxic. But chat is one thing that encompasses most of toxic behavior. Leaving a game is tracked, Intentional Feeding can also be tracked, Chat is hard to track (especially with context etc.). Moreover, we have a lot of players who "in response" to being berated over bad play in chat start trolling. Your example about Riot's experiment can also be attributed to the fact that people who had access to chat were toxic. We don't know whether the player with a chat restricition was toxic towards someone after or before receiving negative comments. If some people really want to use chat, have it "friends/club only" or something. Being in a group with players usually means less toxicity. That way, people who want to have fun in chat in game can have it with like minded people.
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Bad Vayne (EUW)
: LF Support rank 5 team
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BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Champions you hate seeing picked in your team.
I main support and I am quite tolerant of champions even some experimentations..but... {{champion:81}} - pussive champion...i hate supporting this champ, makes me mad all the time. {{champion:35}} - very good early but offers 0 in teamfights. Fed shaco does not equal a carrying shaco..this champ is so sad. These 2 are the worst to have in your team imho.
: Supports that don't buy Sightstone
Bot lane has 2 trinkets with 4 charges. For lane phase, that is enough. Problem arises when adc doesn't feel the need to use it. I play zilean support. I have 55% win rate with him with a KDA of 4.08 in 103 games. I never buy sightstone with him and I go doran's ring first for early lane pressure. You can me if you don't believe me. What makes me cringe though is when adc doesn't ward....why the hell do you get a trinket if you never use it? We are waaay past the mentality of only supports that are expected to ward. And believe it or not, I do sometimes ask whether adc wants more poke or a sightstone (usually at like 10-15 minutes). Since the adc already saw my pressure, in 90% of the time he says poke.
Jogge502 (EUNE)
: Best screen ever!
Congrats, GJ! I am 1 win away from promos to Gold! Hope I can do it right!
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: Time to leave the game. Tribute to Riot
all i heard was "whaaa whaaa whaaa whaaa aaaaaa....fck yourselves".
Neo9876 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sibrus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nPjtft36,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2016-05-23T15:45:39.372+0000) > > "should" or "should not" is beside the point. In my opinion Riot system doesn't know who will be the support because in champ select people can switch things up (especially the premades). I think a point that someone made that it is based on other people's performance on the champion may seem legitimate. Since not many people will be getting kills with Janna, the Riot system weighs in kills with Janna much more. > > Moreover, I think Riot system weighs kills more than assists on any champion, since people can divert from meta and go Janna top or mid for example. Therefore in the eyes of Riot system, every champion has the same system on. According to you, A lulu support will be judged the same as lulu mid. This is not true stated by riot, they 'say' the have a way to distinguish them. How? Unclear but it has something to do with placements on the map. But this system is not waterproof at all. How to get an S on support? Steal kills from your adc. How to be a good support and win games? Feed your team and get an A.
I agree on the fact that what you SHOULD do as a support and what you NEED to do to get an S/S+ as a support are two different things. About Riot distinguishing which champion goes where...I have my doubts on the accuracy of that.
: That game was just an example, regarding my gameplay it was good enough to get an S and in comparison to team mates who got an S regarding stats I should have as well. I've had much better games with thresh as well, and no offence but I'm a high elo player who has played for 4 years I know what I'm doing regardless of what role I play :P
Sadly, what supports SHOULD do and what you NEED to do to get an S are two different things. Check out my thread of explanation on how to achieve an S or S+ on a support.
: actually riot does keep a track of who is playing which role and they stated that themself by giving an example saying tht an annie supports functions deffrently than annie mid
I would really want to ask does a support annie functions differently than annie mid if you build her full out a support? Does Riot system count her as a support still? How does it figure that out? And still no link to a source from Riot. What if the whole team just says....we don't care and all go mid and do ARAM does Riot system work then? I HIGHLY doubt that Riot has some magic system that can clearly show who was a support and who was a jungler.....what if the jungler forgot smite or intentionally didn't pick it?... There are too many variables....
Smerk (EUW)
: You are wrong, they actually keep track of every event that happened in game with time and place, it's quite easy to guess what position the player is playing based on his actions. Support won't stay in mid and farm and midlaner won't stay on botlane in early game
I don't want to argue with you since I still stand by what I said unless there is a specific link from Riot that you can provide as a source. Support can easily stay mid with the mid champion throughout the game..its just not the meta, but it sure is possible. I don't think Riot system will adhere to a particular meta, especially when they encourage to experiment with things.
: Expecting a support to farm is ridiculous. Otherwise why bother making the support item anyway sure we can all just around the map farming. And last hitting with a full attack speed Twitch is impossible unless he actually walks away from the objectives and let's you take them. Like being part of the objectives should count just as much and I don't understand why. But my point is that if I had gotten this score two weeks ago before the other masteries came in, I would have gotten an S easily. They definitely made it harder for supports to get S at some point cause I remember back when hextech crafting first started, people on my friends list would play support once a week just to get their boxes. But about the farming thing, I'm pretty sure that's not true. I've gotten S's for having 1 last hit and I'm pretty sure someone from Riot actually said they took the farm aspect out of the support grade, since it would lead to supports stealing farm from the adc and that doesn't deserve an S grade at all.
Its easy enough to get 30-40cs (in 1 whole length game) while your adc is backing or when you hold the lane from incoming minions. About Riot actually saying that they took the farm aspect out of the support grade...pls produce a source. About objectives: I am pretty sure assists count, just the last hit counts more. My observation, that is all.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I guess different people had different experience. Since the release of hextech i've been geting evry chests that gets avaible and was geting as many keys as possible, don't remmeber how many exactly skin shards i have right now, but quite alot and so far i got only 1 champion shard. Since the new mastery levels came out and key reset was coming i was hoping i'll finnaly get another champion shard, but i wasnt that lucky so i coudn take it anymore and with last rp i had, i bought 4 more chests+keys and only the last one luckily gave me a champion shard. To me that 1/7 chance looks plausible. Btw i think hextech came about 3 months ago so i think i shoul've had 12 chest out which i opened half.
If you want to get a good pool size, here is a youtube video link of a guy who spent RL cash to open 321 chests. He wanted Hextech Annie, you can take note of how many champion shards he got. Probably the most accurate pool and analysis anyone can do really.
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