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Woozî (EUW)
: Toxicity won't go away with this righteous bann system
I think that people who are toxic are usually the ones who play League of Legends regularly. A person that plays the game regularly most of the time invests in skins and other content. So Riot is sort of "trying" to blackmail people by saying : "You behave bad? We will take your stuff and you will never see it again. So behave!". It works on most people because if they behave bad there will be a direct financial consequence for them. This is what is happening imho.
: i don't rly care about getting banned ... im just laughing at this system where "i hope your father gets cancer" is less of an issue than saying somebody sucks (when he actually is silver 5) xD and i know this whole post will get removed as all my posts were (one was removed for citing a comment on another post ... the message said i shall not say what was cited there xD and yup the original comment was not removed xD)
There are different levels of toxicity. Yours qualifies for "harassment" which is a second option when reporting someone. Stuff about cancer is a different level of toxicity and qualifies as verbal abuse. Both cases are toxic and should be punished. Riot made no mistake.
: I know a dude who Intentionally feeds games when he is tilted,not banned...
Yes, its too easy to troll during the game without actually "qualifying" for intentional feeding. I have seen it so many times. Sometimes a player gets tilted late game and dies on purpose only once (just standing while enemy hits him), which means gg wp for the rest of us. Its so easy to do. That stuff is not punished. At all. Because the system doesn't pick it up. And that literally happens 1 in 4-5 games. 20-25% of ruined games is a lot in my books.
: What support to buy? (Silver I Player)
I would go {{champion:26}} . At lvl 18, you get a mini amumu ult every 5-6s (and that time is with the inclusion of enemy being stunned, which means they can run around for only about 3-4s before another double bomb comes and stuns), you save people with your op ult (if they do something stupid), you speed/slow (practically perma at lvl 18). Imagine a friendly fed yi, zed, olaf finally dying to enemy only to then get resurrected with 60-70% HP. And you win lane as support by poke. It may come to a point when enemy adc is afraid to come close to minion wave. Only issue is your mana at the very beginning. Try investing into {{item:3070}} as fast as possible, then you are golden. As with anything (talking about counters), {{champion:26}} doesnt work too well in lane vs supports which provide sustain (especially with an early passive adc on his team), but he is always useful mid/late.
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: Need advice.
I would say take a break for 1-2 days and return. Sometimes, you get exhausted on a mental and mechanical level. After you return, I promise you will feel better and maybe even feel better about your teammates.
AndreiB64 (EUNE)
: I'm serious here
And I am not. Do you know how many threads are like that? Pls, go and just cycle through the boards. Its literally every second thread. So Riot is definitely aware of that. Do they care? I don't think so.
AndreiB64 (EUNE)
: I just had a match where there were 8 bots, 4 on my team, 4 on the enemy team.
Riot forgot to switch off the 1st April Fool's joke.
vanmaran (EUNE)
: Flaming teams
Well maybe someone flamed them first (previous games), so they flame back (at their other teammates), and then you flame back, and then ... on and on and on. Glad Riot broke one of those cycles by banning you.
: Honor 3
Hi munchkin, I am so proud of you!
Zantonny (EUW)
: We did you get in trouble for flaming?
dude, theycall"him"troll1.
Arzzo (EUW)
: Show your midlaner some love!
I will throw my 2 cents since I see these posts now and again. People generally would honor people who make their play better (i.e. unselfish players who leave kills, save your butt or complement your specific play). For example, a {{champion:26}} ult would be noticed by the person who was ulted (appreciation). The {{champion:53}} grab that feeds adc etc etc. If you are playing a selfish champion (most assassins are) or do not improve the gameplay of your teammates in any way (by leaving kills for example, or ganking a lane very often and feeding your teammate that way), people just don't notice you because they couldn't care less about you, what matters is "them" only. Count the amount of " I/Me/I'm " in your post and you will see exactly what I mean. They may notice you if you ridiculously hard carried the entire team (having a score of 22/3/13 while the rest of your team was negative for example) but that will rarely happen. Its also hard not to lose your cool and say something mean when you carry and others feed. If you are the person who likes selfish champions then there are other ways you can get honors. For example, complementing a play not just by a generalised "gj" but by saying something like "jhin, your ult was beast". It is a directed complement, so it immediately stands out. It is an a@@licking of sorts but people honor others not for their play, but for how they make them feel about themselves. Mental manipulation + gameplay that directly affects the gameplay of your teammate is what gives honors.
: Karthus or aurelion sol?
: Ehm.. "Gold... 2.. wait, where is the "Gold" next to "2"
Happened to me couple of times (I use a Mac). Relaunching the game usually would solve the issue.
: no they reported me for afking in middle of tf and they think im trolling and they report me im scared if i get banned
Usually in these circumstances you do get banned. AFK is punished severely. Even 1 game sometimes results in a permanent ban. So you might as well start a new account and kiss good bye to any skins you bought. Sometimes prayer helps. So if you pray twice a day to Riot games for 14 days, Riot may "forget" to ban you. It works, my friends have tried it. Good luck to you and may Riot forget about you afking (cause that results in a perma).
Zulkrix (EUW)
: True, i know plenty of people who dropped from Silver 1 to s4 because they are getting trolled, its like this every year autistic adults and children play LoL they got summer trust me i got autism myself and it takes nothing to set me off except a video game xD they will only ruin it for themselves
I have to say that the difference between S1 and S4 is negligible. Due to losing streaks you probably started to get matched up with Silver V. And the difference in play of S1 - S4 and S5 is actually quite significant. So the match making system tries to proactively place you lower (by matching you with low Silvers + by subtracting more LP for a loss).
: the ping would give me nightmares, im good ty xD
If you play on EUW then TUR ping aint much different (like at all). But your choice =).
: What tilts me about this game
If bad plays don't tilt you and only their arrogance tilts you try playing at a different server where you don't know the language (you will never really see their arrogance that way). I tried playing in TUR and I feel quite good about it. I am enjoying games much more (even though I lose about the same amount). Its just I couldn't care less what they say since I don't know what they are saying. TUR, RU, KOR, JAP.
: Autofill in rankeds games
I believe autofill should be part of the queue when you reach plat +. In lower elo, I believe its not necessary since over 80% of people are there and the wait queue times will be ok. Maybe also have autofill available at low populated servers (OCE, RU, TUR). Or maybe have it so that autofill is completely switched off at particular times of day (for example from 6:00pm to 12:00 am).
Teahyun (EUW)
: "Choosing or not to control oneself is not a fully conscious decision." sorry i stopped right there. because your whole thing is probably based on this. we are not talking about controlling your emotions in the sense that you can control what to feel at x scenario. Even if the sentence implies it, by common usage we talk about acting upon those emotions. And you do have direct control of these and it is a fully conscious act. I feel like i have a dejavu with you. You like restating things that have been said before and repackage it?
If you don't care to read my post, I won't discuss this topic further as it turns into a monologue. PS. "Even if the sentence implies it, by common usage we talk about acting upon those emotions. And you do have direct control of these and it is a fully conscious act." You totally threw out the point of practicing psychiatry and psychology with this phrase. Have a nice day.
Febos (EUW)
: Let me tell you a secret. There's only an handful of champions that I play regularly. From all 137, I would say that you only need less than 10% of that. You don't need to own every single champion, but if you want to do it you either invest a lot of time like we all do or you buy them with RP. Making champions cheaper on IP is a really bad idea. The point is, if you want a specific champion you save your IP for it. Like I said, you don't need all champions so you won't be needing more IP after some point (unless you want to complete the collection). I stopped buying champions a few months ago. Now, I only get them through Hextech Crafting.
Well, its nice to have champions because you can trade in champ select (if necessary). Moreover, playing a champion helps to really understand him/her (not until LVL 7 but even just a few games). So, when you face them on opposite team, you know the little details about them that may help you win the lane.
: 60% auto free lose 0.2% auto free win , 30% hard feeder , 10% "normal" game , good elo diamond
These numbers can't be right for everyone, it means that for some, its totally the opposite!
: Am I going to lose my rank?
No, in Silver you don't lose LP when not playing. That happens only when you reach Platinum. You ADC is most likely Silver V too, so that may explain why he decides to push. Easiest ramification of that is when you go for a cheese sup gank, tell your adc not to push as you are moving mid for a gank.
: one of my teammate has launched DDOS attack and he even said that he Will!
DDoS means Distributed Denial Of Service. Distributed implies multiple sources are attacking the same target(s) in a somewhat coordinated manner. With a DDoS, you have to block traffic from MANY sources. And an effective DDoS keeps changing sources. (I highly doubt thats what happened). If I throw so much traffic at your IP that your router/nic/modem can't reject or drop it fast enough, I am DOSing (Denial of Service) your system. If someone DOS's you from their home IP, call up The Internet Police and tell them to block that guy's traffic upstream from you. Problem solved. However, I highly doubt it happened (it may have, but doubtful as it has severe real life repercussions if reported to authorities).
Teahyun (EUW)
: I didnt argue that there wasnt a difference in how much time it takes. It was more a jab at the notion to say that you cant have self control to that degree. If i stood infront of your face and you cant control yourself, you will get blasted in the face. So more often than not, esp between men, we learn to control ourselves even when faced with annoying problems. Now why do we think that this doesnt apply to the internet? Lack of consequences. So infact you do have the ability to control yourself but only when potentially faced with the problem of my fist landing in your face. (im just bringin up extremes here to make the example go smoother) Now dont get me wrong, this option literally cant hurt anyone, and only benefit people that have this exact problem. I just think that when people have the ability to control themselves but then dont and decide to flame anyways thats a conscious decision. Its not like the devil took over them and made them do it. They decided to "%%%% it" and roll with it. The difference in losing control and choosing to lose control. So bringing this option won't make toxic players non toxic. But since i dont wanna speak binary, we could say that a very very VERY small minority of people would benefit from this and indeed stop them from chatting.
Choosing or not to control oneself is not a fully conscious decision. In a physical situation there are tangible social ramifications (fist in the face, awkwardness, embarrassment, jail). Moreover, on a neurological level the "fight or flee", "social hierarchy" and all the other stuff related to that come into effect. This is because the person sees his "opponent" (be it another person or a consequence, for example, police), he evaluates his social aptness or his physique and acts accordingly. With Internet, it is different. In a heated situation (any League of Legends game) the things that stop you from acting like a douche in real life, do not exist (hence no neurological triggers of self-preservation). In League, you don't know if your opponent is a guy, if he is socially more apt or not, if he is bigger/stronger than you or not AND moreover, there is absolutely no consequence. The fact that you do not know people personally and interacting with them has no social consequences allows people to regard others as inferior meandering idiots when they start their conversation (mainly because more often than not we feel (incorrectly) that we are matched with those kind of people). So its not about "choosing". Its about the lack of neurological triggers that help the decision of controlling or losing control of oneself. Its all about them neuro chems.
GLurch (EUW)
: You need to change to the NA servers. The EU West servers are located in the Netherlands, which is pretty far away from the US, so obviously it needs quite some time until your packets get there. If EU players were to play on the NA servers, they would experience the same issue.
Not really sure why this guy was downvoted. Packet travel time is your ping (there and back). The further away you are from the server the longer it takes for the packet to travel.
Teahyun (EUW)
: Guy1: "is not raping a hot girl that much of a challenge?" Guy2:"not if half her ass is hanging out and invites me" Logic. I understand where you are coming from and that its frustrating but the argument is terrible.
It requires much more effort to press ESC->Required Tab->Enable Chat->Type Flame->Enter rather than just pressing Enter-Type-Enter (which may be in the heat of the moment). By the time you reach "Required Tab" you may already cool off.
LeDron (EUNE)
: Smurf acc
How would you propose getting rid of smurfs though? Its practically impossible with dynamic IP + free emails.
: For the first question: Use the post-game report function: Rito will look into it OR open a ticket at the Riot Support (link at the top left of this website) For the second question: You cant save him from himself, you really cant. He must learn by himself unfortunately.
I think the idea is not to save him but to save people in League of Legends that are affected by him.
SteficsX (EUNE)
: And could be better if her ,,armour'' would be changed coz iron or gold bikini, shoes and latex on all body isn't a good protection.
30mixx (EUNE)
: Keys from honor
brother is twice less than you. So brother get 3 key splits. Say more and he will say less.
: Except how many people would give up if they lost their first game then realised they didn't get anything from it... or lost their first couple and gave up because the system gave them nothing to actually encourage them to continue. It might be ok for you, but a new player would likely give up because they get nothing to encourage them to continue, encouragement is an important part of a new player experience to actually make them want to continue playing if it goes badly first time... removing that would severely cut new player income in the game which would be extremely bad.
League of Legends is a very punishing game. You can literally play a 60 min game in ranked and lose and not only get nothing for it but also get - LP for it. Frankly new players can move 1 tier down and play against Beginner bots. Its a learning experience and it will be much more fulfilling when they finally beat those bots for the first time.
: Issue is that this would only stop pre 30s bots... the ones stolen from actual players using scams would still be able to operate freely. Also remember that new players will be losing to the AI frequently and they can very likely get scores that bad, why punish actual new players because of bots.
As I already mentioned, having a loss and 0 XP is way better than playing a 60 minute game 3v5 (due to bots) and eventually losing that game. In any scenario, 5v5 loss is better than a 3v5 loss. AI Bots are there for people not to grind IP or XP but to learn to play League of Legends and maybe for some to relax. In my opinion it should be used as intended.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: How about this idea: CAPTCHA? Every few or so games, you'd have to verify that you are not a robot? ;))
Yes, that is a very good idea. People focus on how to ban/manually remove bots from games. But just purely preventing them from operating is more efficient and CAPTCHA has that potential.
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YepNope (EUNE)
: What's your favorite cheese?
Circassian cheese is the best cheese in my opinion.
Nea104 (EUW)
: They said there's no automatic 50% ratio system. Maybe there is, since like almost every game apparently one team is far better than the other one, and you go in the former or in the latter about 50% of the times :D
If you go on a win streak (a big one) you will be paired with higher tier ELO players. But then, one smart person said this: "Why does a silver player have to face a platinum player to prove that he is worthy of climbing to gold?" (c) Glaciating Flame Riot has no answer to that.
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: What are the Pros & Cons of Teemo?
If the enemy team has a full tank, {{champion:48}} can 1v5 (provided you dodge CC).
: Is anyone else kind of annoyed you can only honour one person now?
I would maybe go down with honoring 1 player from enemy and honoring 1 player from team. Otherwise the value of honor will drastically fall and no one will care anymore. Frankly, I saw an increase in positive behaviour with the implementation of honor, and I dread the fact that it will go back to what it was due to value decrease.
: Premade bot lane names?
: Client censorship
Asuka (a Japanese name) is read as "oh b|i|t|c|h" in Russian.
Shiwah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sibrus,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=m3NHp3yU,comment-id=0006000000000000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-07-13T04:06:51.453+0000) > > Most players who get perma banned create a new account and don't change their ways. Source? > The more I think about it, the more I really like the idea of a 6 month ban. There is absolutely no reason not to support it. What if the reason is that Riot already attempted it, and it ended in failure?
If I were a toxic person, I would do that. I also sometimes log in on my other account which is lvl 18 and I encounter much more toxic behaviour than I do on my lvl 30. Not to mention that the OP is going to create that new account (I think he mentioned it somewhere). There is absolutely no reason not to include an extra tier. None whatsoever. It won't increase the toxicity levels, it may decrease them. As per your point of Riot already attempting it, well did they just say "it was a failure" or what? What does that even mean "a failure"? Did toxic behaviour suddenly spike? When was it tested? League has changed so much that its pointless to bring up old tests and data especially with the honor system, the instant feedback, the chat logs during bans etc etc. On a final note, I don't like your high horse tone, so I am done writing posts here and discussing this matter with you. Have a good day.
: Kayne
Your post is impossible to read. You have no periods. Schools don't teach that anymore?
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: If a person doesn't care or try to reform, after a 14 day ban with a final warning message, chances are much greater that they won't ever care to reform. Permabans are Riots way of saying "find something else to play".
Most players who get perma banned create a new account and don't change their ways. I think that if there was a 6 month suspension people would really do the same, however, once they get back the access to the account (which they probably waited for), it would make them think twice before being toxic again (cause they would know how long that 6 month period is and they would know that next ban is a permanent one). 6 months is just not the same as 14 days. Its a punishment on a whole another level. The more I think about it, the more I really like the idea of a 6 month ban. There is absolutely no reason not to support it.
Waydox (EUNE)
: Zac Wallpaper
I like the ice cream cone. You sir/ma'am made me go to the shop and buy some ice cream. <*leaves the house to get ice cream*>
: Your ideas are actually pretty good. But the notification from the announcer is not very good because what if the enemy just pokes with AA your teammate? It would be spammed, understand?
The announcer was actually a joke reference to other games....I am sorry that not all people realised it.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You still come back to the problems that penalties that are too severe to fit the 'crime' have the opposite effect. People can get chat restricted for 'minor' offences, and that's fine. The penalty fits the crime and feels just. Making a penalty that feels injust can cause people to become more toxic, which is the opposite of what we want.
I think what he is trying to say is this: 1. 14 day suspensions (before the permaban comes into effect) is not enough for people to realise that they are at a risk of totally losing their account. 14 days may not be enough for people to start caring about their account (on a psychological level). 2. There needs to be a new ban level (like 3-6 months after 14 days) so people really realise what it is like to be without your main account. (not just a small break of 14 days). Maybe there is some merit to it. Having a new level of say 6 month suspension after 14 days will definitely feel like a long time without an account. I will give an example that I once witnessed. My friend, in the heat of the moment really stopped caring about his account (which he invested a lot of time and money into) because he got mad during a game. He began raging and got a 14 day suspension. He didn't want to play League and couldn't care less about his account that day, 7 days after and even 30 days after. But in 2 months he logged back in to play some League. That decision to go back to the game after 2 months was on a cool head with a desire to play League. Did he feel the 14 day ban? Nope. Needless to say after another 2 months he got a permanent ban. And only after coming back to League in another 3 months he realised how much he misses his account. As Riot have stated, their philosophy is not to punish people but to reform them. Clearly, the 14 day -> permanent ban jump didn't really help the person, however, a 6 month ban (doesn't matter if it would have been instead of the 14 day ban or as a new tier) would have probably made him realise how much he really values his account.
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