Aseraan (EUW)
: Meh cant say much to the topic you will find most of the leage stereotypes fitting any player whit any champ since its not the champ but the player. I see just as much stupid vayne player as cho gath i get carried by a lot of riven yasuo zed as much as i lose games thx to these animals. I get saved by the stupid braindead enchanter as much as i lose thx to the nami who cant hit the lane wide ulti in the tf. Not much else i can say we made these stereotypes from the negative experiences we had but we never mention the 25 2 5 yi who solocarried the game only the "kda player yi" stay. Also i hate these stereotypes so im not gona give any to the list.
why even bother to comment then?
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Kuppa (EUW)
: Permanently banned
passive aggressiveness and plain out negativity only ruins the games, that shit can even ruin a aram game if its severe enough
drymonkey (EUW)
: soo my ping is way higher now
been experiencing this for over two months now, i am from sweden and my ping is a bit more aggressive, it can go from 100-6000 in a blink of an eye, and this can go on constantly throughout the whole game. i have a direct connection to my modem through a brand new ethernet cable, before anyone would ask
iSneez (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sidebones,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Tk9j75qs,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-02-27T16:48:15.081+0000) > > ive been playing with a ethernet cable connected to 1000/1000 internet, i have still been experiencing the same issue as this person is describing He asked on the forum not on support, in game bugs and problems are for support, here on forum I can only give him advices in case he is hardware or way of using the hardware is the problem not the game itself.
the problem they just described is identical to what several other players have been experiencing, just a quick glance on the forum here you can see people describing it in pretty much the exact same way, this isnt a hardware problem, this is a problem that has begun with the recent updates
fluxtra (EUW)
: I got exactly the same problem. Normally 17-20 ping and now 80-90 ping. Any idea how?
My best guess is that with the new update, that it somehow causes issues with several ISPs, such as it did with Lattelecom which is a ISP in Lativa, and varying in severity, although i am not that keen on programming and such, so i could be completley wrong aswell, so dont take anything i say as the ultimate truth so to say
iSneez (EUNE)
: usually iPhones are known to drain the internet like a torent, they are well knwo to cause problems in hotels wifi and stuff. If your sister don't have iphone or ipad maybe android phone or table started to behave same. Anyway just using internet from regular device that don't over drain the bandwide or from other pc of course the internet speed is lower. Also using wifi for online gaming is very bad, I still don't get why ppl are doing it, it's not like you play the game in bed with laptop on your lap like a facebook game. you need a desk and a mouse for league so why not put a wire in it while you are at desk. you knwo that wifi give a lot slower internet that the wire and you might have better internet speed subscription from your isp that your wifi can provide ? also sharing with your sister the wifi will also affect the speed since wifi is already are terrible at speed. Also did you reset from time to time your modem and router ? resetting them from time to time si require or they get slow over time, and by reset i mean to unplug them for 1-2 min from electricity then plug them back DON'T USE the reset button that is accessible with a pin, that will mess their settings and internet might not work after.
ive been playing with a ethernet cable connected to 1000/1000 internet, i have still been experiencing the same issue as this person is describing
: Weird connection issues?
join the club, riot isnt doing anything about it
kris800 (EUNE)
: Here we go again on the lag train!
i havent noticed this issue occurring on PBE and NA, only on EUW and EUNE, mostly on EUW. Riot has yet to actually say anything about this problem, despite alot of players are now starting to speak up about it, been having this problem for soon 2 months, and i have made a few posts about it aswell. I have no clue on what could be causing it, so for the moment i have decided to take a break from the game, if not permanently
Pr3torian (EUW)
: Wifi connection
has been happening to alot of players recently, riot has yet to speak out about it
tyler who (EUW)
: Sudden high ping (190-250 ms)
NA servers and PBE are pretty stable, besides the 150+ ping there is there, compared to what has been going on in EUW and EUNE
maierserg (EUNE)
: Huge ping/delay in game - other tests show good results EUNE
been having the same problem, from what ive seen, riot have yet to address this issue, even though its been going on now for 2 months soon
: Whats your MS in League?And is it Stable?I have an averege of 79ms and that's good for me,it's still tho very high compared to my opponets wich is 20ms.I can't execute plays as fast and flashy as them,example:I knocked up the enemy Yasuo first,and he still got his ult quicker than me even tho i was spamming R.Every second game or one long game i get 380ms,and the worst part is it stays like thar for 20 mins.I restart my router and restart my Wi Fi,but still it lags like crazy and it loses me games.I know and admit my Operators are horrible,and my ethernet cable doesen't work,but this didn't happen as much in the past.Now it's like a routine.
i used to have a stable 25-28 ping before, now its up around 50-8000 ping depending on how the servers want. if it was just high but stable, then it wouldve been managable, but when it fluctuates so violently, it ruins the game
: Ping Problems
i have the exact same problem, and its utter bullshit, been dealing with this shit for over a month now, and it continues to aggrevate me to no end, i didnt pay for a 1000/1000mbps internet, just to have league lag on me like this, it can spike up to 6k ping in mid fight, causing my screen to freeze, and then i die. Hence why i have been avoiding ranked like the plague since i started experiencing this. i have already made two posts about this here, but yet to get any kind of response from it. Several of my friends have also had this issue, some even stopped playing this game until riot finally decides to fix it. Just 5 minutes ago, i played one game with twitch, where i was unable to contribute to anything to my team, because of these lagspikes. And it infuriates me to no end, and whenever i play now, i can feel myself becoming more and more toxic, because of this lag, because some teammates who dont have to deal with it, wants to report me because of this problem. Only thing that has been responded to by riot from what ive seen has been the people who have Lattelecom as their ISP, but thats only secluded towards Lativa, and doesnt really bring up the other problem at hand, for the people outside of Lativa. My only tip would be to temporary quit league until they finally decides to care about that, instead of trying to deal with the toxicity in league that will NEVER go away. although i havent experienced this problem on the PBE nor the NA servers, so if you still wanna play but without ridiculus lagspikes, i suggest getting an account there, because even with the 150+ ping on those servers, its still horselengths better than how it is on the EUW and EUNE. But in my case, im going to put this game down permanently after playing it for near a decade, i made alot of friends through it, but these server issues will probably never be accounted for unless some bigshot youtuber or something makes a statement about it, and frankly i dont think that will ever happen. also, since i will not have any use for this account, maybe someone wants the shitty remains of it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sidebones,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5GXjRB7F,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-13T17:10:23.400+0000) > >to disable the chat, so that they dont have to deal with the toxicity of some of the other players that's just not true to achieve that all you need to do is to type /mute all at the start of the game and, yes, it literally takes 1 sec of your time what the guys that ask this kind of stuff REALLY want is to deal with their OWN toxicity, a way to be forced to not type, ever and here's the thing: they THINK would be good for them but, in reality, they would find that INFURIATING ("omg that %%%%ing idiot is ruining my game doing X and Y! I want to flame him so bad and I can't do it, grrr"), so much that they would find other ways to...retaliate (is not just my idea: what you are asking was actually tested by Riot...with those kind of results) in short: if u want to get rid of the toxicity of the other players just mute them, if u find SO hard to control yourself that you think you need to disable your chat for good you would probably end up being toxic in much worse ways
what? you think that these people are toxic for no reason? maybe theyve had a bad day, and some people let it spill over the game, causing a ripple effect towards the other player. This whole "hurr durr muh self control" argument is plain out %%%%%%ed, you know that there are people who lack it, and im not gonna lie, yes i have my moments when i can also come off as toxic, but that is when ive had enough with people running it down your lane just because you asked them once what they were building, so instead they continued to insult you and just throw the game, those kinds of people are usually the types who would benefit from this system. People who come onto this game to relieve themselves of the stress from their real life, and just play a few games, alot of those people in these games can easily get tilted, from passive aggressiveness such as this, and on other occasions direct aggressiveness just because they made the slightest mistake. Some people tend to forget that there is a mute function, and just gets too involved in a argument (if thats what you can call it) and lessens their focus on the game. For an example, the argument you just sent wont end up going anywhere between you and me, as to you dont seem to be able to understand how it is for other kinds of players. now, did you notice that i used the same kind passive aggressiveness that you used towards me at the beginning of your message? if you start with something like that, then reaching to a mutual conclusion is out of the question, have a nice day.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Relevance?
jesus, r u ok? that seems like that would be a pretty hefty toll on social life
: There was a thread regarding somewhat your topic for not too long ago. I'll drop it bellow!
well then, i notice that its not just my irls that agree with this
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: Just checked the two summoners out. Both are Yasuo mains XD
Seivarden (EUW)
: You should be able to turn off team chat like you can do all chat
yes plea, this is something that alot of players would benefit of
Sidebones (EUW)
: whoopti doo, another reconnect problem
Just want to add, i usually had 21-25 ping before this problem came forward, and there isnt any issues with my router
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