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: > [{quoted}](name=Sidebones,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5GXjRB7F,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-13T17:10:23.400+0000) > >to disable the chat, so that they dont have to deal with the toxicity of some of the other players that's just not true to achieve that all you need to do is to type /mute all at the start of the game and, yes, it literally takes 1 sec of your time what the guys that ask this kind of stuff REALLY want is to deal with their OWN toxicity, a way to be forced to not type, ever and here's the thing: they THINK would be good for them but, in reality, they would find that INFURIATING ("omg that %%%%ing idiot is ruining my game doing X and Y! I want to flame him so bad and I can't do it, grrr"), so much that they would find other ways to...retaliate (is not just my idea: what you are asking was actually tested by Riot...with those kind of results) in short: if u want to get rid of the toxicity of the other players just mute them, if u find SO hard to control yourself that you think you need to disable your chat for good you would probably end up being toxic in much worse ways
what? you think that these people are toxic for no reason? maybe theyve had a bad day, and some people let it spill over the game, causing a ripple effect towards the other player. This whole "hurr durr muh self control" argument is plain out %%%%%%ed, you know that there are people who lack it, and im not gonna lie, yes i have my moments when i can also come off as toxic, but that is when ive had enough with people running it down your lane just because you asked them once what they were building, so instead they continued to insult you and just throw the game, those kinds of people are usually the types who would benefit from this system. People who come onto this game to relieve themselves of the stress from their real life, and just play a few games, alot of those people in these games can easily get tilted, from passive aggressiveness such as this, and on other occasions direct aggressiveness just because they made the slightest mistake. Some people tend to forget that there is a mute function, and just gets too involved in a argument (if thats what you can call it) and lessens their focus on the game. For an example, the argument you just sent wont end up going anywhere between you and me, as to you dont seem to be able to understand how it is for other kinds of players. now, did you notice that i used the same kind passive aggressiveness that you used towards me at the beginning of your message? if you start with something like that, then reaching to a mutual conclusion is out of the question, have a nice day.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Relevance?
jesus, r u ok? that seems like that would be a pretty hefty toll on social life
: There was a thread regarding somewhat your topic for not too long ago. I'll drop it bellow!
well then, i notice that its not just my irls that agree with this
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: Just checked the two summoners out. Both are Yasuo mains XD
Seivarden (EUW)
: You should be able to turn off team chat like you can do all chat
yes plea, this is something that alot of players would benefit of
Sidebones (EUW)
: whoopti doo, another reconnect problem
Just want to add, i usually had 21-25 ping before this problem came forward, and there isnt any issues with my router
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