Soulrk (EUNE)
: Leauge of legends rules?
I'm guessing he means; third party tools, any ingame abuse found, non-intended mechanics, overlays and whatnot. It would probably be easier to determine if you told us what exactly you were thinking about.
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Wen294 (EUW)
: Check the missions. You first need to actually start the questline (this one %%%%ed me up for a while) Then you need to complete the missions that award an augment slot. After you've done that and riot gets their shit together and fixes the everlasting loading screen when you try to go to the augmention page you should be able to equip augments.
Omg I have to press the "blast off"? Dude, this is so %%%%%%ed design. Who the hell thought this was a good idea.
: yeah you get more slots and augments after completing certain missions and playing the mode
Well I'm on onslaught and have gotten plenty of new augments, just no slots lol.
Dio Bento (EUW)
: I can't even access the augments page in collection tab. I just get the spinning ball for all eternity.
Checking it now.. And yea. Same issue. Actually, it works now. All the augment slots are just locked. Am I supposed to level up my champions or what?
: No it seems that the augments are bugged. I don't know if only in onslaught mode though.
Nope, I wasn't able to put on a single augment all the way up to onslaught. It's just impossible to progress without them at this point tho.
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: You guys either can't read or you just thrive on creating a problem when there's literally none. It says it's a couple of panels for WOMEN and NON-BINARY people who are interested in making it in the gaming industry (and are probably thinking twice about it because of the sexism present in the industry). The panels are by WOMEN that work at Riot. They are literally doing this to show they have female employees that work for them and do well. So no, the panels are not relevant for people like you lot that are players of the game, but for mature adult people who actually want to work for gaming companies. The post by Riot literally says there's tons of panels on the main room for everyone but you all decide to just go and complain about a couple of things that will happen in a tiny room full of women. So sad.
Seperating genders is sexist. Anyone with a brain understand that. **Banning** men is absolutely insane. You exclude a group because of what they have between their legs? Is this the 1600 century? Do you promote this behaviour? Because then it should be okay to ban women aswell.
: ***
What. Why should we seperate genders when it’s not needed? We have to do it in sports but except for that, why?
: ***
WOAH. Are you serious? Women get laughed at for joining game companies? Please sources or it just sounds like anecdotal bullshit. And no, the fact that more men prefer to this kind of work is not sexist. Oh yeah oversexualised women. The age old argument. As if you’ve never seen Conan the barbarian or He-man. Both absolutely nomal male physiques attainable by the majority. And yeah. Nobody likes Lulu because she’s a little fat gnome. Or rek’sai for being a blue/purple monster, all because they’re female. Dumbest shit I’ve ever read.
DxVentura (EUW)
: A really excellent and cool feature that would make League of Legends ever better
I’d actually like a full day/night cycle in every game. But this is such a huge change I doubt it will ever be implemented. You could base champions on this cycle though, which is something I kinda miss in LoL.
Shamose (EUW)
: How to fight internal sexism by Riot Games.
Being a man in 2018: You get all the shit with none of the benefits.
Otivnaig (EUW)
: I Think Riot should fire Daniel Z Klein
This is really inappropriate. Sexism is not okay, not against men or women. As we have taken a stand to protect women from this vile behaviour we should also protect men. Sexism against men is a very real thing. I’ve been denied apartments several times due to my gender. This is sexism and the fact that he denies I can be treated as such is insulting.
Watermeat (EUW)
: Oh god please no. Were you playing a couple seasons ago? He was LITERALLY 100% pick/ban. In fact, he had OVER a 100% pick/ban rate because in blind pick he was often picked TWICE in one game. When he wasn't banned, he was almost ALWAYS first picked. It was revolting. When riot gave him a mini-rework they wanted to specifically avoid making him be able to 100-0 anyone, because in his kit it's insanely toxic (less so now he doesn't have a silence, but even so). The champions you mentioned all need their ults to 100-0 someone, so they're gated. Malphite one shots you? Okay, now he has no mobility and is useless till his ult is back up. Viktor one shots you? Okay, but he has LESS mobility than Malph, is sort of low range compared to other mages, and after using it once he can't do it again for almost 2 minutes. Lissandra one shots you? She's in the middle of the team, and doesn't really have any tankiness if she went 'burst liss', so she'll get oneshot... also 80 seconds on her ult. Kassadin's ult is on a 2 second cooldown. If Kass could 100-0 people, he could literally jump in, murder someone, jump out, and repeat 9 seconds later (due to his cooldowns... BEFORE CDR). That's... not a fun experience for anyone. At all. Leblanc is one of the only champions who can do that now, but her ult even has a 24 second cooldown, so you have SOME sort of window... I hate her design anyway. Kat's the same, but her design is WORSE and she has no cooldowns. I permaban her. Please don't make Kassadin 100% pick/ban again.
Except Kassadin had a horrible laning phase, LeBlanc not so much,
: Too many variables. Depends on the jungler, the lanes and the situation. Just a few (not all) things taken into consideration) These things increase the gank-chance on a lane: * Laner can provide CC * Laner can provide damage * Laner has enough health/mana to follow up * Lane is at least around midline * Enemy laner has low mobility or used mobility CDs * Vision of possible counter-gankpath is secured These things lower the chance for me ganking: * Lane is pushed away * Laner is low * Enemy laner has high early game power * Enemy laner can easily escape * Laner has not secured any vision, countergank is possible Usually, I want to make my first gank after clearing both buffs, reaching lvl 3 and killing one scuttler.
While this is a good input, I'll take liberty on expanding it. Some champions need a certain level to do effective ganks. WW being a good example of a champion that has a huge powerspike at lvl 6. Other champions can do strong/effective ganks at low lvl. If you would provide which champions you tend to play you'd get much more accurate information.
Attix (EUW)
: Orianna, Malphite noob champs?
I voted yes because of that you made this thread.
: How to play Ekko
I almost never get mirror matchups in normal anymore. Try playing Zed in a normal game. I think 75% of my games mid with pantheon have been vs a zed.
Xneaki (EUW)
: Ekko needs changes
So far I haven't seen a single serious statistic that point to him being OP. Even the tier list [here]( don't rate him as high as Ahri, Annie, Ryze, Riven, Hecarim. Etc. So quit your whining.
: Screw balance, buy Ekko!!
> [{quoted}](name=Mighty Surena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=56LYYYwY,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-05T11:45:42.451+0000) > Besides he is almost easy to play. I ask you, should a champ, an easy champ have these much power? Is this balance? > Really RIOT, is this fair? Is this balance? NO. Screw balance BUY EKKO! > {{champion:32}} You haven't even played him. And you call him easy? Ok.
: Your top 5 most played champs?
Prior to mastery it probably looks something like this: {{champion:99}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:91}} After mastery: {{champion:245}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:127}}
: I need a main
I think you should main something that has depth. And a lot of depth comes from mobility. Some characters can simply pull of amazing shit that other characters can only dream of. Example being champions like: Lee sin Leblanc Kha'zix Rengar Ahri Ezreal Nidalee Ekko Yasou etc. I think you should play something hard, that requires more practice than others. Then ofc you can have off-champions that are more straight forward and easy to pick up to have that covered whenever you play a champion outside your main role. One good thing, esp when playing ranked is to have a champion that excells in several roles. For instance, Pantheon. I love to play him. And I can play him mid, top and jungle. Which means that I'm not playing a champion like Jinx which I can only play if I play ADC.
: I have, His ult scales with 1.3 ap! And it heals him. Yeah people say you can just avoid his clone but then how do you kill him? he gets himself into an unfavorably situation he just ults away. If it didnt do dmg it would make more sense and help balance him.
> [{quoted}](name=Ryot Nomad,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uiaF87Ef,comment-id=000000020000000000000000,timestamp=2015-06-05T15:19:25.367+0000) > > I have, His ult scales with 1.3 ap! And it heals him. Yeah people say you can just avoid his clone but then how do you kill him? he gets himself into an unfavorably situation he just ults away. If it didnt do dmg it would make more sense and help balance him. Meanwhile his Q scales with 20% and 60% on the return. And his E scales with 20% AP. People don't build Lichbane and Echo for no reason. Even roots will stop his ulti. It's quite easily stopped by a bruiser/tank. I run clarity because in the lategame I'll just get knocked up as soon as I get in and instantly die. And the ulti can do that much damage because it's visual and it's not something the ekko player can control. **You** need to walk into it.
: Ekko current state and general discussion
I had a katarina follow my clone in under my tower and then when I jumped back and killed her I was op. I had a platinum Viktor do the same thing. **Platinum**. He was at like 30% hp and ran back into lane, right into my clone and I just TPed on him. And, no my ulti didn't kill him from 30% hp, IIRC I had to use both my E and Q.
: Ekko
Lee Sin: Knockback Slow AS steriods A dash A blink Stealth reveal on Q Stealth reveal on E Shield + friendly shield Knockback Lifesteal Spellvamp a % missing health on his Q Able to procc passive off abilities Nidalee: Movement speed buffs Reveal on passive Reveal on traps Heal + friendly heal AS steriods Dash (from prowl) Leap % based execute Long range **insane** scaling poke Shapeshift Trust me, there's lots more. Ekko has a versatile kit, but boy don't fool yourself. Other champions have it too.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: I did that mistake often. when you get hit or are about to get hit you should run to a side, not away.
This. Your brain just derps and you try and run away from it which is the worst direction to go. It's like when you try and run away from nidas spear instead of just sidestepping it.
Sarrih (EUW)
: You're right with the Q - It isn't easy to land, I don't know why I said that. And no his W isn't quite easy to dodge - you can see it only 0.5 seconds before it lands. It can be easy to prevent, yeah, but if you don't know where he is he can stun you for 2.25 seconds while gaining an insane shield with 80% ap ratio. It's not reliable but way too rewarding. And I was again a bit over the top when saying that hard CC doesn't counter him. It actually does shut him down pretty damn easily, as he's pretty squishy. But the high damage is still unnecessary for an ult that has so much utility.
The first part of the Q is easy, it's just the second part that takes ages and can be dodged. It also happens to be the part that actually does any damage. /cry About his W. People will just passively move out of it in lane, because people just move around a lot. And even when you land it right ontop of them, most manage to escape in time. His ult scales extremely well. But while it has lots of utility it's somewhat.. unreliable. You can't use the ultimate to burst down a squishy, the squishy must walk into your clone to use it like that, but then you don't have an escape and have dedicated fully to the attack. Compare it to Zed who uses his ulti aggressively whenever and can then teleport back to safety.
Nukerelia (EUW)
: ***
Somewhere I feel like you missed out on the sarcasm. It's okay though. I know he's not OP from the actions Riot takes in the PBE (-5 movement speed and increased cost of the W, to give it more risk/reward). It's such minor changes that they won't change how he perform, you can hardly call it OP and players that did well with him before, will continue to do well with him. People just whine their brains out on the forums, and I find it hilarious. They honest to god expect that Ekko shouldn't under any circumstances be able to kill them.
: His Q is extremely annoying, if it hits you at max range it you can't get away from it and it keeps slowing you THEN it deals damage on the way back even though it isn't passing through you, but you're just stuck beside it.
Yea, mistake is to run into the direction it's going. You can actually sidestep it fairly easy even if you've been hit.
Petsho (EUW)
: Q indeed is very strong with the procs. You can throw it in, proc one, use E to dash to them, proc 2, Q returns, proc 3. Huge burst for not a lot of effort. Ult could use some lower ratios, but people should just stop walking in his clone as well. Passive... I like the speed boost to get out of fights, maybe just reduce the speed or slow?
Do this and you've effectively gutted the champion making him unplayable. Trademark for assassins is the quick damage. And if you're gonna force Ekko to sit around and just AA a target, well then he's not gonna work as an assassin will he? Lets just nerf all assassins into the ground and have them AA people instead. New meta is to build AS on assassins.
Nukerelia (EUW)
: ***
That can't be true you liar. Ekko is so OP he can just instakill the enemy nexus if he chooses to. His ulti deals 20 000 damage to all characters and buildings on the map when used.
Sarrih (EUW)
: Ekko is the most ridiculous champion in the game right now. Literally zero counterplay.
Considering it takes 3 seconds for his W to land, you can counter him by fucking walking out of the area. Of all the skills he has, the W is the most unreliable skill that almost never helps me out. If you get jumped you'll die before it lands and if you wanna engage you'll just have to guess and hope. His ulti is countered by any hard CC (roots, knockbacks, stuns). He can not ulti when he's CCed. Normally roots wouldn't affect you, but it does with him. He deals a lot less damage than most assassins too. And his Q can be dodged quite easily, and it deals laughable damage if it only hits once.
Fiora Mid (EUW)
: ***
I have heart problems man. That shit isn't okay.
: >and AoE stun that is like the second longets in the game is too much for an assassin Its also the only stun in the game, that takes 3 seconds to land, announced by a visible cast animation which even rougly tells you where its gonna go. If someone gets hit by that, he deserves to be stunned ^^
As if it was that easy. Not only do you have to predict where your enemy will be in 3 seconds, you'll also have to hope he doesn't just react and walk out of it **and ontop of that you must be close enough to get in during that exact moment.** If I ever land the stun, they're on the fucking edge alright.
Csubakkaa (EUNE)
: Ekko, the boy who shattered your motherf*cking face.
I've been straight up out-traded by yasuo and ezreal in mid. They deal more damage than I do. Even against yasuos who miss their hurricane it's a struggle. Unless he's ahead he actually doesn't deal that much damage. His ultimate does do a good chunk of damage, but please, not only will you commit to the attack, your opponent can fucking see the clone walking around. You can't set that shit up. The enemy player litterary needs to fucking walk into it. Sometimes they're so horny for a kill you can set it up, but otherwise you'll mostly use it defensively, to get out. Additionally I'm strongly considering going with cleanse, because his ulti is countered by: Silence, roots, knockups and stuns. And setting up the W for a safe attack is a lot easier said than done. So, you'll likely get caught by a champion with one of these 4 things and then get instagibbed because your healthpool is laughable.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
Zed doesn't need to even jump to his shadow? He can just put it out and do damage from it without any risk.
: kha'zix main looking for second champ
Well if you're looking for champions _like_ Kha {{champion:121}} . Then you're looking for assassins. Zed {{champion:238}} , Akali {{champion:84}} and Leblanc {{champion:7}} are all in this category. If you're looking for specific things like, ability to jungle/jump reset then the list becomes a lot bigger. Tristana {{champion:18}} has a similiar jump reset like Kha has. A few champions are jungler assassins (or can be used that way), such as: Nocturne {{champion:56}}, Nidalee {{champion:76}}, Rengar {{champion:107}} and Shaco {{champion:35}}. As a former Kha player myself I've found Lissandra {{champion:127}} and Pantheon {{champion:80}} as new fun champions to play around with. They're not like Kha at all, but from a player that likes to play Kha, I like to play these too, so they're worth a try. Unfortunately there's no champion quite like Kha. He has the jump reset, the divide damage boost and evolving, all very unique abilities.
: Why are you changing all "target spells" based champions?
I see no problem with added potentional to a champion. Making them more difficult adds depth, which keeps it interesting.


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